Eyelash Extensions

❔ How long do the extensions last?

❔ Can I wear mascara with my Lashes?

❔ When should I schedule a touch-up appointment?

❔ Can my natural eyelashes be damaged by the extensions?

❔ Why is the lash cycle important to understand?

❔ Do eyelash extensions come in different colors?

❔ Can I swim, shower, exercise or visit the spa while wearing Eyelash Extensions?

❔ How do I prepare for the service?

❔ How do I care for Eyelash Extensions?

❔ What are the Eyelash Extensions made of?

❔ Can I have Eyelash Extensions if I am pregnant?

❔ How do you remove Eyelash Extensions?

❔ Are Eyelash Extensions safe?

❔ Can I get Eyelash Extensions if my lashes are tinted or dyed?


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