Will there be any music?

Curious about the auditory backdrop to your massage at Pia Day Spa? Let's tune into the musical aspect of your relaxation experience.

1. Setting the Tone with Soothing Sounds: We understand that music can significantly enhance the massage experience. That's why we have soft, soothing music gently playing in the background. It's all about creating a serene ambiance that complements the tranquility of your massage.

2. Your Preference Matters: Prefer a silent session? No problem at all! Just let us know, and we'll ensure your massage is conducted in quietude, allowing you to fully immerse in the peacefulness.

3. Personalize Your Playlist: Got a specific genre or style of music that helps you unwind? We're all ears! Feel free to send us an email with your music request at least four days before your appointment. This advance notice gives us the best chance to accommodate your musical preference, making your massage experience uniquely yours.

4. A Symphony of Relaxation: At Pia Day Spa, we believe every detail counts in crafting a perfect spa experience. Whether it's the gentle strum of a guitar, the soothing flow of instrumental melodies, or the quiet hush of the room, we're dedicated to harmonizing all elements to enhance your relaxation.

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