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After eyebrow waxing how long does the swelling usually last?

Following an eyebrow waxing session, it's common to experience some redness and a bit of swelling. Typically, these mild reactions should subside within 24 hours. This is a normal part of the skin's response to the waxing process, as the removal of hair can temporarily irritate the skin around the eyebrows.

However, if you notice that the redness or swelling persists for more than 24 hours, it may indicate that your skin is particularly sensitive to waxing. In such cases, it's important to monitor your skin's reaction and consider consulting with a skincare professional.

At Pia Esthetics, we take great care in ensuring that our waxing procedures are as gentle and skin-friendly as possible. Our experienced estheticians are skilled in providing a comfortable experience, minimizing potential skin irritation. We also offer aftercare advice to help soothe your skin post-waxing.

If you have concerns about skin sensitivity or want to learn more about our eyebrow waxing services, please visit Pia Esthetics Contact Page. We're committed to providing you with a safe and satisfying waxing experience, ensuring you leave our spa feeling confident and cared for.

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