My experience at Pia was fantastic. I was referred by a friend of mine and I was thoroughly impressed. It was my first time getting a wax, and Sol made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She did everything quickly and with ease, which made me feel better. I had a great time there and I will be sure to come back for more sessions. Thank you!
August 22nd 2007
Roxanne D. | South Tampa Spa
I had a great experience. It was my first time being there for waxing and Sol made me feel very comfortable. I look forward to my next appointment and using some of the other services provided.
August 22nd 2007
Kari B. | South Tampa Spa
Overall experience was very good. Personal is very friendly and welcoming. Facial was great, massage so relaxing and yet felt her working out the stress in my muscles. Manicure was good as well.
August 22nd 2007
Kelli H. | South Tampa Spa
This girl was new for me. It is why I love going to Pia s, you know even if you don t have your usual person you always can be guaranteed a very good service. Thank you for the consistency you demand of your staff, I for one really appreciate it.
August 22nd 2007
Debbie L. | South Tampa Spa
Once again, Pia has done a great job. I always know what to expect with her, and she is top notch every time! In all the years I ve been getting my eyebrows waxed, she has done it the best by far! Thanks Pia!!
August 22nd 2007
Patti V. | South Tampa Spa
I ve been a customer of Pia Esthetics for several years now, and I ve always enjoyed the services that she provides. In particular I am very happy with the waxing services provided by Sol. She s always smiling and in a good mood. She does a great job and it never takes long. I would recommend Pia s to anyone.
August 21st 2007
Michelle P. | South Tampa Spa
The staff is always helpful and Ericca is the best. I am glad I found Pia they make you feel so comfortable.
August 20th 2007
Ila T. | South Tampa Spa
I am so glad that I have found your spa! Ericca is wonderful- makes me feel comfortable everytime I come in and does a great job!
August 19th 2007
Cynthia W. | South Tampa Spa
I was in on Saturday to have my eye brows waxed. As always, it was a pleasant experience. Salon was clean, staff was nice and I was in and out fast.
See you next time.
August 19th 2007
Jocelyn M. | South Tampa Spa
Great overall experince. The spa has a very relaxing and appealing atmosphere. Staff is great and very professional. I can t imagine going anywhere else.
August 17th 2007
Melissa Z. | South Tampa Spa
I ve been attending your spa for quite a while now and I love it. Best experience Ive had in a Spa since moving to Tampa from California last yr. Thank you.
August 17th 2007
azucena c. | South Tampa Spa
I was referred by a co-worker and was very impressed with my entire experience. You have a great location, friendly staff and a prfessional atmosphere- plus my eyebrows look great!!
August 17th 2007
Maribeth | South Tampa Spa
I came here for my first bare bikini wax and I had an awesome experience. Ericca was really nice and made me feel really comfortable. The salon is also very relaxing, charming, and clean. I would definitely recommend Ericca and Pia Esthetics to anyone. I actually have already told all of my friends about my great experience!
August 10th 2007
Caroline D. | South Tampa Spa
I drive to Pia from Cape Coral (2.15 hrs) to get a brazilian wax. After many trips up, I decided to try a local place instead of driving- BIG MISTAKE. The local girl did a terribel job and charged a lot more. I will always make the trip up to Tampa- well worth the drive!
July 29th 2007
Jill G. | South Tampa Spa
Emmy did an outstanding job and provided excellent customer service.
July 28th 2007
KAREN L. | South Tampa Spa
I love Pia. I feel a warm greeting everytime I come in. My visits are always relaxing. I am so happy with my eyelash extensions. She is a sweet girl and does a wonderful job.
July 26th 2007
denita s. | South Tampa Spa
Wax was amazing...quick and easy: I was in and out in less than 25 minutes, completely bare and with no irritation the rest of the day. I will definitely be recommending Pia to my friends with waxing needs. Thank you :)
July 26th 2007
Sarah S. | South Tampa Spa
Emmy was awesome. She was very friendly and attentive. She took great care to explain any and every question I had. She was always smiling! I would definitely come back!
July 23rd 2007
Steve J. | South Tampa Spa
The girl who did my extensions was wonderful! Very cheery for a Saturday morning. She was careful and meticulous throughout the process and explained the application process and home care instructions very thoroughly. My friends were all very impressed with the end result! This was my second visit to your spa and I plan to visit you all agaian soon. Keep up the great work!!
July 22nd 2007
Brooke | South Tampa Spa
Hey Pia Esthetics,

On Friday, July 20th I visited your South Tampa location. It was my first time getting a complete bikini wax and I was recommended to Sol by a friend s friend a regular if Sols . My experience was wonderful from my entrance to the spa the receptionist was cheerful and nice. Sol was wonderful assuring me the pain wouldn t be too bad and just reassuring me. I will definitely be returning for my waxes and I ll definitely try out other services.


Crystal C.
Pleased Customer
July 21st 2007
Crystal C. | South Tampa Spa
Pia is a spa that I would recommend to anyone! You walk through the doors, the spa is immaculate, very clean and their employees are true professionals. Thank you Nala & Sol for being so awesome!
July 19th 2007
Melissa R. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first time to have a brazilian wax and Ericca was was very professional, informative and fast.

Thank you. I will be back on a regular basis.
July 17th 2007
laura j. | South Tampa Spa
Always great to use the services at your Salon - I ve had Pia do my waxing the last few times and she in (as you know) Wonderful. Look forward to a facial soon!!
July 15th 2007
Sandra P. | South Tampa Spa
I ve been to the South Tampa location twice and it was amazing the first time... even better the second. The completely bare wax, done on both occasions, has been extremely quick and as painless as you can get in that situation. :) Thanks for hiring such great, friendly people and having such a relaxing, friendly environment.
July 14th 2007
Kaley | South Tampa Spa
Had a brazilian with Nayla on Friday. About 2 weeks away from giving birth. Nayla never ceases to amaze me, she does such an amazing job and always makes you feel so comfortable in an extremely uncomfortable situation. Now I can go have my BABY!!!! Thx Nayla.. See you soon!
July 9th 2007
Liva R. | South Tampa Spa
My overall experience at Pia s day spa was great! The staff makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed and I would definitely reccommend friends and family to give them a try for their next service.
July 8th 2007
Suzanne | South Tampa Spa
I had won 2 gift certificates to Pia s and absolutely had a wonderful experience. I started with a relaxation massage and went on to a spa pedicure. The service was friendly and catered to every need!!
July 7th 2007
Jennifer J. | South Tampa Spa
My best friend came into town a few weeks ago and we both wanted massages. I had only been to Pia once for waxing services. We decided to look online to see what was offered as far as massage services. We both agreed on the Pineapple Massage. At Pia we were greeted warmly and felt right at home by Pia herself. The spa staff was very accomodating with our schedule and aimed to please. Our massages were amazing and our skin smelled incredible from the products Michelle used. I would definitely recommend Pia to friends or coworkers whether for waxing or massage services. I hope to try a facial there next!
July 7th 2007
Sabrina M. | South Tampa Spa
As always, it was a great experience and of course Pia made the waxing very quick and painless. You are all great!
July 6th 2007
Sarah T. | South Tampa Spa
I had my first facial at Pia s with Michelle on Saturday and she was so great! She was very gentle and soft spoken but a real pro. I will definitely have another one with her! It was amazing!
July 2nd 2007
Alisha | South Tampa Spa
I came for a bikini wax and upon arrival to the salon, I was greeted in a nice way by the receptionist. I then headed upstairs for my wax and it was done perfectly and the salon/spa waxer did a perfect job with the waxing that she did for me! I feel so bad, I m not recalling either names of the two ladies that I met, but both were terrific and I will definitely reschedule again and again for waxings and possibly other treatments that your spa offers.
July 1st 2007
Julie H. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful experience at Pia s on Friday! The massage was very relaxing, and the manicure looks great. The staff was very accommodating and friendly.
July 1st 2007
Amber T. | South Tampa Spa
Waxing-never thought I would of done it, but Pia makes you feel very comfortable. The spa is laid out nicely where you can see all the products....a very clean, crisp look. I wish you continued success!
June 30th 2007
Jennifer D. | South Tampa Spa
I always go to Pia s for my wax and I just love the whole place in general. Everyone there is so nice. I m so proud of your success Pia! I m going today for my first facial. So excited! I ve told all my girl friends at work about Pia s.
June 30th 2007
Alisha E. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time and had the Hollywood Wax done. I was som impressed by the surroundings as well as the professionalism of the young lady performing the waxing. The atmosphere was calming and my fears were put to rest immediately. I will definitely be going back as well as telling all my friend about Pia.
June 28th 2007
Kimberly J. | South Tampa Spa
This is the third visit I have had for a wax. Each time, the staff has been friendly and professional. Everyone there is always very nice.
June 28th 2007
jennifer h. | South Tampa Spa
My experience was very pleasant and professional. It was my first brazilian wax so I was naturally very nervous. It has been just over 24 hrs and my skin feels and looks great. I really appreciate the after waxing tips card located at the front desk.
June 27th 2007
Nicole W. | South Tampa Spa
This is my 3rd or 4th time visiting your spa. It has always been a fabolous experience. I am always recommending your services, keep doing what you do you do it exceptionally well.
Good job to all you ladies.
June 27th 2007
Carmen C. | South Tampa Spa
This was my second visit to Pia s for waxing. I had a spa appointment at another salon that does waxing but instead of staying at the other place to get waxed, I drove over 20 minutes to come to Pia s.
Pia s has the best service, great prices, and very talented aestheticians. I have referred people there many times and I will be a long time customer! Thank you~
June 26th 2007
Kia M. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first visit to Pia s. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall experience. From the glass of wine to the waxing experience.....It was totally professional and a fun upbeat experience. Pia, you are the best! Thank you .....I will see you in about three weeks. Nancy C.
June 24th 2007
Nancy C. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time with Pia, and now I truly understand why EVERYONE there is so nice and great!
June 24th 2007
Adrienne B. | South Tampa Spa
Great, professional experince. Very relaxing atmosphere. I believe I will become a regular customer.
June 23rd 2007
Melissa | South Tampa Spa
As usual my experience was wonderful with Nayla!! This time I also had a pregnancy massage it is felt great and was very relaxing, Orit did an excellent job.

June 22nd 2007
Lucie B. | South Tampa Spa
As usual, I had another great experience at Pia and look forward to going back next month!
June 22nd 2007
Megan | South Tampa Spa
I had my eyebrows waxed, dyed & shaped by Nayla. I just moved from California and hands down Nayla did my eyebrows better then anyone in Beverly Hills ever did them. Nayla shaped and arched them so perfect. I was blown away by what an amazing job she did. She is truly gifted at the art of eyebrow arching !!!
I think Pia s spa is the best!!!!!
June 19th 2007
michelle l. | South Tampa Spa
Nice website layout and quick electronic gift certificate delivery. Thanks!
June 19th 2007
Livingston H. | South Tampa Spa
Everything is always perfect at Pia s from when you walk in the door, to when you leave. Don t hesitate to have any type of service done at Pia s, because I m sure you ll be satisfied!
June 18th 2007
Natalie C. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first time to get a bikini waxing. I was taken very good care of, with professionalism and a smile.

Thank you :-)
June 18th 2007
Pernille S. | South Tampa Spa
I got the Paradise Pineapple massage and this was by far one of the absolutley most relaxing massages I ve ever received. I was traveling from out of town and visited Pia Esthetics with my friend who lives in South Tampa. I m so glad that I did! My skin was glowing afterwards. Thank you for such a wonderful massage and outstanding service!!
June 17th 2007
Heather J. | South Tampa Spa
Another great experience as always! Sol performs a great service while making you feel comfortable throughout! I definitely recommend Sol and Ericca and Pia s to anyone wanting a professional waxing experience!
June 15th 2007
Allison C. | South Tampa Spa