Can I numb my vaginal area before waxing?

Absolutely! At Pia Day Spa, we understand that comfort is key, especially when it comes to waxing. That's why we recommend a fantastic product called "Relax and Wax No Scream Cream." This cream, with a 20% benzocaine base, is a game-changer in reducing discomfort during waxing. For optimal results, apply it 15 to 30 minutes before your waxing session. While it doesn't eliminate pain entirely, it significantly lessens it for most people, making your waxing experience at Pia Day Spa more comfortable.

Extra Tips for Using Numbing Creams:

  1. Safety First: It's essential to use numbing creams correctly. Avoid applying them over large areas and ensure the cream is thoroughly washed off before waxing.
  2. Temperature Sensitivity: Be aware of the wax temperature. Numbing creams can dull heat sensation, so it's crucial to check the wax temperature to avoid burns.
  3. Other Recommended Products: Besides "Relax and Wax No Scream Cream," products like Lidocane Plus Pain Relieving Cream and Aspercreme Lidocaine Pain Relieving Crème are also effective.

Remember, at Pia Day Spa, your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. We're here to ensure your waxing experience is as pleasant as possible. Feel free to ask our experts for more tips and advice on making your waxing session a breeze!

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