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What are the chances of getting herpes infection with wax? Get the FACTS.

* disclosure: For your peace of mind, we do not double dip. ever.
First, make sure the establishment you visit follows basic sanitation rules to keep you safe. Ask for disposable tools, and make sure the wax is not reused.
However, this is probably one of the most infamous urban legends around the spa industry.
We asked this question to several gynecologists and they all agree that the chances of catching an STD from waxing are extremely slim, or inear impossible. First of all, the herpes virus can’t survive outside the human body for a long time. In addition, the waxing pot has a very high temperature that will kill any bacteria, or virus that may get in there.
Double-dipping (using the same stick more than once) does not increase the risk, but just for safety make sure that your esthetician uses a new stick on every application. The concept of the stick is the same concept of nail polish. A person can have hepatitis and the brush of the polish touches their cuticles and then the brush goes back again to the bottle. But the bottle has so many chemicals in there that it's impossible for bacteria to survive.

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