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❔ Gift Certificates via email

Not sure which gift to select?
Can't wait for the mail to arrive?


For those of us who wait until the last minute!
Our Electronic Gift Certificate (EGC) is delivered via email as soon as we receive your payment and can be printed for hand delivery or forwarded and redeemed at any Pia Esthetics Day Spa.
Our entire menu, including packages is available online, and I you are still undecided, you can pick an amount: This is the perfect choice for those who are hard to please.
EGCs available immediately (in seconds).

How this works?
Shop and checkout. Select Email delivery from dropdown.
Add the ONLY recipient’s name on Ship to Name Field. There is no need to add an physical address.
Please DO NOT add your name on the "SHIP to Name"  field. That only will delay more the process since we will have to contact you to to ask you the recipient’s name.

IF you want us to Directly email the Gift Certificate, add the "recipient’s email".
IF you are planning to print &  deliver or email it by yourself, leave the "recipient’s email" empty.
Either case you will get a copy of the certificate.

Add a personal greeting that will appear on the Gift Certificate. If you leave it empty we will assume you will print and hand write it.

If our email is taking longer than you expected, make sure to check your SPAM folder. In 99.9% of the cases this is the cause of the delay and make sure the email you provided is correct.

Emailed Gift Certificate will contain an unique serial number.
For security reasons the serial number is linked to the recipient’s name


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