Reviews by Location:

My first visit to Pia's was very favorable. The front desk lady was very polite, friendly, helpful, and courteous. My tevh conducted a thorough facial and answered any questions that I posed. My skin really benefited from her treatment as I could really feel the difference in the texture of my skin. She was very kind and conscientious in the application of my care. Thanks to everyone at Pia's for making my visit most favorable. I would recommend Pia's to my friends.
July 16th 2021
NANCY M. | St. Pete Spa
She is great. She’s quick, thorough, relatable and I’m always very satisfied with my experience.
July 15th 2021
Megan D. | St. Pete Spa
I highly recommend Pia's they know what and how to do it right! My new favorite place !!!
They're the best!
July 15th 2021
Kelly G. | St. Pete Spa
She always does a wonderful job! She is also very professional and provides me with great information about my skin.
July 14th 2021
Mindi C. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing experience start to finish. Left feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated and she made me feel so comfortable. Also talked to me a little about realistic skincare. Skin was bright and smooth!
July 13th 2021
Jessica P. | St. Pete Spa
The front desk is always patient and friendly. My tech does the best brows and treats you like family.
July 13th 2021
Kmh | St. Pete Spa
Great facial! Everyone is so nice and the place is so inviting. My tech is always consistent and pays attention to detail. Always a pleasure.
July 13th 2021
Amy g. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first visit to Pia and it was fabulous! She waxed me quickly and efficiently, and was a joy to talk to!
July 10th 2021
Raith H. | St. Pete Spa
She is very thorough and knows how to keep you comfortable through a not so comfortable experience. I’ll definitely be returning to Pia’s Spa.

I also appreciate how they are still following COVID guidelines to keep everyone safe. Thanks!
July 10th 2021
Erica B. | St. Pete Spa
Exceptional service is what I always receive when I come. I love them and will follow them wherever they go.
July 7th 2021
Kimberly J. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing experience! Very professional and quick! I’ll be back!
July 6th 2021
Elizabeth Y. | St. Pete Spa
She is always easy to talk to and makes me forget that I am in the middle of a waxing!
At the front desk, Maria is always very sweet and helpful. I am so glad I can start frequenting again!
July 6th 2021
Cara M. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time getting a facial at Pias. She did an amazing job and I can’t wait to book a couples experience next time with my husband. Looking forward to coming back in soon!
July 4th 2021
Shannon C. | St. Pete Spa
She was fantastic. She tailored my facial to my specific needs and provided a wonderful relaxing experience. She addressed my concerns on brow thickness and provided the perfect shape / thickness.
July 3rd 2021
Angie M. | St. Pete Spa
She is very good at what she does my face is so clean and I don't see one hair insight thank you again for such an amazing experience
June 30th 2021
Pamela S. | St. Pete Spa
It is always a great experience at Pia Esthetics. Alex is amazing and always does the best job! I have tried other places but nothing compares to Pia. I am so pleased!
June 29th 2021
Carrie C. | St. Pete Spa
I love Pia spa! As always excellent costume service 👌
June 29th 2021
Paula | St. Pete Spa
She was wonderful! She did a thorough job and was friendly, yet professional.
June 25th 2021
Marian L. | St. Pete Spa
St. Pete is amazing, my tech made me feel very comfortable when getting my waxing done. She is very friendly, carried a great conversation and waxes well! I was very happy with my brows and bikini wax.
June 24th 2021
Sarah R. | St. Pete Spa
Everyone I've had an encounter with has been very nice professional and experienced.
June 23rd 2021
Jae | St. Pete Spa
I would like to say my experience at PIA was absolutely awesome from the greeting of the receptionist who was very nice and pleasant and welcome me with a smile. The services I received was a wax and eyebrow tint/ shaping I was a bit nervous being that it was my first time getting a Brazilian wax. My tech greeted me with a warm smile and she actually pronounced my name correctly. Once in the room she gave instructions and the wax began such a wonderful experience she was very professional gentle and assuring, we talked like we were best friends I was totally calm and relax with her she made the experience a very good one and the little pain I did feel was so worth it. I definitely would be back for service at PIA
June 23rd 2021
Celissia W. | St. Pete Spa
My tech was very efficient and thorough. She was kind and knowledgable. She gave me some great suggestions for future waxing sessions. Always a great experience when I come to Pia's.
June 22nd 2021
Megan | St. Pete Spa
From the time I walked in and greeted to the end of my visit I had the most pleasant, relaxing and perfect mani-pedi experience. Thank you again! Whenever I come down from Ohio I will always visit your spa.
June 20th 2021
Diane E. | St. Pete Spa
She was fantastic - super professional and did a great job. Everyone was friendly and welcoming!
June 19th 2021
Jackie | St. Pete Spa
Pia is the absolute best! From the moment you walk, being greeted by the front desk! Was referred by a friend for a Brazilian and I am hooked! She is professional, knowledgeable, and so sweet. She really makes the whole waxing process so comfortable.
June 17th 2021
Amanda D. | St. Pete Spa
It’s always a relaxing, comfortable experience at Pia. They are professional and treat me well.
June 16th 2021
Staci | St. Pete Spa
What a wonderful first time experience here! The tech was nothing but amazing and made me feel so at ease. I had such a great waxing and tinting with her and cannot wait to come back again.

Super clean spa and everyone was so friendly. Highly recommended!
June 16th 2021
Bettney H. | St. Pete Spa
She was wonderful! She made me feel comfortable and was really nice.
June 16th 2021
Beth R. | St. Pete Spa
Great service! My eyebrows look amazing and frame my face really well.
June 15th 2021
Kimberly P. | St. Pete Spa
Very wonderful spa experience. The products used all smelled amazing and I was greeted at the door with friendly faces and delicious tea. The mani/pedi was incredibly relaxing but nothing in comparison to the massage. Although I was naked on a table in-front of a stranger I felt comfortable and safe. It was my first one ever but I’m already wondering when I can schedule another. Overall I had a wonderful experience and I will definitely be coming back! :)
June 12th 2021
Cecilia N. | St. Pete Spa
He always gives an amazing massage! He knows right where the trigger points are! Highly recommend!
June 12th 2021
Carol | St. Pete Spa
He is amazing! I’ve had massages by him several times now. I love the deep tissue work that he does. Just enough pressure to release my tightness and pain. Very compassionate too
June 11th 2021
Carol H. | St. Pete Spa
Somehow she makes scary Brazilian waxes, not so scary. She's been so gentle and professional at each of my visits.
June 10th 2021
Alex | St. Pete Spa
Front desk was super nice and very efficient. The tech was very good and professional. Made it much better than I expected!
June 8th 2021
LAURA S. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time to Pia and she did an incredible job on my Brazilian! I like the use of smaller strips which make it less painful. I’ll definitely be coming back again and again.
June 5th 2021
Angie | St. Pete Spa
Great experience! One of the best pedicures I’ve ever had. She made my first waxing very comfortable.
June 5th 2021
Caitlin C. | St. Pete Spa
Wonderful experience that I enjoyed! I loved my perfecto facial that was done by her! I feel amazing! My face feels so clean and refreshed! She was very professional and so friendly. Thank you for making my day.
June 3rd 2021
Zeljka S. | St. Pete Spa
I always love my visits with her at the St. Pete location...she is awesome!!!
June 3rd 2021
Lisa V. | St. Pete Spa
Loved it!!!
So happy I found you guys.
Looking forward to making it my waxing place and trying other services.
June 2nd 2021
Paola | St. Pete Spa
Amazing job. My hairs are tough and she got them all. Everything feels and looks wonderful. It has been over a year since I was there so I was a little anxious.
June 2nd 2021
Angela M. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing Brazilian waxing! Really no other words to describe the service that she provides. Thank you!!!
May 29th 2021
Vanessa | St. Pete Spa
Always an excellent experience with very clean facilities. she had such an attention for detail. Would never go elsewhere.
May 28th 2021
Jen | St. Pete Spa
Very pleased with my waxed and tinted brows. She was sweet, friendly, and had such a gentle touch.
May 27th 2021
Nancy M. | St. Pete Spa
She is wonderful. She makes you feel comfortable and always does an amazing job.
May 25th 2021
Rachel H. | St. Pete Spa
My tech and front desk staff made my facial a really great and relaxing experience! They worked with some special requests and squeezed me into the schedule last minute. I will definitely be going back!
May 25th 2021
Lindsay | St. Pete Spa
I don't usually treat myself like this, so was definitely surprised when my husband booked an appointment for me. He said, "12:30 tomorrow. I'll tell you more later." We're celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary this week, and this was his gift. I was pampered for two hours by my tech with a body scrub and facial. She was friendly, professional, and personable. I was comfortable and talking with her was easy. The receptionist was also friendly and greeted me quickly as I walked in. They have a selection of items to purchase from jewelry to body care products to candles; all reasonably priced. I get a unique smelling candle and love it. I'm sure I'll be back. Thank you for a great experience!
May 23rd 2021
Sarah C. | St. Pete Spa
She was great. She was very welcoming and friendly, while doing great work and and always being professional.
May 23rd 2021
RM | St. Pete Spa
She did an incredible job, as always. Love my brows and how they are shaping up to be!
May 22nd 2021
Amanda M. | St. Pete Spa
My first experience which was not here was terrible. I’m so happy with the job she did and I will be a returning customer 😌.
May 21st 2021
Alanna | St. Pete Spa
My massage therapist is very good . He applies just the right amount of pressure -
He is also very knowledgeable about the body and ailments and knows how to work out the knots !
May 21st 2021
Andrea T. | St. Pete Spa