When is the best time to have dermaplaning?

The beauty of dermaplaning is its flexibility - it's a treatment that can be done at any time of the year and fits seamlessly into your beauty routine. However, at Pia Day Spa, we recommend scheduling dermaplaning sessions once per month for optimal results. Here's why this frequency works best:

  1. Skin Cell Lifecycle: Your skin naturally goes through a cycle of shedding dead cells and generating new ones. This cycle typically takes about 30 days. By aligning dermaplaning with this cycle, you're consistently removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz, maintaining a consistently bright and smooth complexion.

  2. Seasonal Considerations: While dermaplaning can be done any time of year, some clients prefer to schedule treatments based on seasonal changes. For instance, after summer, you might want to remove sun-damaged skin, or prep your skin in winter to combat dryness.

  3. Event Planning: If you have a special event, dermaplaning a few days before can give your skin a flawless finish. Makeup applies smoother and more evenly on exfoliated skin, ensuring you look your best for any occasion.

  4. Personal Skin Needs: Everyone's skin is unique. Monthly treatments are generally a good rule of thumb, but depending on your skin type and goals, you might adjust the frequency. Our skilled estheticians at Pia Day Spa can help tailor a schedule that's perfect for you.

Maximizing Benefits: Regular dermaplaning sessions contribute to a host of benefits, including enhanced product absorption, reduction in the appearance of fine lines, and a consistent, radiant complexion.

Ready to Schedule? If you're looking to incorporate dermaplaning into your skincare routine, or if you're curious about how it can benefit you specifically, we're here to help. Visit our contact page to schedule your session or to chat with one of our skincare experts. Let's keep your skin looking its radiant best, all year round!

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