Eyebrow microblading: what to expect day by day

It's natural to have questions and concerns after getting microblading.
Here's a friendly guide to walk you through the healing process, so you know what to expect and feel confident every step of the way.

Days 1 & 2: The Beginning

  • What to Expect: Your brows might be swollen and reddish, and appear darker and bolder than you envisioned. This is completely normal! They will lighten up significantly as they heal.
  • What to Do: Relax, it's temporary! The color will soften and become 50% lighter once healed. Follow your aftercare instructions carefully, which will include avoiding getting your brows wet, sleeping on your stomach, and avoiding sweating activities.

Days 3 & 4: Getting Used to Them

  • What to Expect: You'll likely start feeling happy with your brows and appreciate not having to fill them in every morning. They'll still be darker than their final shade, but they'll gradually lighten.
  • What to Do: Keep following the aftercare instructions, and don't worry about the darkness - it's completely normal at this stage.

Days 5-7: The Healing Process

  • What to Expect: Crusts may form, and the area might feel itchy or irritated. Resist the urge to scratch! Scratching can remove pigment and lead to complications. Remember, the pigment is placed shallowly beneath the skin, unlike traditional tattoos.
  • What to Do: Stay calm, and the crusting will pass. You can now gently wash your face, but be very careful around your brows. Don't scratch! Any accidental removal of pigment can be corrected during your touch-up appointment.

Days 8-10: Lightening Up

  • What to Expect: Your brows might appear lighter than expected. This doesn't mean your skin rejects the pigment, but is simply part of the healing process.
  • What to Do: Don't panic! This is common for everyone who gets microblading. Avoid rushing to your artist for a refund, as this is a normal stage. If you're really unhappy with the appearance, you can wear makeup once the crusting has completely stopped. Otherwise, relax and wait for the color to return.

Days 11-28: Shaping Up

  • What to Expect: The hardest part is over! Your brows are starting to take their final shape. They might appear uneven at first, but some strokes will gradually reappear. Be patient, and excitement awaits!
  • What to Do: Schedule your touch-up appointment, typically done 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment. This is when any imperfections, like unevenness, can be addressed with additional strokes or shading.

Days 28-48: The Final Look

  • What to Expect: You've finally reached the finish line! Healing times vary based on skin type and lifestyle, but after your touch-up, your brows will have their final beautiful shape and color.
  • What to Do: If you followed aftercare instructions and your artist is skilled, you'll likely love your new brows and enjoy the confidence boost they bring!

Remember, everyone heals differently. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to your artist. They're there to guide you through the entire process and ensure you're happy with your results.

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