Waxing after care

How to Maintain Your Smoothness Post-Wax

Just stepped out of Pia Day Spa feeling as smooth as ever? Fantastic! Now, let's make sure that smooth, silky feeling sticks around. Here's your go-to guide for post-waxing care:

  1. Fight Off Ingrown Hairs: About a week after your waxing session, it's time for a gentle exfoliation. This is your secret weapon against ingrown hairs. Opt for a mild sugar scrub or a soft silicon body mitt from Supracor for a skin-friendly exfoliation.

  2. Shy Away from the Sun: Post-wax, your skin is a bit like a vampire - it needs to avoid the sun for 24 hours. Any redness you see is just a temporary visitor and should bid farewell in less than a day.

  3. Soothe Any Skin Tantrums: If your skin decides to be a bit dramatic post-wax, a dab of Hydrocortisone 1% will be your calming hero. It's the ultimate skin soother for those rare moments of irritation.

  4. We're Here for You: Got a question? Feeling a bit of discomfort? Reach out to us at Pia Day Spa. Whether it's a call or an email, we're always ready to assist and ensure your skin is happy and healthy.

  5. No Tweezing or Shaving: To keep your waxing results looking fabulous, avoid tweezing or shaving between appointments. It can disrupt your hair growth cycle and affect the smooth results you love.

By following these aftercare tips, you'll extend that just-waxed sensation and keep your skin looking and feeling fantastic. Remember, it's not just about the waxing; it's about how you care for your skin afterward. So, embrace your smoothness and show off that confident glow!

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