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Jeff DeSalvo, a seasoned massage therapist licensed since 1996, has a rich history of refining his skills in some of the most serene resort areas. His early career took him seasonally between Nantucket, Massachusetts in the summers, and Naples, Florida/Breckenridge, Colorado in the winters. It was in these idyllic settings that Jeff developed his exceptional relaxation massage technique, a favorite among those seeking a retreat from the hustle of daily life.

Over the past decade, Jeff has been deepening his expertise in the Saint Petersburg/Tampa area. His journey included becoming a certified Medical Assistant and Personal Trainer, roles that allowed him to work closely with doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists. This unique blend of experiences has given Jeff a profound understanding of musculature and structural balance, especially as they relate to daily activities, postures, and repetitive motions.

"I believe in a holistic approach to wellness, where understanding your body's needs is key. Whether you're dealing with daily stress or specific muscular issues, I'm here to work with you towards achieving a balanced and pain-free lifestyle. Let's embark on this journey to better health together."