I have finally found somebody who knows how to shape an eyebrow. Nayla makes my eyebrows look wonderful everytime. I told her if I ever moved she would have to come. Not only does she do such a great job she is so friendly and makes having your hair ripped out with wax a relaxing experience.
May 27th 2011
Christina Y. | St. Pete Spa
I am always 150% satisfied when getting my waxing services done by her. She always does a wonderful job!
May 26th 2011
Angelique D. | South Tampa Spa
She was awesome! She actually curled my lashes which are very long and thick, but very, very straight. It was a difficult challenge but she would not give up and wanted me to have what I have always wanted. I love them! No more eyelash curlers! YEAH!
May 26th 2011
Roxana M. | South Tampa Spa
I think our waxer was Tania. She was wonderful - sweet, very quick and very competent. Bikini waxes are never fun, but it was a breeze with her.
May 25th 2011
Taylor a. | South Tampa Spa
I go to Pia south tampa and see Ana every time simply because she does an excellent job every time and I never feel like my appt is being rushed. I am a faithful customer. Ana is the best!!!
May 25th 2011
Diana G. | South Tampa Spa
I wish I remembered my the name of the young lady that assisted me. It was my first time getting a full bikini wax and she made me so comfortable and my initial nervousness was gone and we were just talking about just stuff as she was taking care of me. I was really happy with the service and overall professionalism of the entire staff. The young lady that assisted me told me the owner, Pia did all the training...so hats off to Pia! I will be back for any waxing needs!!
May 24th 2011
Jerrylyn B. | South Tampa Spa
I always have a good experience when I am at Pias. They are very professional and spend a nice amount of time on my service. They are very professional and very good at what they do. I would never go anywhere else for waxing services.
May 23rd 2011
Susan W. | St. Pete Spa
Loved Loved Loved my experience. Ana was great. Definitely would recommend to others, already booked my appointment to come back with her.

May 22nd 2011
Kelly H. | South Tampa Spa
Absolutely amazing Job. Tania was also so friendly and made the experience awesome.

Thank You!
May 22nd 2011
Khris B. | South Tampa Spa
Had my complete bare waxing by Ashley. This is the first time I was taken care of by Ashley. The service was exceptional as usual. Thanks again!!!
May 22nd 2011
Kim J. | St. Pete Spa
As always the service is exceptionally well, coming to Pia's and knowing the staff is always a pleasure. You feel as if your walking into one of there homes.
Both Pia and Nayla have a warm heart and a special touch for perfection. Pia's will forever be my waxing studio.
May 22nd 2011
Mireya h. | St. Pete Spa
I'm always impressed with the care, respect, and dedication the staff always have. I never have a negative experience from the moment I walk in to the moment I leave. Its very refreshing.
May 20th 2011
Rayner | South Tampa Spa
I always have the same review--amazing service, amazing wax, amazing place. I make sure my friends ONLY go to Pia!
May 20th 2011
Ashley S. | South Tampa Spa
Pia was great! She was very informed about waxing. She really cared about my eye brows and gave me great tips to get them looking good. I am going to see Pia again for my waxing!
May 20th 2011
Stephanie P. | South Tampa Spa
I was absolutely impressed with everything about my experience. The spa itself is beautiful. The receptionist, Megan, was very welcoming and signed me in promptly. She also answered any questions I had. Pia provided one of the best waxing experiences I've ever had. She was so thorough but also quick. It was surprisingly painless. The price was right and I'd love to become a repeat customer if I wasn't moving out of the area.
May 20th 2011
Sarah D. | South Tampa Spa
I love Pia! The whole environment is wonderful! I have had the pleasure of having services done by a few of the employees, but Ana is my fav!
May 20th 2011
Cherelle | South Tampa Spa
Emmy is always in a great mood. Always on time, efficient, and she makes me feel comfortable. I am so glad she is at your salon. She does a terrific job! I wouldn't go to anyone else for waxing.
May 19th 2011
Jessica S. | South Tampa Spa
I went to the St. Pete location. This was my second time at this location and again I had a great experience. The aesthetician was professional, friendly, and seemed knowledgeable about her practice. No negative comments or suggestions here!
May 18th 2011
Jacci R. | St. Pete Spa
Ana was great! I've been to other places for waxing and they just tear up my skin. She was very gentle and kind. I'm only coming to Pia's now for waxing and all my other spa needs!
Thank you :)
May 18th 2011
Shannan S. | South Tampa Spa
Always great service. I have a hectic schedule and time is valuable. I make my appointments during the lunch hour and am in and out in no time. Pia and her staff are always professional and courteous.
May 17th 2011
Anne P. | South Tampa Spa
I moved from the area and have tried several spas for the same service (bare waxing) and none of them compare to your service. You are the best
May 17th 2011
Mellisa S. | South Tampa Spa
Always very satisfied with the eyebrow wax. The technicians there take so much time to make sure that they do a perfect job. I no longer trust my brows with anyone else!
May 16th 2011
Jayne M. | St. Pete Spa
My Esthetician did a fabulous job once again! I look forward to coming in for appointments because everyone there is so nice and pleasant and professional. I also really appreciate the way I can email in to make appointments. That way I can schedule a Brazilian wax from my office without having to talk about it on the phone out loud. Ha! Thanks for doing such a great job, all the way from booking an appointment, to checking in, to getting the actual service, your staff does an outstanding job!
May 16th 2011
Jess S. | South Tampa Spa
Another wonderful experience! It was a nice treat to be able to receive another great pedicure ! I brought my best friend who had never been to your spa before and she loved it! She's already asking when we go back for another appointment. I scheduled my pedicure on my birthday and it was a wonderful birthday treat! I can't wait to return!

See you soon!
May 15th 2011
Brynn M. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful experience. She was great and professional. She gave me a relaxing massage. I left there feeling rejuvenated.
May 15th 2011
Evelyn E. | South Tampa Spa
I have only had two eyebrow shapings at Pia, but both times I left very impressed and satisified. They give my eyebrows such attention and detail that I have never gotten anywhere else. My eyebrows have never looked better. I will be back, and I will definitely be back more often.
May 15th 2011
Heather S. | St. Pete Spa
I was referred to the spa by a friend of mine who goes to Pia. I have wanted to try the brazilian wax for years and I finally decided to give it a try. I was concerned that it would not turn out well as I am a African American woman with sensitive skin. She was very warm and professional. I told her it was my first time receiving a wax and she was quick and made me feel very comfortable. It was my first wax, but it definitely wont be my last. I absolutely love the results. I will definitely be recommending this salon to my friends and co-workers. Thanks Pia!
May 15th 2011
Kanah W. | South Tampa Spa
I once again received the utmost professional and KIND treatment! I would so highly recommend this day spa to EVERYONE I come into cantact with, even if it was just online! Truly a great experience and never feel embarassed to ask a question about any waxing procedure. SOOO glad I did too about the underarms this time as it was sooo much easier this time, just trying to see if there was a difference for me and it worked! I LOVE THE STAFF AND FACILITY!! So worth the hour drive and I will do it again once I am medically cleared to drive (even extra care was given knowing I have pending surgery) so I can be assured to not having to worry about shaving after surgery. THANK YOU PIA!
May 15th 2011
Amy A. | South Tampa Spa
It had been about 5 years since the last time I came to Pia for waxing. I had a great experience, she made me feel very comfortable and the experience was a as pain free as it could have been. Can't wait to make my next appointment and I'm glad to be back.
May 15th 2011
Danielle D. | South Tampa Spa
I came in to get a gift certifcate for my daughterinlaw.I was greeted right away and helped in a courteous and professional manner.Always a pleasure at PIA!
May 15th 2011
jane k. | South Tampa Spa
AWESOME....Always feel like a million dollars when I leave my appointment!!!!
May 15th 2011
Nora A. | St. Pete Spa
the experience was perfect. The hard was was painfree and left perfectly smooth results. She was excellent!
May 14th 2011
Dara C. | South Tampa Spa
The studio is a great experience every time I visit from check in to check out The studio is clean and girls are friendly. Nayla always makes me feel comfortable and I am so glad i found this studio or I would not be waxing every month. Thanks Nayla!
May 14th 2011
Jennifer H. | St. Pete Spa
Love her! She is a pro! I like how she distracts with nice conversation while doing these npainful proceudres. Also, that sweetie will still put the pressure on the just waxed area to relieve the pain even though it is a private part without hesitation. Great Technique, sweet, informative.
May 13th 2011
Cindy M. | South Tampa Spa
First time visiting Pia, upon the recommendation of many of my co-workers. I was able to book a same day eyebrown shaping. She was great. I'll definitely be visiting again - and hope to check out other services.
May 13th 2011
Jerilyn R. | South Tampa Spa
The receptionist gave me a very warm and welcoming greeting and gave me some sangria (that stuff is definitely recommended!!!). Neela is a FANTASTIC waxer...she works fast and thoroughly and keeps the conversation going. This is a little bit of a drive for me but I would never consider going anywhere else!
Thank you for such a great place!
May 12th 2011
Amanda | St. Pete Spa
Very friendly (in a genuine sense) staff and massage therapist, espechially since it was my first time to the store and with a full-body massage. I very much like the facility at large; clean, colorful, and pleasant display of products. I will refer friends to your store for services.
May 12th 2011
Teresa W. | South Tampa Spa
Every time I visit Pia the whole experience from start to finish is enjoyable beginning with the greeting when I come in to the service I'm having done... all the employees are so welcoming and friendly and do their best to sure you are comfortable. I drive from Brandon to visit Pia so I would recommend Pia to anyone I know...
May 12th 2011
Shannon W. | South Tampa Spa
Ashley was the associate who performed my waxing and she was wonderful. She was knowledgeable and treated me with respect. She was professional and friendly and I immediately trusted her with my eyebrows! I will definitely be back!
May 11th 2011
Janette G. | St. Pete Spa
There is nothing really to say except that Pia is the BEST!!! Always very personable, always gentle, always professional, always knows exactly what to do. Her waxes are the best.
May 9th 2011
Angela | South Tampa Spa
Thank you for the prompt and efficient service. My mom was very happy to receive a gift certificate to your spa.
May 9th 2011
Melissa S. | South Tampa Spa
From the time I walk in, to the time I leave, I am made to feel at home. Everyone is so accommodating and friendly. I guess that's why I have been a repeat customer since Pia's was in that 2-room facility 5+ years ago! Keep doing what you do so well!!!
May 9th 2011
Kristi | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time at Pia's. I felt very comfortable with Nayla and left pleased with her work. I will be coming back and have recommended her to several friends. Yisenya was also very nice and helpful when I called for directions. Keep up the great work girls!
May 9th 2011
Mari | St. Pete Spa
Selena was very good. She encouraged me to give her feedback during the massage (too firm, not firm enough, etc.) which made me feel comfortable. Beautiful, relaxing, and clean environment as always.
May 8th 2011
Katie G. | South Tampa Spa
As usual, the service was excellent. Extremely professional. Pia knows what she is doing. Wouldn't it be a better world if we had more professionals like her?
Thanks Pia!
May 8th 2011
Gina B. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla always does a great job and always remembers that I prefer hard wax when I come in. And she's quick, too!
May 6th 2011
Jane P. | St. Pete Spa
AMAZING. I have never had anyone be so absolutely meticulous with my nails AND make it as fabulous an experience as it is. The bonus is that the pedicure last forever. Thanks.
May 6th 2011
Sarah M. | South Tampa Spa
LOVE LOVE LOVE her! I am truly a convert to the Brazilian bikini wax because of her! I was hesitant at first, but just went back for my second and will seriously never shave again! So professional and quick...hands above any other experience I have ever had.
May 6th 2011
Sarah M. | South Tampa Spa
As always a pleasant experience. From the moment I walked in until the moment I left. The receptionist was great and Nayla has a gift. I've had waxings done plenty of times at many different places but Nayla is the only one who is fast, thorough and makes me laugh during a completely bare wax. I personally couldn't go anywhere else. Thanks Pia for existing! :)
May 6th 2011
Miranda S. | St. Pete Spa
I had a massage, It was to be a relaxation massage, but I believe that it was a combination of relaxation and slightly deeper tissue massage. It was exactly what I needed without asking. She is very talented, and I hope she loves working at Pia's because I plan to use her frequently. I have had many massages over the years and enjoyed them all. Her massage was by far the most effective and relaxing at the same time than all the others. I'm glad you found each other!
May 5th 2011
Lois M. | South Tampa Spa