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Eyelash Extensions in Tampa

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What in the world are eyelash extensions?

(By:De Anna Sheffield)

Tampa, Florida -- The 'eyes' definitely have it, when it comes to Hollywood glam looks. Long luscious lashes, to show off those baby blues or browns. But if you think it's all in the mascara or that weird metal contraption to curl your lashes, that's probably not the case. They're likely using 'eyelash extensions.' Pia Trujillo, Esthetician:"There's no mascara on the market that's going to make your eyelashes super long. Eyelash extensions allow you to open up your eyes, it makes it so that you don't need foundation, no mascara, you can leave home with beautiful eyes, and that's that."Pia Trujillo from Pia Day Spa in South Tampa says the eyelash extension trend is making it's way to Tampa. It's a two-hour process where each eyelash is carefully dipped in glue, and ever so carefully placed with your other eyelashes. You can go for a subtle look or a more dramatic appearance, depending on what length you select. The lashes will last for three to four weeks and eventually they'll get loose, and fall off one by one. Pia Trujillo, Esthetician: "You have to be gentle, you have to take care of them, dry them carefully. It won't hurt your contacts, it won't hurt you, unless the person is allergic to glue or tape, then you can't use it." Not only can you add a little extra, you can put a perm on what you already have. Trujillo says 'eyelash perms' are becoming more popular, too. You select what size 'roller' depending on whether you want something really curly, or a little more relaxed. And just like getting a perm on your hair, a safe solution is applied to your lashes, a neutralizer, conditioner -- the entire process takes about 45 minutes, and your 'curls' will last about six weeks. More people in the beauty industry in Tampa are getting trained in these services. For more on the pricing of at Pia Day Spa, go to www.bypia.com.

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