Questions about: Massage

When should I avoid massage?

The types of massages we offer are beneficial for most healthy adults. Some health conditions may limit the types of massage you can receive.
- Cold/Flu: Our massages increase circulation. If you have a cold or flu, please reschedule your massage. The stimulation of massage may spread the infection.
- Pregnancy: Although there are restrictions on pressure and aromatherapy, our therapist can give you a rewarding massage. You will receive your massage on your side, with several pillows cushioning and supporting you and your little one to be. Please check with your health care professional if you have further questions.
- Serious Health Conditions: Although there are many types of massage, the kinds we offer benefit most healthy adults. Individuals with more serious health conditions (heart/kidney/liver problems, cancer, immune disorders) may not benefit from our services. Our therapist can refer you to other massage therapists who are specially trained to work with your specific health concern.
- Medicine: If you are taking prescription medication, please tell the therapist, especially if the medicine is to alter your blood pressure. Please do not take muscle relaxers before your massage. This may block your ability to sense pressure and cause delayed reactions to pain, perhaps leaving you sore the next day.
- Alcohol should be avoided immediately before and after your massage, as the increased circulation may cause you to become nauseous if inebriated.

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