What are we doing at Pia's to keep you safe?

safety at pia day spa

- Updated on 02/2/2022
- Updated on 05/2/2021
- Updated on 06/22/2021
- Updated on 10/20/2021

Excellence, Caring, and Accountability

These are 3 of our 5 company values and there's never been a better time to show you our commitment to them.
We care about you, your safety, and your experience at the spa, without sacrificing value and results.
It's our social responsibility to create solutions that help our community fight this pandemic by diligently doing our part.

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What are we doing at Pia's to keep you safe?

  1. Contactless check-in (from your car) and check-out. (Optional)
  2. Health Screening for customers through online forms.
  3. A face mask is required only for unvaccinated patrons.
  4. A face mask is REQUIRED for everyone (to stop the spread of new COVID-variants)
  5. Staff will continue to use a face mask. (if they chose to)
  6. Customers are asked to wait in their car until called.
  7. We practice social distancing.
  8. High-quality AIR purifiers/filters (with Dual H13 HEPA Filter) on each treatment room: cleaner air + better air circulation.
  9. All our equipment and furniture are regularly sanitized.
  10. Tools are sanitized between customers.
  11. We use disposable supplies.
  12. We do not overbook or take walk-ins.
  13. Curb-side pick-up is available for product orders.
  14. Hand sanitizer is available upon entry and throughout the facility.