The Sun: How it's damaging your skin in ways you'd never expect. Part I

woman applying sunscreen at beach

The Sun: How it's damaging your skin in ways you'd never expect. Part IFinally, summer has arrived! With it however comes some of the most intense, damaging, sun of the year. Making a habit of applying SPF daily is a must to protect your skin. However, did you know that that summer sun can damage your skin even while inside? It's true. You actually need to wear much more sunscreen than you realize! Keep reading this two part series to discover where you'd least likely think you need SPF coverage so you can start slathering it on now!

At Your Job

If you sit near a window at work beware! While it may be tempting to gaze outdoors and you never actually leave work with a tan, what you can't see may actually be hurting you. Let me explain, the sun reflects two types of rays, UVA and UVB. The suntan (or burn) you get when outside is from UVB rays. These are most powerful between 10am-4pm, in the summer and just about everywhere outside (they do not penetrate glass). UVA rays, however, are powerful all year round, from sunrise to sunset, can penetrate glass, and cause not only premature aging of your skin but skin cancer as well. UVA rays are the most damaging, dangerous rays. So, if you sit near a window at work, make sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen before you begin working each day.

When it's Cloudy Outside

So many people think that just because it's cloudy outside they don't need to wear sunscreen. Wrong! Don't be fooled, you can actually get roasted on a cloudy day, UVA rays penetrate clouds too. Next time you're outside and notice it's cloudy remember to apply an even layer of SPF. Clouds don't offer any protection from those dangerous rays.


If the plane you're traveling in advertises that they have solar filters, you're likely safe. If not, pack your sunscreen in your carry on! UVA rays penetrate airplane windows as well. Not to forget that you're much closer to the sun; at 20,000 feet so those rays are damaging your skin at a much faster rate than on the ground. This is especially true if you choose the window seat. One layer should do the trick. If your flights extra-long, reapply as directed.

While Driving

Each year the rate of skin cancer on people's left forearm is startling. Why? Many of us drive with our arm resting out the window, without any sunscreen. It is so important to be cautious of the sun while driving, or while riding in the passenger's seat. Whether or not your arm is resting out the window, UVA rays are still shining on your skin, through the glass. Take the time to apply your SPF before heading out in the car, no matter where you're sitting!

Interested in finding out where else the sun is damaging your skin? Make sure to watch for Part II next week! Meanwhile, please spread the word and help protect your friends and family from the sun's hidden damaging rays too.

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