What are the Benefits of Having a Massage?

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Everyone talks about massages, but not everyone understands what exactly happens to you when you're getting a massage. What happens to your body and mind during a typical session? Believe it or not, quite a bit goes on. Here are just some of the benefits—and how they work—you'll experience when you're getting a massage.

Mental and physical relaxation. When you feel relaxed, you experience it physically and mentally. However, relaxation itself is triggered primarily through physical sensations like touch. The massage offers that contact in a way that other activities do not, and does so in a deeply personal way that enhances relaxation. After a massage, your body will feel refreshed and you'll feel more balanced emotionally.

massage near me sarasotaReduce and relieve tension. Every day, no matter what it is you are doing, tension builds up in the muscles of your body, causing aches in pains. It comes from the build-up of lactic acid and can result in expected exertion, like a long run, to the unexpected, like stretching a way you're not used to. Daily stretches help to reduce the amount of lactic acid that builds up while reducing pains, but massage directly addresses the lingering pain quicker.

Aid indigestion. Now, there is a wide range of digestion issues, and massage doesn't affect them all. However, digestive problems related to your muscles can be addressed. Digestive massage is performed directly to the abdomen and helps speed up and regulate the digestive process. Peristalsis is a condition where the muscles of your intestines contract involuntarily, causing pain and bowel issues. Massage can correct the digestive process while eliminating harmful toxins and promoting the release of beneficial enzymes.

Massages can be a powerful tool you can use to reshape your physical and mental well-being, and Pia Day Spa is here to help.