Will the therapist be present while I change?

Heading to Pia Day Spa for a massage and curious about the changing process? Let's put your mind at ease with what to expect.

Privacy is Paramount

  1. Escorted to Your Haven: Your journey begins when one of our skilled therapists escorts you to your massage room. This space is your private sanctuary for relaxation.

  2. Privacy for Changing: Once you're in the massage room, your therapist will step out, giving you complete privacy to change. This is your time to get comfortable at your own pace.

  3. Therapist Re-enters on Your Cue: Your therapist will only return to the room once you're comfortably nestled under the sheets on the massage table. We ensure your privacy is respected at all times.

  4. Communication is Key: If you have any preferences or need assistance, feel free to communicate with your therapist. At Pia Spa, we're here to make your experience as comfortable and personalized as possible.

Ensuring Your Comfort Throughout

At Pia Day Spa, we understand the importance of privacy and comfort. Our procedures are designed to make you feel at ease from the moment you step into our spa. So, relax and enjoy your massage, knowing that your privacy and comfort are our top priorities.

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