Medications and microblading: what you need to know


  1. Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Medications:
    These can cause a bit more bleeding during the microblading process. This might mix with the pigment, affecting how it settles into the skin. The result? Your brows might look a tad more faded than expected. It's still possible to get microblading done, but keep this in mind.
  2. Thyroid Medications:
    If you're on these, your microbladed brows might say their goodbyes a bit sooner. You might need touch-ups a bit earlier than others.
  3. Fish Oil and Blood-Thinning Supplements:
    Planning for microblading? It's best to pause these supplements a week before your appointment.
  4. Aspirin/Ibuprofen and Other Blood Thinners:
    These are a no-go before microblading. They can increase bleeding, affecting the procedure's outcome.
  5. Accutane Users:
    Sorry, but microblading isn't in the cards if you're currently on Accutane.

Treatments and Their Impact:

  1. Retinol and Botox:
    Hold off on these for 2-4 weeks before your microblading session.
  2. Cyclosporine (Restasis):
    This can make your eyelids more sensitive. It's recommended to stop using it a month before and wait for two weeks post-microblading to resume.
  3. Recent Chemical Peels or Similar Treatments:
    If your skin is still in recovery mode from these treatments, it's best to wait before getting microblading.

Health Conditions to Consider:

  1. Diabetes and Healing Complications:
    If you have diabetes or a condition that affects healing, chat with your doctor before considering microblading.
  2. Autoimmune Diseases or Immune-Weakening Treatments:
    These can up your risk of infection post-microblading.
  3. Hemophiliacs:
    Microblading isn't recommended due to bleeding risks.
  4. Skin Conditions Like Psoriasis or Eczema:
    If these affect your facial area, it's best to skip microblading.

Communication is Key:
Always be upfront with your esthetician about any medications, treatments, or health conditions you have. And remember, never stop any medication or treatment without your doctor's go-ahead. If you're unsure about how your health might interact with microblading, it's always best to consult with your physician first. Your safety and the success of your microblading are our top priorities at Pia Day Spa!

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