What is the healing time for microblading?

Embarking on your microblading journey at Pia Day Spa? Here's what to expect in terms of healing:

Immediate After-Effects:

  • Right After Your Appointment: You'll walk out with your eyebrows looking fabulous! However, it's normal to experience some light redness and swelling. This is just your skin's natural response to the procedure.

Healing Timeline:

  • Initial Healing Period: The first 7-14 days post-procedure are crucial. During this time, your eyebrows are going through the most significant part of the healing process.
  • Color Setting: It takes about a month for the color to fully set in. This is when you'll see the true shade of your microblading.

After-Care is Key:

  • Follow After-Care Instructions: To ensure the best results and a smooth healing process, it's important to adhere to the after-care advice provided by our specialists. This includes how to clean your brows, what products to use or avoid, and how to protect them from certain elements.

What to Expect During Healing:

  • Changes in Appearance: Your brows may appear darker initially and then lighten to their final color. Some flaking or scabbing is also normal but resist the urge to pick or scratch.

Ensuring Optimal Results:

  • Touch-Up Appointment: We usually recommend a touch-up appointment after the healing period to perfect your brows and make any necessary adjustments.

Ready for Beautiful Brows?

  • If you have more questions or are ready to book your microblading session, reach out to us at Pia Day Spa. We're excited to guide you through a successful healing journey and help you achieve the brows of your dreams!
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