Nayla Desalvo

Meet Nayla, Expert in: Dermaplaning + Brow & Lash Care + Skin Care +
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Nayla's areas of expertise:
Nayla, the dynamic Franchise Owner of the St. Pete Location, has been a key figure at Pia Day Spa since 2004. Her journey began with personalized training from Pia herself, shaping her into the skincare virtuoso she is today. As a Dermalogica Expert, Nayla stays on top of the latest skincare trends, ensuring her clients always receive the most current and effective treatments.

Specializing in waxing, skincare, and microdermabrasion, Nayla's approach is all about making clients feel beautiful and relaxed. Her bubbly and happy personality, coupled with her professional expertise, has earned her a huge, faithful clientele. She's not just an owner; she's a pillar of Pia Esthetics, deeply valued for her dedication and the positive energy she brings every day.

"I absolutely love being a part of the Pia Day Spa family and especially cherish the relationships I've built with all of you who walk through our doors. My commitment is to make sure you leave feeling not just pampered, but truly happier and more confident. Can't wait to see you and bring a bit of joy and relaxation to your day!"