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I don t recall my esthetician s name, but she made the experience really comfortable, since it was my first wax. The spa is lovely, I will be coming back, and I have already referred a friend!
March 31st 2007
Kimberly A. | South Tampa Spa
Fabulous and friendly as ever! Have a good weekend!

Hope Pia and Nayla and their babies are doing well!
March 30th 2007
Amy H. | South Tampa Spa
I had an excellent experience. Ana was professional and very nice. Not to mention I was very happy with the outcome of my wax. I will be back.
March 30th 2007
sara d. | South Tampa Spa
Pia is always splendid! The rest of the employees are always friendly too. And the spa looks better and better everyday! Thanks!
March 29th 2007
Natalie | South Tampa Spa
I was terrified to have my first brazilian wax but I had a fantastic experience and plan on doing it from now on!
March 29th 2007
Lydia A. | South Tampa Spa
Great experience with my eyebrow wax/shaping yesterday. They came out great!
March 29th 2007
Amy H. | South Tampa Spa
I took my friend in for the first time and she loved it!
Pia is always a good experience for me and it was nice to hear from her as a first time waxer how you all tried to put her at ease
March 29th 2007
Tori Z. | South Tampa Spa
I ve never had a massage at Pia before and I decided to treat myself and I am so glad I did. The Aromathearpy massage was wonderful and so soothing. I feel great for hours after. I ll definitely be making another appointment.
March 29th 2007
Tracy C. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first time waxing and I had an excellent experience. Everyone was so friendly and I really felt comfortable.
March 28th 2007
Jennifer G. | South Tampa Spa
I d just like to thank you all for a fantastic overall experience, i have recommended you to a lot of my friends, all who love Pia Esthetics too!
I love Ana and her waxing! :)
March 28th 2007
alexa d. | South Tampa Spa
I have been in 2 x for full leg & bikini waxing. I had a different person each time. Both young ladies were very professional and did an outstanding job. I can not remember the name of the young lady I saw most recently, but she was a perfectionist. In retrospect, I am amazed at what a great job she did.
For Valentines my husband bought me a certificate to a different spa (because he didn t know I prefer your place). I went for full legs & reg bikini with armpits. The esthetician was 45 minutes late and she used a wood stick to apply the wax. Not only did the service take forever, but I still have hairs all over my legs. I am not going to call & complain, but I will never go back again for waxing.
This experience truly made me appreciate the professionalism and work ethic provided by the employees at your spa. Thanks so much for providing excellent services!
March 19th 2007
Beth Z. | South Tampa Spa
Fabulous eyebrow waxing and they look great! Received wonderful tips on how to make them fuller. I expect this will be my new favorite spa for Florida!
March 16th 2007
Joey M. | South Tampa Spa
My experience was fantastic! I will be waxing regularly. I was nervous at the beginning but Sol talked to me and explained to me step by step of what was going to happened.
It did not hurt.
March 16th 2007
Loribel J. | South Tampa Spa
I went in for my first Brazilian wax a few weeks ago. Ericca was very patient and throughout the entire process, explained exactly what she was doing and why. She would ask how I was doing, and if she needed to go slower. Overall, I thought the service was very speedy efficient, and generally just great. The facilities were also very clean.
March 16th 2007
Abbie R. | South Tampa Spa
I recently had my second bikini visit at your salon. So far the experience and Sol have been great. I usually dread bikini waxing but Sol made me feel comfortable and her waxing techniques are great.

I really enjoy the ambiance of the salon and high quality service. I will definitely refer my friends and family. I also look forward to other services like pampering myself with your beauty treatment!
March 14th 2007
Mayra H. | South Tampa Spa
It was great! I have been going to Spa ****** for years and I wanted a change. My face has been breaking out and Sol made it look wonderful! Everyone in my family complimented me, even my husband who is blind to tht kind of stuff.

I loved it and will be back!

March 14th 2007
Melinda C. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time to Pia s and it was so nice. Yairi was very sweet and gave a great pedicure. The equipment appeared to be clean/sanitary which is a big concern with pedicures. It was very relaxing! Thank you!
March 10th 2007
Lia G. | South Tampa Spa
Came in for a Eurofacial on 3/6. Really enjoyed it. Will definitely return and will recommend to friends to come to Pia for spa services... A great experience. Thanks.
March 8th 2007
Ryan G. | South Tampa Spa
I got a pregnancy massage the other day and it was absolutely wonderful. It was just what I needed and she did a great job.
March 8th 2007
jennifer m. | South Tampa Spa
I had my first visit to Pia and I know I ll return. The staff was very friendly and I got the perfect wax. Thanks!!
February 25th 2007
Amanda M. | South Tampa Spa
I was in for a facial on Saturday 2/24 and my experience was a good one. The entire staff was professional and courteous and made every effort to make me comfortable and relaxed. The room was a soft blue, with nice music playing, lighting was great and the technician was very skilled.

I will be a repeat customer! Thanks, Kim.
February 25th 2007
Kim F. | South Tampa Spa
I had a really good experience with you guys. The waiting area was very nice and all of the products that you had to offer smelled delicious and looked very inviting. The staff that I encountered was very nice and helpful. I got waxed, but I don t remember what the girl s name was, she had long black hair with a few bleached streaks in it. She did an excellent job! I will definitely be going back to you all in the future.
February 25th 2007
becky j. | South Tampa Spa
Great experience as always - and I was very impressed that Sol even gave me a bit of lipgloss and face powder after my eyebrow wax, which made me feel very pretty instead of red-faced walking out yesterday:) Thanks!
February 25th 2007
Anne A. | South Tampa Spa
It was one of the most thorough wax jobs I have ever had! Thank you, Ana She was very curtious and pleasant to have work on me.
February 23rd 2007
Debbie L. | South Tampa Spa
This has only been the second time that I have been to Pia s, I have found both experiences to be pleasant and comforting. I really like the sensibility of the staff, their caring nature and attention to detail. I am surprised by all the different services you offer and hope to experience them real soon! My husband is very happy with the results.

I would like to know if you offer Image consulting. Thank you.
February 23rd 2007
Rosalie S. | South Tampa Spa
Once again, I had a fantastic experience at Pia s. Jenna the receptionist is always courteous, professional and friendly. And the wax I received is not only one of the best I have ever had quality-wise, but also the quickest. She makes you feel comfortable and the time flies. I have recommended Pia to everyone I know and will continue to do so!
February 22nd 2007
Allison C. | South Tampa Spa
I really enjoyed my recent massage with Orit, she is great at what she does. I am going to recommend her to my friends.
February 21st 2007
Rosanna L. | South Tampa Spa
I just went to Pia s for the first time this week. I never had a bikini wax, but decided to try it since I had heard great things about Pia s. Ericca provided my services and was great! She made me feel very comfortable and took away any of the nervousness and awkardness.
I left there having already made my next appointment for 4 weeks and have already told all my friends that they have to go to Pia s!
Thanks to Ericca for making this a great first experience.
February 21st 2007
Sara | South Tampa Spa
This was a great experiance for myself and my girlfriend. We both loved the massage we recieved and would highly recommend PIA Esthetics to our friends.
February 20th 2007
Robert H. | South Tampa Spa
I would just like to say that my experience was absolutely wonderful. I felt like a Queen for 3 hrs. I had a massage, facial and a manicure done and all 3 ladies made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. All the employees were very friendly and nice. I would definitely re-visit you and recommend you to my friends and co-workers. Thanks to all !!
February 18th 2007
Deborah S. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first trip to Pia s and I was really pleased. Had a great shaping of my eyebrows. Thanks.
February 17th 2007
melinda M. | South Tampa Spa
I visited your spa for my first Brazilian wax- a Valentine s Present for my husband! Ana made me feel completely comfortable and I was extremely pleased with the finished product. I have already scheduled my follow up appt.
February 16th 2007
Diana H. | South Tampa Spa
As always I am very happy with the results. I have never had Alex perfrom the waxing before but I would definitley let her do it again. All you guys are great. Thanks again.
February 15th 2007
kristina s. | South Tampa Spa
I always enjoy coming in to Pia s. No matter who does my sexy bikini wax, it is always done to perfection. I have never had a bad experience in my 3 years of coming to y all.
February 14th 2007
Jaysie D. | South Tampa Spa
Orit was excellent in giving a deep tissue massage and was very knowledgeable. A +
February 14th 2007
Elisa S. | South Tampa Spa
Ericca was awesome as always. The facial with Alexandra was incredible. Thanks for recommending the facial products and make-up. So face is adjusting well to the new products. Thanks for making my Saturday soooo relaxing. Karen
February 13th 2007
Karen P. | South Tampa Spa
The eurofacial was fantastic. My skin glows and is refreshed every time I get it. I also LOVE the daily resurfacer that was recommended to me. It keeps my very oily face under control when I wear makeup.
February 13th 2007
Angi J. | South Tampa Spa
Awesome! I ve tried a few places in the area and I wouldn t go anywhere else now...see you soon!
February 12th 2007
Jenna Q. | South Tampa Spa
I had my first waxing done by Ana last week. She made me feel as comfortable as possible and was very professional. The waxing was no problem (Brazilian) but because I m overweight I was very self concious and Ana really put me at ease. I LOVE my new look and will be back. My friends want to come too. Thanks!
February 12th 2007
MW | South Tampa Spa
This was my first waxing experience ever. I had heard a lot of horror stories about waxing and never tried it until today. Alex did a wonderful job. I received a sphynx bikini wax and a half leg wax. She was very gentle and sweet. It was not bad at all! I would recommend waxing to any of my friends now.
February 8th 2007
ERIN H. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first experience with waxing (Brazilian, none the less). I was referred to Nayla because of her ability to make the experience as comfortable as possible. And she did. I loved the results and will be back again soon. I know she will be out on maternity leave, but I m sure the others are good too. Thanks Pia!
February 7th 2007
Theresa C. | South Tampa Spa
THis was my first professional waxing experience, and I have to say it wasn t as scary as I had thoguht it would be. The entire staff was very friendly. The rooms were calming and clean. I was walked through the procedure so i knew what to expect, and it was done beofre i realized it. I ve already booked a second appointment! I am very satisfied, and will be referring and returning.
February 6th 2007
Kate O. | South Tampa Spa
The service & staff was great!!! I always love going to Pia s. It so relaxing and the atomosphere is great. Keep up the good work!!
February 5th 2007
Dalia L. | South Tampa Spa
Both Sol and the Receptionist (Jenna??) exceeded my expectations. It was my first visit to Pia s and they were both welcoming and accomodating. It was my first eyebrow wax since a fiasco with a new establishment about six months ago and I was nervous! I am looking forward to becoming a regular customer!
February 3rd 2007
Trish S. | South Tampa Spa
I truly enjoyed my wax yesterday. I recently had knee surgery and Alex went the extra way to make sure I was very comfortable. Great person. Great service.
February 2nd 2007
Nora S. | South Tampa Spa
Ana was great...I am having a series of Microdermabrasions. Ana is professional, really knows her stuff and is very helpful in answering questions etc. I could not ask for better service.

February 1st 2007
sharon s. | South Tampa Spa
February 1st 2007
SUSAN H. | South Tampa Spa
Ericca was super as always. I have noticed new staff and everyone seems to be very friendly. I wish Pia a great recovery and wonderful happy times with the baby and rest of the family and good luck and best wishes to Nayla as well.
January 31st 2007
Amy H. | South Tampa Spa
As always my waxing experiece was above and beyond professional. Sol is amazing at her ability to perform the perfect and as painless service ever. I always enjoy her company and how professional she is. Thank you for all you do to make such a personal service so comfortable. Kathleen
January 31st 2007
Kathleen D. | South Tampa Spa
My appt. last Friday was for my first wax. Needless to say I was scared to death. Ana made me feel more comfortable with the whole experience. She was very friendly and helpful.
January 29th 2007
Lisa E. | South Tampa Spa