+ Questions about: Dermaplaning

Who is a good candidate for dermaplaning? Who can get it done?

Dermaplaning is a versatile and inclusive treatment, making it a fantastic option for a wide range of skin types and ages. At Pia Esthetics Day Spa, we've seen firsthand how it can transform skin, making it a popular choice for many of our clients.

Ideal Candidates for Dermaplaning:

  1. Dry or Rough Skin Texture: If you're battling dry or rough patches, dermaplaning can be a game-changer. It gently removes dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, more even texture beneath.
  2. Mature Skin: As we age, our skin's natural renewal process slows down, leading to a buildup of dead cells. Dermaplaning is excellent for rejuvenating mature skin, giving it a fresher, more youthful appearance.
  3. Uneven Skin Tone and Superficial Acne Scars: If you're concerned about minor acne scars or uneven skin tone, dermaplaning can help by leveling out the skin's surface.
  4. Sensitive to Chemicals: For those who are sensitive or allergic to the ingredients in chemical peels, dermaplaning is a safe, chemical-free alternative that still delivers impressive results.

Who Might Want to Wait:

  • Active Acne: If you're currently experiencing active acne, it's best to hold off on dermaplaning. We don't want to aggravate your skin further. But don't worry - at Pia's, we offer alternative treatments to help get your acne under control, and once it's managed, dermaplaning can be back on the table!

Additional Benefits:

  • Flawless Makeup Application: Tired of foundation caking up around fine facial hair? Dermaplaning removes that pesky "peach fuzz," allowing makeup to glide on smoothly for a flawless finish.
  • Enhanced Product Penetration: By clearing away the buildup of hair, oils, dirt, and dry skin, dermaplaning improves your skin's ability to absorb skincare products, making them more effective.

A Pampering Experience: Many of our clients who enjoy regular facial waxes find dermaplaning to be a delightful alternative. It's not just about hair removal - it's a comprehensive treatment that pampers your skin while providing tangible benefits.

Ready to Try Dermaplaning? If you're curious about whether dermaplaning is right for you, we invite you to visit Pia Esthetics Day Spa. Our skilled estheticians can assess your skin and recommend the best course of action. For more information or to book a consultation, head over to our contact page. Let's unveil the radiant, smooth skin you deserve!

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