Waxing - Misc

❔ Do you mind bikini waxing women who are hardly in supermodel shape?

❔ Can I get waxed when I have my period?

❔ I'm overweight. Do you ever have large women getting a brazilian? I feel embarrassed.

❔ Do many women get the Brazilian or Completely Bare Bikini Wax (Sphynx) done?

❔ I'd like to get a brazilian wax but have never done it before, should I start small?

❔ I just shaved, how long should I wait before coming in for waxing?

❔ Is it normal for white bumps to form after having a brazilian wax done?

❔ I'm worried about the pain. Should I take Advil before my waxing appointment?

❔ Why do women go to the extreme of getting a Brazilian?

❔ I'm too embarrassed to get a Brazilian. Can't I just do it myself?

❔ If hairs are shorter than 1/4 inch do you still recommend waxing?

❔ Are the technicians men or women? What happens if you have a preference?

❔ Is the Bare Bikini wax more painful than the Brazilian?

❔ What are the chances of getting herpes infection with wax? Get the FACTS.

❔ How long after a bikini wax is it safe to go swimming in a chlorine pool?

❔ What disqualifies someone for a brazillian or bikini wax?

❔ Is is OK for kids to get waxed?

❔ How long does a person stay smooth after getting a brazilian wax?

❔ Does waxing hurt less the second time?

❔ Is the bikini area itchy when the hair grows back?

❔ Are razor bumps along the bikini line treated with any of the bikini waxes?

❔ Do you often perform Brazilian wax on African-Americans?

❔ Can pregnant women get a Brazilian?

❔ Will I feel discomfort wearing my clothes right after a brazilian wax?

❔ I occasionally suffer from folliculitis. Will waxing aggravate this?

❔ How long will I feel pain after the brazilian wax?

❔ Can men also have wax treatments done?

❔ Should I apply a topical anesthetic before getting my wax?

❔ Do clients ever react to the wax?

❔ What type of wax do you use?

❔ I'm using Differin. Should I get waxed?

❔ How long have you been waxing clients? Is your staff qualified?

❔ What is the reason it is not recommended waxing over varicose veins?

❔ How long after leg waxing are you able to sunbathe

❔ After eyebrow waxing how long does the swelling usually last?

❔ Is OK to get facial waxing the same day I get a facial without skin irritation?

❔ Is depilation a contraindication if someone has a heart condition?


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