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While tipping is not required or expected, it is always appreciated by staff members. If you feel you have received good service, you are welcome to show it by offering a gratuity to any staff members who assisted you. Most clients tip for spa services in the same way that they would in a restaurant...usually at a rate of 10 - 20%.
Gratuities are not included as part of the packages or any service provided.

We suggest you to read this tipping suggestions from the Day Spa Association or Trip Advisior
You can find the cost of all our services and packages just by browsing the menu of services or downloading our PDF version.
Hours of operation and directions to our spas can be found in the contact us link on top of this page.
No. We used to accept this type of certificates but we stopped doing it. We are not planning to accept Gift Cards from spa finder or any third party in the future.
If you would like to give a Pia Esthetics gift certificate, you can easily purchase them in our website by following this link.
You can redeem the gift card at any of our locations.
If you received a gift card from a third party, and you wish to visit our spa, try to obtain a refund from the company that originated it.

  • Pia Esthetics Spa Finder: Not accepted/valid
  • Pia Esthetics Groupon: Not accepted/valid
  • Pia Esthetics Living Social: Not accepted/valid
The eyelash tinting is a great option for clients that have very light eyelashes, and they have to use mascara all the time. This tinting looks so nice and natural; you can always put clear mascara to make them look even longer. The color used is usually dark brown or jet black. The tinting lasts at least a month. We also offer eyebrow tinting. You can choose from light brown to very dark brown, so we can always match your hair color.
Yes we do manicure for childern.
Usually they get a polish change.
We do not recommended to do that.  It is safer if you do the perm first and after 3 days do the color.
It matters tremendously whether you had a great or a not-so-great experience with us. We want to know all about it.
We want to praise and encourage our team member(s) involved in your service(s) and your whole experience.
In the same way, if your experience didn't go as expected (or better), we really want to know about it. We appreciate the chance to allow us to improve and actually do something to make it better.
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