Questions about: Waxing - The Procedure

1. Let the hairs grow for about two weeks before your appointment.
2. If the hairs are very long, trim them to 1/4 inch (about two weeks of growth after shaving). This ensures a faster, much less uncomfortable procedure and cleaner, smoother results.
3. If you have time prior to your appointment, please shower. If you don't, please clean the area with baby wipes or feminine wipes. Hygiene is very important in this kind of work.
4. We recommend that you wear a thong. We also provide disposable underwear.
We remove ALL the hair, from the front all the way to the back.
The Hollywood Wax is basically a modified Brazilian.
The Hollywood leaves a landing strip that goes all the way from the top of the vaginal area to the inner thighs. All hair isn't removed from the lip area, but the Hollywood does include hair removal from the buttocks.
All the hair is removed from the pubic area. In other words, the area is totally bald. This waxing process also includes the buttocks.
The result is a completely clean and bare area. Some spas call this procedure Sphynx wax (The name comes from the hairless cat).
It's your choice. Some clients wear a disposable, paper thong. Others wear their own underwear. Some clients go without underwear altogether.
The Sexy Bikini leaves a narrow landing strip from the top of the vaginal area to the middle of the inner thighs. It doesn't include the buttocks.
The entire pubic region is waxed. You do have the option of leaving a small section, two to three fingers wide, above the vaginal area.
After cleaning the area to be waxed and dusting it with powder, wax is applied a little at a time. We apply our organic liquid wax to the entire area being treated. Muslin strips are then applied over the area and quickly removed. After the hair removal, stray hairs may also be tweezed. I apply a special calming lotion to the area, which reduces redness, soothes and softens, and acts as a natural antiseptic.
To remove the hair from the bottom part, the client has to lift her legs. The procedure is done quickly to ensure the least amount of discomfort.
Drawing from my own experience, all redness is gone as early as 30 minutes after the procedure. It may take until the next morning for people with sensitive skin.
It takes 20-45 minutes. It all depends on the client. The first time usually takes the longest. The second time is much faster.
On a scale of 1 to 10 - 1 being moderate pain and 10 the worst pain ever - I would say the first time hurts between 5 and 8, depending on the client. I think the anticipation is the worst. I always try to talk with my clients, keeping their minds busy with fun conversation. That way, they don't concentrate on the pain.
No, waxing prevents ingrown hairs. Some women have serious problems with ingrown hairs, though, so it doesn't matter what kind of depilation you use on them. One way to prevent ingrown hairs is to use a washcloth to wash briskly in the shower. Or towel off briskly after bathing.
Hair needs to be 1/4-inch long (about two weeks of growth after shaving). This length is perfect because the wax can easily grab the hairs and pull them out. Trim a bit if you have long hair before coming in for the first time. Long hairs make the esthetician's job a little harder, and waxing more painful.
Every 3 to 5 weeks. Ideally, I'd like clients to come in every two weeks, but it depends on how fast your hair grows. That varies from person to person.
Every time you get waxed, your hairs become weaker, making the process easier and faster over time. It is fast, and the skin looks and feels softer than after any other method of depilation.
Waxing also lasts longer than most other hair removal techniques.
We have disposable underwear available to each client before any bikini waxing procedure or body treatments. Client's comfort is one of our priorities.
Yes. We have a great product called "Relax and wax no scream cream". This cream has a 20% benzocaine base and for better results has to be applied between 15 to 30 minutes BEFORE waxing. For most people It will drastically reduce the pain.

You've just been waxed and you're feeling smooth as a dolphin! Now, let's keep that silky feeling lasting longer with some fun, friendly aftercare tips:

  1. To avoid the pesky party crashers known as ingrown hairs, take your skin on a date with a gentle exfoliation session a week after your wax. You can use a sweet sugar scrub or Supracor’s silicon body mitt for that extra gentle touch.
  2. Just like a vampire, your newly waxed skin needs to avoid sun exposure for 24 hours. Don't worry, any redness is just a temporary guest and should be gone in less than a day.
  3. In the super rare event that your skin throws a tantrum, you can calm it down with some Hydrocortisone 1%. It's like the superhero of skin soothers.
  4. Got any questions? Feeling a little skin discomfort? Don't be a stranger! Give us a call or shoot us an email - we're here to help.
  5. Between waxing visits, remember: no tweezing or shaving allowed! It'll mess with your hair growth rhythm and might crash your waxing results party.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you maintain that just-waxed glow. So, go ahead, enjoy the smoothness and strut your stuff with confidence!

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