Reviews by Location:

Have gotten waxed by a few different technicians - all were great. Very thorough. Front desk very nice. Love this place.
January 15th 2021
Meghan | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful first experience. she was Professional, helpful, and knowledgeable.
January 15th 2021
Susan B. | St. Pete Spa
I had a great first experience! My massage was perfect! Maria at the front desk was also super helpful and accommodating. Will definitely be back soon.
January 15th 2021
Kim | St. Pete Spa
Very professional and gives such a good massage, much needed during this stressful time.
January 15th 2021
Tina M. | St. Pete Spa
she was quick, painless and my brows are beautiful as always!
January 14th 2021
Jordan A. | St. Pete Spa
Simply the best. She makes me feel so comfortable and it's as painless as possible.
January 14th 2021
Anna | South Tampa Spa
Always makes my daughter and I completely comfortable and does a fantastic job!
January 13th 2021
Jennifer W. | St. Pete Spa
Great experience overall! The entire team was welcoming and professional!
January 13th 2021
Sarah T. | South Tampa Spa
Pia is just fantastic! I recommend her 100 times over! Beautiful spa, beautiful staff, and beautiful experience.
January 13th 2021
Vanessa G. | South Tampa Spa
Great experience overall she is very good and very professional
January 13th 2021
Jim P. | St. Pete Spa
As always, everyone was pleasant, professional, and accommodating.
January 13th 2021
Scott P. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful experience as always! The front desk is very professional and pleasant. My tech does an amazing job!
January 12th 2021
Mindi C. | St. Pete Spa
She is awesome! Although I've been a long-time client, this is the first time receiving a service from her. She is professional and meticulous. You can tell she takes great pride in her work! Liked her work so much that I scheduled a microdermabrasion facial with her.
January 10th 2021
Monica M. | St. Pete Spa
It was a very pleasant, safe, and convenient experience. I got a same day appointment which is wonderful. And I love the system of check in and check out. I felt safe
January 9th 2021
Nancy | South Tampa Spa
I needed an escape and I decided to check to see if any availabilities . Luckily there was an appointment yesterday afternoon I booked it and so glad I did. The spa gives you a fresh start for the New Year. Awesome and does a great job always . Thank you
January 8th 2021
Rosa | South Tampa Spa
So welcoming and kind! My massage was amazing, I left feeling 100x better! Thank you!
January 8th 2021
Teresa | South Tampa Spa
Pia and the staff were absolutely excellent! They were very friendly, personable and thorough. The experience and service was phenomenal. I look forward to coming back! :)
January 8th 2021
Jessica T. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent job done by the staff, made me feel very welcome as soon as I walked thru the door. My technician was very thorough, which I loved! Loved everything about my visit.
January 8th 2021
Katherine o. | South Tampa Spa
I needed to get away today an escape if you will. I decided last minute to see about the spa and luckily there was appointments available. My day was going bad . I escaped and as always I’m glad I did. A great job always . Thank you
January 7th 2021
Rosa | South Tampa Spa
I have been a client for many years. Love Pia and her entire staff. She was fantastic. Not only did she do a great job on my wax, she was extremely friendly and I was immediately comfortable. Thank you to Pia for always keeping such a great staff!!
January 7th 2021
Lyndi U. | South Tampa Spa
Such a wonderful job on manicure/pedicure, will not go anywhere else!!!
January 7th 2021
Scottie | South Tampa Spa
My tech was a great spa pro. She has a great personality and makes you feel very comfortable.
January 6th 2021
Sarah C. | St. Pete Spa
So kind and very knowledgeable about skincare! She listened to my skin concerns and adjusted the treatment accordingly. She was super gentle on my skin too!

The woman at the front desk was SO FRIENDLY. Made me feel super comfortable.
January 6th 2021
Olivia | South Tampa Spa
Quick, great, and friendly service. I also appreciate their social-distancing precautions without making the checkin process overly cumbersome.
January 6th 2021
Paul F. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time at Pia and it was such an amazing experience. Don was absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to book my next pre natal massage with him.
January 5th 2021
Angielique R. | South Tampa Spa
I went to Rachael based on other reviews. She was absolutely amazing. She let me know what she was doing before hand and made me feel comfortable!
January 5th 2021
Sarah R. | St. Pete Spa
Wonderful massage and service. Was knowledgeable and professional. Would recommend!
January 4th 2021
Taylor J. | South Tampa Spa
My tech is ALWAYS the! She is so gentle and easy to talk to. She really makes the whole experience an easy one. I will wait until she has an available appointment because I don’t want anyone else lol. She is definitely an asset to the team!
January 3rd 2021
Kimberly S. | St. Pete Spa
Massage was amazing! I went in for neck pain and I could barely move my neck before being seen, & after 1 session I felt like a new person. You can tell that she is extremely educated and highly trained. 10/10
January 2nd 2021
Amberlyn S. | South Tampa Spa
she did a great job! So nice to have this amazing place a few blocks from my house!
January 2nd 2021
Belinda K. | St. Pete Spa
I had such a wonderful experience at Pia! The staff asked great questions and helped me target areas to work on and gave great professional advice. The environment was very welcoming and relaxing!
January 1st 2021
Kristianna P. | South Tampa Spa

Mytech was amazing! Great experience and such a warm welcome ❤️
January 1st 2021
Tiffany | St. Pete Spa
Fantastic! Being 9 months pregnant and a little self conscious about the situation down there- Made me so at ease! I hope to come back after baby is here :)
December 31st 2020
Callie T. | South Tampa Spa
My tech is so gentle and always talk to you to keep your mind off the pain. She is patient and doesn't rush you when you are trying to relax before the next pull. Thank you for taking your time with me. Don't forget to Tip your estheticians. Take care of them like they take care of you. 🙂
December 31st 2020
Tia C. | St. Pete Spa
I absolutely love this spot they are immaculate well educated and very professional I have never once received bad service from the company I absolutely love them and swear by them as my best waxing experience
December 31st 2020
Julie C. | South Tampa Spa
Best deep tissue massage and facial! Staff was so sweet and caring! Can't wait to go back again! Would highly recommend Pia Day Spa to everyone!
December 30th 2020
Melissa S. | South Tampa Spa
Absolutely amazing! Can't wait to come back to a massage with him!
December 29th 2020
Melissa S. | South Tampa Spa
I had a service dermaplaning service on Monday 12/28. She was phenomenal! The front office staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. I bought some products and needed some advice, which she gave me.
December 29th 2020
Susan P. | South Tampa Spa
Your service Is always awesome very professional and very friendly.
December 29th 2020
Michele D. | St. Pete Spa
I’ve been - client of Pia aesthetics and coming to see my tech since 2006. She is the most skilled waxing specialist I have ever encountered. As the owner of the Dt. Pete location, she is also an incredible service professional. I do appreciate her and her team!
December 29th 2020
Michelle R. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first bare bikini wax, and I did extensive research before I found a spa were I would be comfortable. Pia's had so much information on their website which made the decision easy to schedule with them. My esthetician was amazing!! She explained the whole process and the waxing experience was essentially painless. I've already scheduled a second appointment for waxing. I will definitely be sending all my friends to Pia's.
December 27th 2020
Amber G. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing! Waited to come to Tampa to get waxed. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.
December 25th 2020
NYC L. | South Tampa Spa
Although I've had my brows waxed before, only recently I've been getting my lashes and brows tinted. She has been doing all 3 services for me and she makes the whole experience very pleasant. She is such a professional, but also very friendly. I am always amazed and so happy with the results. I am now on a 6-week cycle for this, and couldn't be happier.
December 24th 2020
Petra | St. Pete Spa
Helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. She went above and beyond and helped me with all my questions and needs. Thank you Pia’s!
December 23rd 2020
Lauren | South Tampa Spa
I love this Spa! I got a package as gift and I am very glad I did! Extremely friendly staff and front desk. The manicure was so well done and precise. The massage was the best 60 minutes I've had all year. It was much needed and I cannot wait to go back again for more sessions. I also had a facial as part of the package and that was very refreshing. Pia Spa is a great find!
December 22nd 2020
Jude M. | South Tampa Spa
First time getting a massage here, and I appreciated the front desk preventing too many people from being in the front lobby at once. Everyone was wearing masks, which was also appreciated. The massage was very good, would definitely recommend this location!
December 22nd 2020
Megan | South Tampa Spa
My tech was fantastic and very meticulous! I will be back to see her soon.
December 20th 2020
Emily C. | St. Pete Spa
My visit was amazing as usual, they also have so many wonderful spa items to choose from in the store to compliment your overall experience, thank you Pia’s!
December 19th 2020
AvrilBlu | South Tampa Spa
Very welcoming, very clean, such a pleasant atmosphere. Don, Pia plus the Front desk staff are amazing
December 17th 2020
Sara L. | South Tampa Spa
Best wax experience always. Bought the exfoliating bar and excited to use it! Thank you ♥️
December 17th 2020
Kayla | South Tampa Spa