Gift certificates via email or text message

Looking for a quick and thoughtful gift? Pia Day Spa offers Electronic Gift Certificates (EGCs) that are delivered straight to your email or via text message. These EGCs are instantly available once your order is completed, making them a perfect last-minute gift option. They're redeemable at any of our spa locations, offering the recipient a wide range of choices from our extensive service menu.

Here's how to send an EGC:

  • Choose your desired service or package from our online menu, or select a specific amount for those who love options.
  • At checkout, opt for Email or Text Message delivery.
  • Important: Enter only the recipient’s name in the 'Ship to Name' field. Avoid using your name here to prevent any delays.
  • The recipient can be notified about the EGC via text message as well.

If the EGC email seems delayed, don't forget to check your SPAM folder. In most cases, it's hiding there. Also, double-check that the email address provided is accurate.

Each Emailed Gift Certificate comes with a unique serial number for security, linked to the recipient’s name, ensuring a safe and personalized gifting experience.