Can you tell me about eyelash tinting and perming?

Absolutely! At Pia Day Spa, we understand the desire for effortlessly beautiful lashes. That's where our eyelash tinting service steps in. It's a fantastic choice for those with naturally light lashes who find themselves constantly reaching for mascara. Our tinting service offers a natural, yet enhanced look for your lashes. You can even apply clear mascara afterward to give them an extra boost of length. The colors we use range from dark brown to jet black, ensuring a perfect match for your desired look.

The best part? This tinting magic lasts for at least a month, giving you long-lasting beauty without the daily hassle. And if you're looking to complement your lashes, we also offer eyebrow tinting. With shades varying from light to very dark brown, we can seamlessly match your hair color, creating a cohesive and stunning appearance.

Remember, these treatments are all about enhancing your natural beauty while saving you time in your daily routine. For more details or to book an appointment, feel free to visit our contact page.