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Of course not! We see many different types of women, some with a great figures, others who are a little overweight. We have clients from all age ranges. Nothing is unusual for us. We encourage every woman to pamper herself however she sees fit.
Yes, many women get the Brazilian Wax or any type of Wax done when they have their period. It is very hard to get an appointment at Pia's so they don't want to miss it! Our only requirement in these cases - and it's very important! - is that you use tampax.
Occasionally, we have large women who come in for a Brazilian or Completely Bare Bikini wax. In these cases, the clients usually must help pull their skin tight, just to make the job easier.

Sometimes, it's difficult for the client to assume some of the waxing positions, and sometimes there are areas where we miss some hairs because it's difficult to get to them, but we always end up figuring something out! Some women are much more flexible than others, and that makes it easier. Still, being overweight is no excuse for not having a Brazilian wax!
Yes, I would say that more than half of our costumers get it done. The others ask to leave a little line in front (sometimes called a "landing strip"). Both are very popular.
Clients who are concerned about the Brazilian often opt for a bikini line wax or Sexy Bikini.
The Sexy Bikini goes further in than the bikini line, but isn't as drastic as the Brazilian. These clients usually end up getting the full Brazilian, however, because they realize that their expecations about pain were much worse than the reality.
You have to stop shaving two weeks before your appointment to make sure that all the hairs are of the proper length for waxing. Hair can grow very unevenly, and it is very difficult to get a nice, clean result if all the hairs aren't allowed to grow out.
Usually when something like this happens it's because it was the first wax and your hair was very coarse and deeply rooted on the skin.
If this happens to you, don't panic, just wash the area with an antibacterial soap and an antibacterial lotion, similar to the ones that you use for break outs.
If this problems keeps on happening every time you get waxed, then probably this is not for you and you probably suffer from Folliculitis, which is an inflammation of the hair follicle, you can get more info about this condition here
You can also try a different place to get your wax and see if the condition improves.
If you think Advil will decrease your discomfort, then take it. However, we highly recommend "Relax and Wax - no Scream Cream - (Available at Pia's)". It has been working really good for our customers. Click here to read more about this product.
It allows women to comfortably wear revealing swimwear and lingerie. They look great, feel clean, and many men love it!
No. Don't try to wax this delicate area by yourself. It's difficult to apply the wax, hold the skin taut, get the right leverage, and then pull, and pull quickly, all at the same time. It's not like waxing your legs where all the hair grows in the same direction. On the labia, for example, hairs tend to grow in more than one direction. This often requires waxing each side twice - once in each direction. To attempt your own Brazilian wax means worthless pain. Let me clarify, pain without getting the hair out and ugly purple bruising. Seek out an expert for this job.
No, we will recommend you to wait until the hair has the recommended length.
Waxing someone with hairs shorter than that is going to leave many hairs in the area(s) and to get them out, is going to be a much harder job for the esthetician and a more painful experience for the customer.
Estheticians performing wax, facials, and body treatments are women. For massage services we have both, male and female therapists.
Based on my experience, just a little more, just because the front part of the pubic area is very sensitive in most people. Still, it's a very fast procedure. It doesn't take too long to pull just one more line of hair.
* disclosure: For your peace of mind, we do not double dip. ever.
First, make sure the establishment you visit follows basic sanitation rules to keep you safe. Ask for disposable tools, and make sure the wax is not reused.
However, this is probably one of the most infamous urban legends around the spa industry.
We asked this question to several gynecologists and they all agree that the chances of catching an STD from waxing are extremely slim, or inear impossible. First of all, the herpes virus can’t survive outside the human body for a long time. In addition, the waxing pot has a very high temperature that will kill any bacteria, or virus that may get in there.
Double-dipping (using the same stick more than once) does not increase the risk, but just for safety make sure that your esthetician uses a new stick on every application. The concept of the stick is the same concept of nail polish. A person can have hepatitis and the brush of the polish touches their cuticles and then the brush goes back again to the bottle. But the bottle has so many chemicals in there that it's impossible for bacteria to survive.

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You can go to the pool the same day if your skin is not sensitive. You can't get a sunbath, because the direct sun exposure can cause a severe sun burn. You should wait at least 24 hours before sun exposure or tanning beds. It is recommended not to go to sea water for the first 24 hours, salt water can cause irritation and burning sensation.
It is not recomended to perform any type of waxing services on someone that is taking high doses of Blood thinners and Diabetic clients.
Anybody with any type of skin disorder such as Fungus, Hives, severe allergic reactions, eccema etc or STD can't have waxing services.
In children we only find safe and appropiate to wax legs, arms, brows and lip. We required that the minor is accompanied by an adult who must be in the room while the procedure is taking place.
In many other countries waxing children at short age is very common. Mothers are aware of the benefits and introduce their daughters to it because they know it will reduce hair growth and tickness notoriously. Redness is expected because the skin is very sensitive but usually they get used to it and will improve after some sessions.
This depends on the person, each individual has a different hair growth cycle, but in average it could be smooth between 2 and up to 3 weeks.
Emphatically, yes! If you don't wait too long, the second time around the hairs will be shorter, thinner and sparser because they're not fully mature. This makes removal a little less painful, although it still hurts. This second appointment usually takes less time, too. I think the second wax is also more effective than the first. I suspect that there is so much hair being removed the very first time that some of the hairs actually are broken off at the surface rather than removed from the follicle, and so the re-growth is faster.
No, because the hair grows in thinner and softer. In contrast, the itch from shaving drove me crazy.
Sometimes shaving causes razor bumps along the bikini line. The hair grows much smoother after wax, so the result is much better.
Waxing may help to avoid getting Razor Bumps.
Sure! We specialize in Brazilian Waxing & full body waxing in general, and have performed them on clients of different nationalities and ethnicities.
Sure. We've seen many pregnant clients do it without a problem. The size of the belly makes the procedure a bit uncomfortable for some women, but we do as much of the belly as the clients' comfort allows us to. Brazilian wax during pregnancy is not only permitted but is has become a great option for many of our customers before their trip to the hospital.
100% cotton underwear is recommended. Try to avoid t-back style underwear for the next 24h.
Probably. This is called Folliculitis, and this is a skin condition that sometimes wax can aggravate. You should consult your Dermatologist first before getting any type of hair removal.
You will feel discomfort only when the procedure is taking place. After the waxing is done, some people could be sore if is their first wax ever and if their hair is too thick (usually for shaving for a long time), this soreness only last for a few hours.
Sure, men can have wax done:
We provide waxing services from the waist, up to the head - sorry, no bikini, brazilian or legs.
Unfortunately for some gentlemen looking for this type of service, our Spa specializes exclusively on women's brazilian and bikini waxing.
There are many salons that offer this particular type of waxing for men, and in the future we may post their information on this website if we find one place that we feel comfortable recommending.
Yes, you may use a topical anesthetic before getting waxed. Although it's not common to do so (usually people do it before electrolysis or laser), the best method is to apply the anesthetic over the area to be waxed, cover it with plastic, and tape the edges.

For clients worried about waxing pain, we recommend that they take an Advil or Tylenol beforehand. The pain is not that bad, and it lasts for only one second.
Yes , although it isn't common at all. Some people have an allergic reaction that includes swelling, itchiness or a rash. This is something nobody can predict. If this does occur, it is recommended that you use a lotion containing hydrocortisone on the affected area.
We use different types of product depending on the customer needs. Please be sure we use top quality product to perform all services. We mainly use warm / hot wax and also hard wax.
Experience tells us that more important than the type of wax used, is the experience and training of the esthetician that makes the difference.
Differin, retin A, Accutane, Obagi and Glycolics are very strong on the skin and cause the skin to peel off if you get the area waxed.
If you need to have your face waxed you have to stop using those medications 8 days pririor to your waxing service and you have to comunicated the esthetician that you are
doing any of those treatments.
Based on your skin condition the esthetician should determine if she can perform the service or not.
Pia has been working as an esthetician since 2001 and has been performing and specializing in Brazilian Waxing since then. She performs many a day, plus facials and other services. Estheticians working at Pia Esthetics get extensive training under Pia's supervision to ensure that they will offer the best waxing and skin care experience.
We do not rely on resumes or recommendations, we verify, improve and perfect the technique of our staff.
It's not safe to wax over varicose veins because the pulling of the skin can cause a damaged vein to worsen its condition. We recommend you to get treated before considering waxing.
We always recommend to wait a minimum of 24 hours before being directly exposed to the sun. If the person has fair or sensitive skin, we recommend 48 hours.
Redness and sometimes a little swelling may be expected to last maximum for 24 hours. More than that it's not normal and your skin may be very sensitive for wax.
It's not recommended to wax your face wax if you had a facial. Some skin is very sensitive and every facial includes exfoliation and this treatment can make the skin prone to get irritated or peel. In some cases we can do an eyebrow wax combined with a facial but this in under the Estheticians criteria to do it or not.
There is no known contraindications unless the person is extremely nervous, anxious, has very little tolerance to pain or has a very delicate heart condition.
In any case we will always advise you to ask your physician before making your appointment with us.

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