Want Gorgeous Eyebrows? Follow These Tips!

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Want Gorgeous Eyebrows? Follow These Tips!Eye-catching brows will never go out of style! Why? They compliment every face shape and complexion. Trust me, gorgeous brow will always stand out. Whether you like them perfectly sculpted or full and wild, they have a certain way of conveying your unique personality. Keep reading to learn tips on how to make sure they look amazing every day.

Brush Them Like you Brush Your Hair, A Lot

This is the one thing most people forget to do! My advice? Take the time to brush them when you brush your hair. Start by brushing them upwards to revel their natural shape and to instantly give your face a bit of a lift. Next, apply a brow gel to set them in place. Don't have brow gel? Try clear mascara or even hairspray in a pinch! Now all you need to do is touch them up throughout your day, preferably whenever you brush your hair!

Add Dimension, With Make Up

Want your brows to really grab everyone's attention? Fill them in with a brow pencil or powder. If you choose the brow pencil just draw short strokes to mimic hair growth. If you want a fuller look go with brow powder. Just make sure to choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your eyebrows to make them look as natural as possible.

Try Tinting

Dyeing your eyebrows can give you a beautiful and immediate, long-lasting change (for the better). Brunettes and redheads: opt for a shade slightly darker than your natural color. Blondes: choose a deeper shade to really amp up the drama. Call us to schedule this service and see how many heads you'll turn! Trust me, everyone will notice a change, but no one will know what it is, your secret is mine. If you're not ready for a more permanent change you can always try a tinted brow gel to add a little short-term depth.

Let Us Do The Tweezing!

Just like fashion, eyebrow trend change frequently. My advice? Stay away from electrolysis and stick to waxing and tweezing to get the look you want, and let us do the grooming. Waxing and tweezing on your own is just too risky. Besides, we're the experts! Leaving this task to us will let you not only get the look you desire but maintain it as well. What's trending right now? Full, natural brows are back in a big way! Call us to schedule your next eyebrow shaping and we'll help you to get brows that are as gorgeous as Cara Delevingne's!