Pia Day Spa now offers a 80 minute one-on-one Couples Massage Therapy Class designed to teach you and your partner fundamental skills on how to massage each other! We've had many requests from clients to offer this class and are excited to announce that we now do! This class is intended for couples whom want to learn how to enjoy the many benefits of massage therapy on a regular basis at home from their partner. This is also a wonderful way to build intimacy in a relationship. Couples Massage Therapy Classes are taught by highly trained massage therapy instructors and are designed to teach you and your partner the basic skills to resolve the aforementioned issues in the privacy of your own home. The class is taught in a one-on-one personal setting at the Spa with the guidance and individual attention of a massage therapist as your instructor. You will learn basic massage techniques that are used by massage therapists every day so that you can be confident in giving your partner a massage at home that will address their specific needs.While in the 80 minute class, each person will receive a massage from their partner as they learn hands on from the instructor not only massage techniques, but tricks of the trade that massage therapists use every day as well! These tricks include how to prevent your hands from becoming fatigued while giving a massage as well as body weight positioning and specific strokes to relieve tension.Remember, each Couples Massage Therapy class will be individualized based on yours and your partner's needs. We look forward to scheduling your first Couples Massage Therapy Class with you and your partner and are happy to accommodate your specific requests.
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