Cora Aloma

Meet Cora, Expert in: Receptionist + Customer Service
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Cora's areas of expertise:
Receptionist + Customer Service
Meet Coralys, who prefers the friendly nickname Cora. Hailing from Puerto Rico but raised in Tampa, FL, Cora brings a vibrant and warm energy to our team. A recent graduate from the University of South Florida, where she majored in psychology, Cora has a deep understanding of the importance of feeling good.

As the first face you see when you walk through our doors, Cora is dedicated to making sure every client feels welcomed, assisted, and completely satisfied. Her background in psychology amplifies her natural ability to connect with and understand the needs of our clients, ensuring a positive and comforting experience from the moment you enter.

From Cora: "Hello! I'm here to ensure your visit starts off perfectly. I believe in the power of a warm welcome and a friendly face to make your experience unforgettable. I look forward to meeting you and making sure you feel right at home with us."