7 Ways To Protect Your Skin From The Sun's Harmful UV Rays!

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7 Ways To Protect Your Skin From The Sun’s Harmful UV Rays!Protecting your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays is essential, especially during these steamy summer months. Read on for tips on how to take precautions and stay safe in the sun.

  1. The first, most important tip, is to prevent sunburn! Wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 is highly recommended. If you're going to the beach, boating or lounging poolside wear a waterproof sunscreen and remember to reapply frequently. Likewise, when applying don't forget to cover hard-to-reach areas.
  2. Wear protective clothes and accessories, specifically hats and sunglasses. In addition to sunscreen they will protect the delicate skin on your face, scalp and around your eyes, potentially preventing premature wrinkles.
  3. Remember, some prescription medications can increase sensitivity to the sun, even if you've applied sunscreen. If you are taking any prescribed medications do your research before heading out on a hot, sunny day. Check with your pharmacist or doctor first to avoid an unnecessary sunburn.
  4. Take a sun break! If you're outside in the sun for a long period of time periodically move to a shady area to allow your skin to cool down, which can prevent burning. Also, stay hydrated with cold water. Don't wait until you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated at that point, indicating that your skin is as well.
  5. Avoid going outside during “high-risk†hours. Certain times of the day for example, midday between the hours of 10am-4pm, when the sun is highest in the sky, is known to be the hottest time of the day. By avoiding the sun during these hours your skin will be less prone to burning, which can cause both premature again and potentially dangerous skin cancers. Try scheduling outside activities early in the morning or, alternately later in the afternoon or evening.
  6. Wearing sunglasses that provide UV protection can prevent not only your retina and cornea but also your eyelids from burning. Check with an optician or ophthalmologist if you're unsure the sunglasses you're purchasing provide this critical protection. Also, if you wear contact lenses your eyes will most likely become dry in the summer sun, despite wearing sunglasses. Always carry replenishing eye drops with you if you know you'll be in the sun for prolonged periods of time.
  7. When applying sunscreen don't forget your face! While you may use one sunscreen on your body, it's important to choose an alternate sunscreen for your face. There are many sunscreens on the market that are an excellent choice for your body; however your face requires something that is less likely to clog your pores! This is true not only for days that you're outside for extended periods of time but every day! After washing your face and applying your moisturizer in the morning it is highly suggested that you apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 for daily protection. The thin, delicate layers of your facial skin are more susceptible to the damaging rays of the sun than you may think. Sunscreen alone or under foundation can drastically prevent the sun from damaging your skin!

If you're unsure which sunscreen is best for you stop in today to consult with us! We carry both Dermalogica and Glo Therapeutics sunscreens. Better yet, we also carry tinted sunscreen should you wish to forgo foundation for a more sheer glow this summer!

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