How to Care for Your Skin When You're Sick

A sick body mixed with cold and flu medications and nose blowing can take a serious toll on your skin! Read on to learn how to keep your skin looking healthy. It's the time of year when the weather is chilly and everyone gets sick. Whether you call it winter or the flu season your skin is affected. A tired, sick body combined with over the counter cold and flu relief medications and all that nose blowing can take a serious toll on your skin! If you're feeling sick this season read on to learn how to keep your skin looking healthy.

Use a humidifier while you sleep.

When the air inside is dry it looks for moisture wherever it can find it, often times taking it from your skin! Adding decongestants to the mix can cause your skin to become very dehydrated. Also, if you turn the heat on to stay warm your skin will be especially parched. By turning on a humidifier while you sleep you will moisturize the air, maintaining hydration in your skin!

Dab a healing moisturizer on your nose.

If you suffer from the sniffles and are constantly blowing your nose you will surely notice the skin on your nose turn red, dry and irritated. To prevent this simply apply a healing moisturizer after you use a tissue. This additional moisture will provide instant comfort that will ultimately heal and repair dry, irritated skin. When choosing a moisturizer look for one with healing ingredients such as sesame oil, jojoba oil and shea butter.

Add a minty essential oil to your cleanser.

Viruses such as the cold and flu can make your skin look pale as your body fights the invading infection. Worse, the congestion these viruses cause make it very hard to breathe! By adding a few drops of a mint scented essential oil (ie. peppermint, spearmint leaf, rosemary leaf) to your cleanser you will help to clear your stuffy head, open up your nasal passages and stimulate circulation, giving your skin a bright, refreshed glow.

Drink a lot of water.

Drinking extra water when you're sick is incredibly important to both flush toxins from your body and to keep your internal body temperature down. Bonus-drinking extra water will also decrease under eye and overall facial puffiness.

It truly makes a difference to take the time to be skin-conscious when you're sick. Also, always remember to bundle up to stay warm this chilly winter season!

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