As always, I was 100 % pleased with my experience at Pia. I recommend Pia to all of my friends and family members in Tampa any chance I get.
May 24th 2015
Blair B. | South Tampa Spa
Front desk is always friendly and helpful, with appointments, park passes and services.. My specialist is great, personable and informative. She makes you feel comfortable.
May 24th 2015
Karen C. | St. Pete Spa
My specialist is a very hardworking sweet lady. I was delighted with the facial and still had a second day glow. We will be back.
May 22nd 2015
Susanna V. | St. Pete Spa
I absolutely love everything about Pia! I'm always treated extremely well, and I could not imagine going anywhere else. You guys are all amazing!
May 22nd 2015
Katy G. | St. Pete Spa
Fantastic as always! I always have my lashes dyed. It's quick and easy, but makes a world of difference when I don't want to wear mascara. She is always super friendly and nice. My esthetician makes it fun!
May 21st 2015
Cindy M. | St. Pete Spa
I really enjoyed my time there and thought that it was a great experience.
May 19th 2015
Amber A. | St. Pete Spa
The service was outstanding from the moment I walked in the door. The beautiful ladies greeted me with a smile and a hello to include a welcome back! Extraordinary and extremely dedicated to customer satisfaction and safety frequently asking me if I was okay and let him know if any massage is too much! Love love love this place and the staff!!!
May 17th 2015
Terri | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful. She talked to me at the beginning of my service and then gave me a wonderful scalp massage while the color in my lashes set. I really liked that she totally understood that I was enjoying my massage and didn't want to talk during it, and I never even had to say anything, she just knew. I always enjoy my time at Pias and this was great! Also, I called last minute and they got me in right away. Perfect!
May 16th 2015
Erin S. | South Tampa Spa
All the best it was my first visit and first Brazilian wax. I am so happy with the result -2 days later it is perfection! Quick, professional and kind. I feel like a new woman! I will be back in 4 weeks to do it again. The few moments of pain we're so minuscule compared to the days of comfort and not worrying about my chia pet showing off! Thank you.
May 16th 2015
Amanda C. | South Tampa Spa
My lady is amazing! Always in time, very professional and thorough. She makes a painful experience bearable! Thanks Nicole!!!!
May 15th 2015
Karen A. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing service, as always! I love Pia St. Pete - she is the best!
May 15th 2015
Lorin | St. Pete Spa
I don't live in Tampa but whenever I visit I schedule my eyelashes at Pia. They do a fantastic job with the tinting, it looks great and the products they use never burn my eyes like some other places I have gone to.
they are very professional and just really nice!
Love this place!
May 14th 2015
carrie | South Tampa Spa
The entire staff are so professional , My Technician goes beyond professional, she knows what she is doing. She explains what you should expect and makes sure you are satisfied when she is done. None of the staff ever rushes you and they treat with the utmost respect! There is no better spa in Tampa, none!

May 10th 2015
Keenan | South Tampa Spa
My specialist was very professional and very kind. She made my first waxing experience as pleasant as good be, and I would gladly recommend her to anyone.
May 9th 2015
Ginny | St. Pete Spa
My lady has always been curtious, professional and just nice to talk to. She has many times gone above and beyond for her customers.
May 7th 2015
Joanna W. | St. Pete Spa
Such a great experience, as usual. All the staff are wonderful...thank you all again!
May 6th 2015
Jessica W. | South Tampa Spa
I thought she was fast, friendly, and through. I thought the room and facility was neat and clean. Everyone was nice!
April 30th 2015
sherrie | St. Pete Spa
This was my first experience with waxing, so I was a bit nervous and uncomfortable going in to the salon. The entire staff put me completely at ease. The receptionists welcoming smile and introduction to the salon, the expert manicure, and my waxers beautiful personality and waxing expertise made me an instant fan! I would also like to commend the other receptionist who took over after the am receptionist.
This is probably the friendliest, most comfortable salon I have ever visited. Because they don't do acrylics, you don't have to smell the toxic chemicals while getting a manicure/pedicure. The entire salon smells fresh and botanical.
I am a very private person with "body issues," and thought I would be really uncomfortable getting waxed. my waxer stripped those fears away from the second I met her. She is so comforting, experienced and professional, that I almost forgot I was getting waxed. Her process was quick, sanitary, and didn't hurt at all. The wax wasn't too hot, she used a clean stick with each application, and explained everything she was doing.
I highly recommend Pia in St. Petersburg to anyone and everyone looking for a full-service salon with great customer service, friendly staff, and a pleasant atmosphere.
April 30th 2015
Kelly | St. Pete Spa
Another fantastic experience at Pia's. my esthetician did a perfect job on my wax. And the massage was amazing. I left feeling very spoiled and can't wait to return.
April 29th 2015
Kelly O. | St. Pete Spa
I had a great experience at Pia! I got the completely bare bikini wax. Great job! She paid a great deal to what she was doing and I am very happy with the results. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone with waxing needs!
April 25th 2015
Anna A. | South Tampa Spa
Incredible. I would recommend her to anyone. I have been a Pia's customer for years. I live in Clearwater so tried other salons closer to home however no one can compete with Pia's.
April 25th 2015
Donna | South Tampa Spa
50 hearts for all and that is why I keep coming back! Your remarkable staff is what keeps me coming back. From the moment I enter the spa until I step out everyone is kind, courtious and attentive. A team of professionals, thank you.
April 22nd 2015
Donna R. | South Tampa Spa
I always have an amazing experience every time I go. I always recommend Pia to my friends and family
April 22nd 2015
Ashley r. | South Tampa Spa
My facial at Pia Day Spa far exceeded my expectations. I used to have a regular facial lady who moved away and I've been so hesitant to try someone new. Fortunately, I found Pia's and I'm hooked. My Technician was kind, thoughtful and thorough.
April 21st 2015
Christine C. | South Tampa Spa
My experiences at Pia are beyond 5 stars! I relish my time spent here and have developed a close relationship of trust and caring with the staff. There is a wonderful vibe of peace and calm throughout the duration of my visits.
April 17th 2015
Karen S. | South Tampa Spa
Pia is the most professional and friendly waxing studio in the area. Also with the best service!! Never would think of going somewhere else!!!
April 14th 2015
Tiffany A. | St. Pete Spa
I always look forward to my appointments at Pia. They provide a customized wax experience just for me. For example, we know that a hard wax is perfect for my lip, while the soft wax is the go-to for everyplace else. The spa provides thoroughly professional services with an engaging personal touch.
April 13th 2015
Diana N. | St. Pete Spa
As always a wonderful experience. Love the fact that it's always such a peaceful environment. And I always feel welcomed and relaxed during my services.

Thanks Pia Staff! Muah!!!
April 12th 2015
Megen | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time getting waxed. My girl was very professional and kept me calm and distracted during the painful moments. Because of that, I think the experience was not as awkward or painful as I thought it would be. I'm definitely returning for my waxing needs.
April 11th 2015
Taryn Y. | St. Pete Spa
I love Pia South Tampa! Front staff is always so accommodating to my hectic schedule. I had a different Technician for the first time and she did a great job! Also, they suggested a new eyebrow tinter , that I am now obessed with. I am happy and felt great as usual after my waxing. Loyal customer of 6 years +

April 10th 2015
Ashley M. | South Tampa Spa
Overall great experience. Front seak staff was polite and attentive, my appointment was ran on time, and Pia did a great job shaping my eyebrows!
April 7th 2015
CC | South Tampa Spa
I just love my lady! I'm a salon n spa owner in Tampa but live in St Pete. She is always on time and professional. She's very knowledgeable about what she does and always makes the best recommendations for me. She's sweet and funny and I always enjoy our visits. Keep up the great work!
April 7th 2015
Laura D. | St. Pete Spa
Nayla was waxing was perfect...she was knowledge and informative about how to care for my skin....super nice and friendly always a great experience ...thank you
April 5th 2015
Anita L. | St. Pete Spa
Great experience and wonderful customer service. Room was clean and I was in and out quickly!
April 4th 2015
Donna T. | South Tampa Spa
Great Fiji pedicure! Very relaxing and really helped with dry heels.
April 3rd 2015
Mihele | South Tampa Spa
As always, I had a great experience at my most recent appointment. My gal is the best!
April 3rd 2015
Kelly W. | St. Pete Spa
I had a wonderful experience. As a first-timer, everyone was very kind to me, and the atmosphere is excellent. I will be back!
April 3rd 2015
ginger t. | South Tampa Spa
Clean pleasant atmosphere. My gal is a real pro. She did an excellent job & also sold me some "tinted eyebrow mascara" which I look forward to trying:-)
April 1st 2015
Susan S. | St. Pete Spa
Everyone at Pia is seriously awesome! They are the perfect balance of professional and fun! I love their services and products and would recommend them to anyone.
April 1st 2015
Shayna | St. Pete Spa
My facial was outstanding! Pia always does an awesome job and makes you feel relaxed. For sure booking another facial with her!
March 28th 2015
Taylor | South Tampa Spa
It was a wonderful feeling getting various services at Pia. It was my birthday and everyone acknowledged my special day. I like the fact that there was no overpowering smell in the facility as you find in most strip or indoor malls. The staff made sure I was comfortable. I hope to be back when I am in town.
March 28th 2015
Pia M. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing always! My Specialist is incredible at what she does!
March 28th 2015
Meredith N. | St. Pete Spa
She was friendly, professional and made me feel very comfortable in what can sometimes be an awkward situation! And she did a great job! I immediately booked another session with her before leaving!
March 28th 2015
Katie A. | St. Pete Spa
My lady was fantastic! She took her time and explained everything to me.
March 28th 2015
Bianca | St. Pete Spa
My overall experience at Pia`s was absolutely amazing. The staff was very professional and everything was spotless. The fiji pedicure experience has brougjt me to a level where I will not be able to endure another "nail salon" pedicure. At Pias ypu get the full relaxing experience at A reasonable price. Love this place.
March 28th 2015
mary m. | South Tampa Spa
The only reason I drive one hour to Tampa is because of the services your spa offers. Living in Sarasota means I should have plenty of options, but I know I will get quality services at great prices only at Pia. Thank you my skin literally was glowing after my session with you :)
A special thank you for waxing and all other staff members :)
March 27th 2015
Ayesha A. | South Tampa Spa
I appreciate the attention to getting it right and taking the time to do so. I appreciate that even something as un-relaxing as waxing is pretty soothing at Pia's
March 27th 2015
David | South Tampa Spa
I thought my appointment was at 12:40 so I showed up at 12:35. When I checked my calendar later that day I realized the appointment was at 12:20. They were very accommodating and did not even let me know I was so late for my appointment.
As always, great service. I'm really sorry I was late though :(
March 27th 2015
Crystal T. | South Tampa Spa
Always an exceptional experience! The esthetician is personable and professional . The spa is so relaxing and they have amazing products!
March 24th 2015
Stephanie B. | St. Pete Spa
I love going to the girls at Pia Esthetics in St. Pete! Everyone is very friendly and personable. I would recommend this spa to everyone.
March 23rd 2015
Sarah H. | St. Pete Spa