❔ Does microneedling hurt? What does microneedling feel like?

❔ Results to expect

❔ Microneedling aftercare

❔ What does microneedling do?

❔ What exactly is the purpose of microneedling?

❔ Is there anyone who needs to be extra cautious when it comes to microneedling?

❔ Why is Collagen Induction Therapy also known as microneedling?

❔ What will microneedling feel like on the skin?

❔ When will I be able to notice the benefits of microneedling?

❔ Who can benefit from microneedling?

❔ Is there a risk of microneedling causing any adverse effects?

❔ After microneedling, when is the best time to apply skincare products?

❔ What are some of the skin problems that microneedling can assist with?

❔ Is microneedling a safe procedure?


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