Can I still rock my favorite brow makeup after getting them laminated?

Definitely! Post-brow lamination at Pia Day Spa, your makeup routine doesn't have to take a backseat. In fact, you're absolutely free to enhance your beautifully laminated brows with your favorite makeup products. The treatment doesn't put any restrictions on the use of brow pencils, powders, or gels, so you can continue to experiment with different looks to your heart's content.

What's great about brow lamination is that it provides an excellent base for makeup application. Your brows will already have a fuller, more defined shape, which means you might find yourself using less product than before. However, if you love a bold brow look or enjoy adding a bit of color or extra definition, you can certainly do so.

It's important to note a couple of tips for post-lamination makeup application. Firstly, wait at least 24 hours after your treatment before applying any makeup to your brows. This gives your brows ample time to settle into their new shape and ensures the longevity of the lamination effect. Secondly, when applying and removing makeup, be gentle. Avoid harsh rubbing or pulling, as this can disrupt the shape of your laminated brows.

Remember, brow lamination at Pia Day Spa is all about enhancing your natural beauty and making your daily routine easier. Ready to enjoy effortlessly gorgeous brows with or without makeup? Book your brow lamination session now! Visit our service page for more details and to schedule your appointment. Let's give your brows the perfect canvas for any look you desire!

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