We're really sorry we missed your call!

online appointment

Spoiler: We have now an amaaazing online booking system!

It happens all the time. We try to keep up. We do; we really do. Even with more than one person helping,  sometimes we just cannot answer all incoming calls.
Yes, we check the voice mail. We return all the calls, but many times we cannot reach you in the first or second attempt. We leave the message. Phone tag game starts.

Enough is enough. We get you, and we're really sorry.

Finally, we came up with a solution so you don't have to call if you chose not, to and get your appointment the easy way.

Our amazing, simplistic online booking system is up and running and it will take any pain away from making an appointment.  1 am and you just remember about that facial? 5 am, and you need to book your waxing? Just go to https://new.mydayspa.us/booknow/ and get it done!  Yes, the first time takes a little longer since you have to sign up and confirm your account, but from that point, just log in with your password, Facebook or your Google account. Eaaaasy!