Tracy Khayenko

Meet Tracy, Expert in: Eyelash Extensions + Brow & Lash Care + Skin
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Tracy's areas of expertise:
Tracy, a seasoned expert in eyelash extensions since 2006, brings a wealth of experience and a true passion for her craft. Known for her exceptional skill in eyelash artistry, she has established herself as a true expert in the field. But Tracy's expertise doesn't stop there – she's also deeply committed to helping clients achieve their best skin health.

In addition to her mastery in eyelash extensions, Tracy offers top-notch eyelash and eyebrow care, along with rejuvenating facials.

"I'm passionate about every aspect of my work, especially in creating the perfect eyelash extensions that complement your unique beauty. I'm equally dedicated to guiding you towards the healthiest, most radiant skin. Let's work together to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence."