Massage was friendly and focused on ensuring her flexibility to meet my needs. She identified “knots” and worked them out for me too! Thanks again
June 5th 2020
Kat | South Tampa Spa
Always a wonderful experience and wonderful conversation with my tech!
June 4th 2020
Rachael R. | St. Pete Spa
My tech was great. It was a completely pain free experience.
June 3rd 2020
Elaine | St. Pete Spa
I appreciated the professionalism of the staff and my tech was very careful to listen about my sensitive skin. She asked about my issues and then followed up to ask about the temperature of the wax and if anything was feeling too harsh during the process.
June 3rd 2020
Krisitna M. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time I've been to Pia and it definitely won't be my last. I literally had the best facial and massage and I feel so invigorating. I can't wait to come back!
June 3rd 2020
Whitney G. | St. Pete Spa
After the self-quarantine was over and I heard that Pia was reopening I kept checking the site and booked my appointment. I was so excited to get a Dazzle Dry Pedi. If you haven't tried the Dazzle Dry Pedi; you need too! The polish dries instantly (so no dry wait time or careful walking not to smudge the polish), the colors are great, and believe it or not the polish stays perfect; never loses its shine.
June 2nd 2020
CA | South Tampa Spa
So happy to once again experience first class spa services!!! Amazing service!
June 2nd 2020
Sharon | South Tampa Spa
I had a very pleasant first experience. I am genuinely impressed at how nice, neat, clean and cozy the salon atmosphere is. I am very satisfied! :)
June 2nd 2020
Sandy A. | South Tampa Spa
Perfect, as always!. I felt comfortable and was thrilled to have services again!
June 2nd 2020
Sarah M. | South Tampa Spa
My tech was fantastic! Warm, friendly and did an excellent job on my pedicure! I will definitely be back!
June 1st 2020
Kristen A. | South Tampa Spa
Fabulous. She greeted me with joy. She took every precaution necessary. She did exactly what I asked her to do with the massage. I liked her a lot and will go back.
June 1st 2020
Pamela | South Tampa Spa
Every person I interacted with was amazing! You seem
To be taking amazing precautions amid COVID.
May 31st 2020
Sara k. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing!! Relaxing and eyelashes look great. Great job with all guidelines for social distancing.
May 30th 2020
Deborah | South Tampa Spa
As always, my service with my tech was awesome and professional. I greatly appreciate the measures they are taking to keep employees and clients safe during this unnerving time.
May 30th 2020
Sharon | St. Pete Spa
Great experience! Prompt and professional and my tech was very accommodating and an expert. This was my first visit as I have just moved to the area and I will returning. Thank you!!
May 30th 2020
Joanna | St. Pete Spa
This place is wonderful. I have been a client for several years.
May 30th 2020
Cynthia | St. Pete Spa
My experience was awesome as always. Thank you guys for opening back up and taking the necessary precautions to keep us safe and looking beautiful
May 30th 2020
Lesley O. | St. Pete Spa
This was a day I was anxiously awaiting...the re-opening since this awful pandemic!! my tech was AWESOME as per usual!! She was her usual chatty self-which makes the experience easier-and efficient. She was so glad to be back to work and you can tell she genuinely loves what she does!! Her personality definitely makes her one of one!! She gets 10/10...and that's hard to get from me!!
May 29th 2020
Kimberly S. | St. Pete Spa
Always a great experience here. Staff is professional and very friendly. I would highly recommend !
May 29th 2020
Cyndi S. | South Tampa Spa
My tech was awesome she took time to educate me on skin care.. And she was fast. Thanks so much
May 29th 2020
Yvette B. | St. Pete Spa
Received a Mother's Day gift certificate.Had a wonderful relaxation massage. He applied right amount of pressure when needed. This is the 3rd time I've had a massage with him and will return.
My nail tech took Her time With my pedicure even though I was her last appointment for the day. She took great care to make me feel comfortable. Again I'll return.
May 28th 2020
Carol | St. Pete Spa
First appointment since reopening, easy check in, staff were well protected and doing everything to stay a safe distance. The Technician was wearing a mask and face shield which made me more comfortable. She's great, very gentle - makes eyebrow waxing easy!! Would definitely go back for services after seeing all the precautions they are taking!!!
May 28th 2020
Lori | South Tampa Spa
My tech was wonderful! I had the best experience and my feet feel fantastic. I hadn't had a pedicure in 2 months due to pandemic! So that's saying a LOT!! I can walk again
May 27th 2020
Nancy D. | St. Pete Spa
I was so happy to finally get in for my waxing appointment! The service was awesome and all necessary precautions were taken!
May 27th 2020
Kimberly J. | St. Pete Spa
Pia and her staff are very conscious and responsible at this time of the pandemic.
They are fully prepared to deliver a great service in a safe environment. I am glad to be back! Thank you Pia
May 27th 2020
Germania | South Tampa Spa
My experience at Pia last night was different than normal, in a good way! I was happy to see the spa taking extra precautions to keep their staff (and clients) safe! My tech, as usual, was a friendly face and a professional service. I
Knowing that all staff has been tested for covid-19 and we're wearing masks made me feel safe having my services done.
May 27th 2020
Amanda | St. Pete Spa
My tech is always professional and friendly, making the Spa visit the best experience.
May 27th 2020
Marcela | St. Pete Spa
I always enjoy going to Pia Spa. The experience is great from the front desk to the specialist who did the waxing.
I Love it every time and I highly recommend it.
April 20th 2020
Leda D. | South Tampa Spa
My tech was very friendly and knowledgeable. She talked through the procedure and we discussed my expectations. She checked on me throughout the procedure and let me know what she was doing. The outcome was wonderful! She clearly explained after care and what to expect in the coming days. It was a great experience!
March 17th 2020
Sarah C. | South Tampa Spa
I had a really wonderful experience here! I thoroughly enjoyed my facial and dermaplaning; skin looks great! I can't wait to come back; what a wonderful place!
March 16th 2020
Lisa B. | South Tampa Spa
The nail techs are wonderful! I always enjoy going to Pia Esthetics. The nail services are relaxing and clean, and I tried the new Dazzle polish this time and it works well!
March 16th 2020
Erin W. | South Tampa Spa
The girls at Pia's are always friendly and accommodating! No other place in the TAMPA Bay Area like Pia's. I wouldn't trust my goodies to just any aesthetician!
March 13th 2020
Adriana G. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful experience at Pia's! I was greeted at the front desk in a very friendly manner that I really appreciate. Thank you so much
March 13th 2020
Sandra C. | South Tampa Spa
My Massage Therapist is amazing. Knowledgeable and professional. I'm picky about massage. He is perfect.
March 11th 2020
Diana C. | St. Pete Spa
The front desk staff is always so nice and helpful. My Technician is a true professional and did an awesome job on my brows/lashes.
March 10th 2020
Erin | St. Pete Spa
I had a pretty terrible waxing experience at a different facility so I was pretty skeptical coming in. My technician was so amazing and I had such an amazing experience. Definitely won't go anywhere other than Pia Day Spa!
March 10th 2020
Tiffany M. | St. Pete Spa
I've never had a bad experience at this Spa. Been coming here to get my lashes permed/lifted on and off for almost 10 years. They were one of the first salons I saw that did this and their knowledge and expertise keep me coming back. This is my 2nd time doing the lift with her and she's awesome! She really gets my natural lashes to pop. I love that it looks like I have fake lashes or extensions and that I can go mascara free.
March 9th 2020
G | South Tampa Spa
Incredible pleased. I've wanted the micro blading for quite a while, but could not quite commit.. I finally took the plunge, and am so glad I did! My facial had me nice and relaxed and my Technician took over. It went quickly, smoothly and was a lot less uncomfortable than I had expected- thanks so much for a wonderful experience!
March 7th 2020
Jennifer B. | St. Pete Spa
I am new to the neighborhood and wanted to find a place to receive nail care that I could walk to - PIA!!
From the time I walked in the door until I checked out I was treated very professionally and welcome.
My technician was amazing - on time and very good at her job.
I will be a steady customer and pass on my great experience to the neighborhood and my friends.
March 6th 2020
Julie | St. Pete Spa
Professional at all time. She makes you feel so comfortable.
March 5th 2020
Teddreiya M. | St. Pete Spa
Wonderful experience, as always. My Technician is quick and thorough and always makes waxing a pleasant experience!
Kim, at the front desk is so friendly and warm and is wonderful as well.
Will be back again soon! 10/10 experience and service! ♥️
March 5th 2020
Erika | St. Pete Spa
It was a really lovely experience and very relaxing. My skin feels amazing and looks great!
March 3rd 2020
Rachel | St. Pete Spa
Love, love, lovel! She is so friendly and fast! Super efficient and does a thorough and painless job with my wax.
March 3rd 2020
Candace R. | South Tampa Spa
I definitely will be returning. She was patient and friendly and made my wax painless as possible.
March 2nd 2020
Tina M. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician was very professional, it was a very relaxing experience. I have already booked my next appointment with her.
February 29th 2020
Pamela N. | St. Pete Spa
I enjoy her passion for what she does and her sense of humor.
February 29th 2020
Miriam C. | St. Pete Spa
I've been using services at Pia's for several years. Always a pleasant experience, from the friendly greeting when you arrive to the professional services received. The salon is clean, neat, cheerful and relaxing.
February 29th 2020
Kathy Y. | St. Pete Spa
I had an amazing “Day at the Spa” experience! I had the best massage I have ever.. I also enjoyed the Massimo facial and my gel Fiji manicure. I will definitely be back and highly recommend this spa!
February 29th 2020
Sarah K. | South Tampa Spa
Extremely friendly and professional staff, and a nice, relaxing atmosphere.
February 29th 2020
Kimi P. | St. Pete Spa
Pia did my microblading/eyebrows. She is so sweet and did a fabulous job. I can't wait until they are all healed!
February 29th 2020
CA | South Tampa Spa