Reviews by Location:

I attended the Holiday Party on 17 Dec and had a really great time, I enjoyed that local businesses were on hand and had a chance to meet the people behind the products. All the staff was friendly and eager to provide assistance. I had a great time.
December 27th 2010
Dawn V. | South Tampa Spa
December 23rd 2010
ROSA E. | South Tampa Spa
Very relaxing environment. Really feel at home in the waiting room. Love the holiday cookies and candy. Very friendly staff, with hardly any waiting around for an appointment. Only ever done waxing, but maybe want to try some other services now.
December 23rd 2010
Shannon H. | South Tampa Spa
I get waxed with Arnett and she is wonderful. Everyone at the spa always goes above and beyond to make sure I'm taken care of. Thanks for the holiday goodie bag at the event and for the amazing discounts!

I'll be back to see you soon!
December 23rd 2010
Danielle M. | South Tampa Spa
First Class!!! Very professional staff, clean relaxing atmosphere and very convenient service hours.
December 23rd 2010
Marlene B. | South Tampa Spa
Emmy is awesome! I love my eyelash/eyebrow tint and shaping...Makes a HUGE difference! But what was really awesome is the eyebrow clean-up that my finace had. He now has two (still manly) eyebrows. Even he loves them. Emmy also cleaned up his ears and nose hair...gross but amazing. My finace is now asking when the next appointment will be. Thanks Pias!
December 22nd 2010
Julie M. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time ever getting waxed and they made it such a pleasant experience! Everyone was kind and professional. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends!
December 22nd 2010
Taina | South Tampa Spa
Excellent and knowledgeable service. This was a thorough and effective deep tissue treatment. Completely satisfied.
December 21st 2010
Rodney M. | South Tampa Spa
I love coming to Pia. Everything was just great. 10 out of 10 points! The staff is always professional and friendly and the spa is clean and has a very relaxing feel.
December 20th 2010
Christina K. | South Tampa Spa
Every experience I have had with Pia's South Tampa has been a wonderful one. The staff is very friendly and professional. It is the only place I go to for an underarm wax and brazilian wax. I am partial to Errica G because she is very calming during the entire waxing process. She's quick and makes it as painless as possible (although it is unrealistic to think waxing is a painless experience). I recommend this day spa to anyone who wants to be treated like a member of the Pia family!
December 20th 2010
Brittany C. | South Tampa Spa
My whole experience was great. Nayla was quick, professional and funny :) Receptionist was helpful; she informed me of the free parking and set up my next appointment.
December 20th 2010
Lauren P. | St. Pete Spa
I just want to thank the massage therapist that did my deep tissue massage, it did wonders. I have to say it was one of the best massages I have ever had. I would highly recommend Pia Esthetics Day Spa to anyone. The staff is so nice and make you feel welcome.
December 19th 2010
Kinsey L. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful first waxing experience and was made to feel very comfortable and at ease! I noticed that the dip stick was NEVER re-used and appreciated the cleanliness and attention to detail. thank you!
December 18th 2010
Suzette | St. Pete Spa
As always staff was professional, friendly, and effecient. I thought I left the gift certificate I bought there, someone even called me at home later to make sure I had found it.
The 10 minute (a generous 10 minutes) chair massage was just what I needed to finish off a long day.
December 17th 2010
Cheryl D. | South Tampa Spa
I can't say enough wonderful things about my esthetician. Not only is she extremley professional, but she is quick and efficient. I highly reccomend her to everyone I know. She does an amazing eyebrow wax and makes a bikini wax comfortable and takes away the awkwardness. I would never go to another salon in Tampa.
December 17th 2010
Allison | South Tampa Spa
I always have positive reviews regarding my experience and yesterday was no different. Nayla I just love you!! You are absolutely awesome in your chosen profession!! Thanks again for making my experience wonderful!!!
December 16th 2010
Kimberly J. | St. Pete Spa
She is always great and very professional. I never have to wait for my appointment. Would not go anywhere else! She's a joy to be around!
December 16th 2010
Linda G. | South Tampa Spa
This is probably the best waxing salon I've ever been to. All of the staff is proffessional and courteous and I have never been disappointed there.
December 15th 2010
Stefany H. | South Tampa Spa
I always have a great experience at Pia's! The service is very good because everybody knows what they are doing and they get on with the job! I am in the service industry myself and I would refer any of my friends to Pia's. Thank you!
December 15th 2010
Michelle | South Tampa Spa
Yesterday was an amazing day at Pia! My husband booked a spa day for me and surprised me by having my friends there for spa services, as well! She did a fantastic job with my facial, eyebrow wax and manicure. I can't wait to come back again soon!
December 13th 2010
Liz B. | South Tampa Spa
Krista was great! She has great technique and is very knowledgeable about her profession. My whole experience from the location to the receptionist was great.
December 13th 2010
Cindy | South Tampa Spa
Tania gave me a beautiful pedicure!! She helped me pick out my polish and gave a relaxing and perfect pedi!! Thank you!!

I also loved how festive, clean and organzied this spa is and how friendly the staff is - great experience!!
December 13th 2010
Julia A. | South Tampa Spa
Your reception staff is outstanding in putting customer satisfaction first. They always receive me with a smile and greet me by name. From that moment, I feel as if I am important to your company. Thank you for that. Michelle is delightful. She does a very professional in her work and makes conversation that is fun and enjoyable. I always look forward to seeing her.
December 13th 2010
Cynthia R. | South Tampa Spa
I had previously been to your location for a fundraiser for a local organization that I am a part of. I had also met one of your staff members, Arnette, at my work. Arnette was amazing. She is always smiling and fun to be around. She is such a positive person and makes my day better, just by saying hello. On December 3rd, I came in for a manicure and a pedicure and had an amazing experience. I can't even compare it to any spa service that I've ever had. On the way home, I called 4 of my girlfriends bragging about what a great job Szilvia did. I've recommended your spa to everyone I know since then. You truly do have an amazing staff, and provide a wonderful experience to your guests. I'll never go anywhere else. Thank you!!
December 12th 2010
Brynn M. | South Tampa Spa
Tania, Krista, and Alexandra were all wonderful. From the time that I arrived, to the minute I left, I felt comfortable and pampered. I had never been to Pia's before, but I will certainly be returning!
December 11th 2010
Barbara C. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful first waxing experience at Pia with Emmy. I was a bit nervous and she made me feel completely comfortable and made it as pain free as possible. I appreciated Emmy's willingness to chat with me to keep my mind off of the process. And she answered all the questions I had. I am thrilled with the results!
December 10th 2010
Kristen A. | South Tampa Spa
I had a great experience at Pia. I was able to walk in and get an appointment right away. The front desk was very friendly and the atmosphere was very welcoming. Emmy did a great job with the waxing and gave me tips to help keep my eyebrows looking great.
December 10th 2010
Katie V. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla gave me the best eyebrow shaping I've ever had. Not only did she shape them she taught me how to make them look their best everyday on my own.
I will definitely be back!
December 10th 2010
Gina | St. Pete Spa
Phenomenal! My waxing experience there was most relaxing. I am delighted to have found a place where I actually enjoy my waxing and can relax.

Thank you ever so much!
December 8th 2010
Angela | South Tampa Spa
Ana is a wonderful esthetician and even after extended time away from my microderm maintenance, Ana know exactly what my skin needs to look and feel its best.
December 6th 2010
Arwen S. | South Tampa Spa
I received eye lash extensions for my wedding a few weeks ago and the service and the finished product were fabulous! The technician was so nice and extremely well trained. Thank you for a great experience!
December 2nd 2010
Erin C. | South Tampa Spa
As always my experience was superb right from making the appointment to walking out the door. I love the St. Pete Pia's!
December 2nd 2010
Rita S. | St. Pete Spa
I've been a customer of Pia Esthetics for about four years now and have never had a bad experience. The warm, friendly astmosphere is just an extra bonus with their incredible staff. I would recommend Pia to anyone!
December 1st 2010
Kristen | St. Pete Spa
I loved the Pia Spa because the people were very nice, and took care of me well. I felt like I was at home with the treatment of Mani/Pedi and a Facial.It was very relaxing and fun. I definitely recommend Pia Spa!
November 22nd 2010
Ashley | South Tampa Spa
Everything was great. I had my eyebrows shaped and tinted and they came out perfect as always. I am also trying the Dermatologic Age Smary facial products and I LOVE THEM! They are great! Thanks so much!
November 22nd 2010
Angela D. | South Tampa Spa
This is my second time going in for a full wax and, though I am always nervous, I am so impressed with the service and the quality every appointment I have. The girl who has done my waxes (who's name starts with an A but I cannot remember for the life of me) is AWESOME and calms me down every time. Not only that, she is very personable and great at what she does. Terrific experience!
November 22nd 2010
Theresa | South Tampa Spa
My fiance and I love each and every visit we make to Pia in South Tampa. She does a wonderful job with all of our waxing and keeps the conversation fun every time we visit. We would never imagine going any place else. Thanks guys for everything!
November 19th 2010
lauren | South Tampa Spa
The atmosphere was very welcoming, the staff very warm and friendly - not condescending like some of the more high level salon staff can be. The waiting room was comfortable, relaxing and pretty. Being in an older house, it did not feel like a cookie cutter salon you might find in a strip had character. Both practitioners I had (I had a massage and a pedicure) were experts at making their clients comfortable. No short cuts were taken - both services were extremely thorough and effective....the pedicure was awesome...forget those vibrating pedicure chairs...this was done in a comfy leather recliner. I will definitely be back...worth the money.
November 14th 2010
Cara | South Tampa Spa
Nila and the PIA team are absolutely awesome. I had hoped for good service and I received superior. I have consistently been greated at her shops with genuine kindness and efficiency with a true desire to offer PIA's best service specifically to me. I can't help but want to keep coming back, so I always schedule my next service before I leave so that I can get the next time that is best for me. PIA's shops are friendly, aesthetic, and clean, with a staff that's caring to deliver the best possible service. I truly appreciate this.
November 7th 2010
Lynn | St. Pete Spa
Everyone is awesome at Pia's! From front desk to waxing to nails.. I always have a great experience, everyone is friendly, personable, and genuinely caring about all our needs. I wish all places I went could take a lesson from you guys! Thanks again Ana for my perfect eyebrows! =)
November 7th 2010
Naomi P. | South Tampa Spa
This was my second time receiving services from Pia and my second time waxing in general. The receptionist was very friendly in answering my questions. My wax was wonderful as well. I hope to continue waxing at Pia, it has been a phenomenal experience.
November 7th 2010
Amber K. | South Tampa Spa
I have only been to this place twice but both times I have been the service has been amazing! Great staff and extremely friendly. The facility is very comforting and inviting! The service itself was also great and I have seen two different people that work there and both of them were AWESOME! i would definitely recommend Pia's to anybody and everybody!
November 7th 2010
Kelly C. | South Tampa Spa
One of the best waxes I've ever received. It's brief, thorough, and completely painless.
November 6th 2010
Sara V. | St. Pete Spa
Tania was EXCELLENT! It was my first visit with her and everything from her greeting when we met, her confidence and expertise and warm invitation to return were perfect! I look forward to my next visit with her and I'm glad she's available for other services as well! I also hope I'm lucky with your drawing! lol. I love Pia Salon and the Staff and hospitality are awesome! Thank you...xoxo
November 3rd 2010
Barbie G. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time going here. It was great. The place was clean and Nayla did a good job. I was very satisfied.
November 1st 2010
Britt | St. Pete Spa
AWESOME! Only my second time and once again a really great experience. Nayla always makes the situation that could be awkward, comfortable.
November 1st 2010
Karli F. | St. Pete Spa
I planned a bridal shower get-together to be held in part @ Pia's. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and professionalism of ALL the staff there. And seeing as we weren't the most quiet bunch to have come there, they still treated us kindly and warmly, and I appreciated how they made my sister look and feel special for her big day. I would definitely recommend Pia's to anyone. They are worth the money.
October 31st 2010
Jaime | South Tampa Spa
My first visit was a wonderful experience. I had an individual that I saw for waxing until she moved over a year and a half ago. I had tried another location in June of this year and while it was okay, I wanted to keep looking. I am so happy to have discovered your spa. The service at the front desk was efficient and friendly. Nayla was friendly and professional. She put me at ease right away. It was one of the best waxes (completely bare bikini wax, eyebrows, and upper lip) that I have ever experienced. Nayla did a great job. I was so happy to find your spa, that I scheduled my next visit before I left. Thanks so much for a great experience. I look forward to coming back in 4 weeks!
October 30th 2010
Kristin H. | St. Pete Spa
I recently had a 'sexy bikini' wax at the South Tampa Pia...and let me just say Thank you!!! My last wax was, well, somewhere else in South Tampa, and for the exact same service the 'other place' took an hour and put me in such pain, where Pia took (literally) 12 minutes and I felt only a fraction of the discomfort. It was great, I was so amazed and so relieved! I will be back!
October 28th 2010
Melissa | South Tampa Spa
I love coming to Pia - from being greeted by name as I arrive, to the quick and efficient process I received, it's always a great experience!
October 26th 2010
MaryAnn | South Tampa Spa