Reviews by Location:

It was my first time at pia's and everyone was very nice as soon as I walked in. My esthetician was sweet as well and made me feel very comfortable. I will be returning and referring my friends in the future.
May 29th 2014
Kyle M. | St. Pete Spa
My couples massage was AMAZING! It was so good that we are planning to do the couples massage class with them and to also make a couples massage at Pia a tradition we start together. Thank you so much! My boyfriend is not in the Tampa area so this new tradition with you all I'm very much looking forward to. Both massage therapists were very skilled, made us feel comfortable and were very informative at the end of our session. They offered us the idea of couples massage class and we will be jumping on that as soon as we can. Thank you for a wonderful day!
May 28th 2014
Claudia B. | South Tampa Spa
My esthetician was very friendly and seemed knowledgeable about the service. She also suggested a new service I want to try next time. The procedure was pain-free. A great appointment all around.
May 28th 2014
Karin C. | St. Pete Spa
I had my first facial at Pia May 27th. My experience was above and beyond my expectations! I will definitely return for more skin care in the future. And as always, I will be recommending Pia to my friends and family.
May 28th 2014
Danielle F. | South Tampa Spa
My experience at Pia downtown St. Pete was fantastic. This was my fist time at the St. Pete location and I couldn't have been more pleased. I scheduled to get my brows, upper lip, and Brazilian done prior to my anniversary trip with my husband to Mexico. I have only recently started getting Brazilian waxes and going somewhere new did make me a little nervous and uncomfortable since the last esthetician was a friend of mine. My esthetician was the best esthetician I have ever had! She was very sweet and immediately made me feel comfortable. She also did an amazing job with my eyebrows, along with everything else of course! I will definitely be coming back!
May 28th 2014
Lauren U. | St. Pete Spa
Very comforting and made my first waxing experience as relaxing as possible. She was amazing!
May 25th 2014
Kfredrickson | St. Pete Spa
I had a most wonderful experience at Pia. Wow! Everything was perfect... the whole day was a complete delight of the senses. Thank you all so much much making it so incredible!

May 24th 2014
Darlene S. | South Tampa Spa
This was my second visit to Pia in DT St. Petersburg. The first time I made a last minute appt to get a polish change...I was taken right in. The second time I went for a bikini wax and was very pleased with the service overall. The front desk was very courteous in taking my flustering phone calls to squeeze me in yet again.
Thank you Pia's DT St. Petersburg! I look forward to seeing you very much in the future!
May 22nd 2014
Amy Y. | St. Pete Spa
Always so kind! She always asks me how I am doing and remembers things that we talked about from our last session. I trust her with my eyebrows completely- which is saying a lot! She always does a great job. Yet another great Pia experience!
May 22nd 2014
Anna H. | South Tampa Spa
I love the Pia Experience! She was professional yet extremely sweet, gentle and very personable. I have never had a bad experience at Pia's.
May 19th 2014
Angela | South Tampa Spa
I had an awesome experience. I tried a new service and must admit I was a bit apprehensive. She made me feel comfortable and was extremely professional. Thanks!
May 19th 2014
Chrissy C. | South Tampa Spa
I recently had an appointment for waxing services. She was excellent! Very friendly, professional, and made the experience a more comfortable one (which is saying a lot, as it can be very awkward!). I have had similar waxing services several times in the past, and I am happy to say that it was one of the best. Also, upon checkout, I inquired about skin care products in store. The receptionist was knowledgeable and assisted me in choosing which products were right for me. I love this location and am already set up to go back. Keep being fantastic!
May 18th 2014
Mallory B. | South Tampa Spa
I absolutely have an awesome experience every time I'm there. If you have questions they r always answered. The staff is very friendly and professional. I always refer my friend to Pia.
May 17th 2014
Ashley r. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent experience, relaxing atmosphere and very skilled and friendly esthetician
May 15th 2014
Jennifer | St. Pete Spa
As always, my girl was fantastic! She was able to help make me hair-free and ready for the birth of my baby any day now! I know that waxing a pregnant mama must be tough to do, but she was able to make me feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job!
May 12th 2014
Annesophia R. | St. Pete Spa
I enjoy Pia's warm and relaxing atmosphere as well as professionalism. My esthetician does a great job always! Waxing is painless, fast, good quality and friendly atmosphere. Facial is great too with additional legs and arms massage, it give me complete relaxation. Girls on reception desk are are nice and very friendly. I recommended this salon and my esthetician to my friends. It is the best salon in the area!
May 11th 2014
Natalia | St. Pete Spa
My experience at Pia was wonderful from start to finish! My esthetician was patient, professional and took care and pride in her service. The receptionist at the front desk was cheerful as well. The spa is clean and has a very inviting atmosphere. I look forward to my next visit and have already begun telling my friends about my awesome facial! Thank you!!!
May 9th 2014
Virginia A. | St. Pete Spa
Great experience! My esthetician always makes the experience fun while providing great service and professionalism. Thank you!
May 8th 2014
Justin R. | St. Pete Spa
I haven't been to Pia for years. I have 2 kids and I don't make time for myself. When I arrived, I realized I missed my oasis. From the lemongrass aroma that permeates the entire place to the tranquil music, I fell in love all over again. Absolutely superb! She took her time and focused on the neglected areas on my skin. I had the Massimo facial but forgot all about the extras! The massage was an added treat. I left feeling so relaxed and yearning for my next visit. Thank you so much for a much needed moment for myself!
May 7th 2014
Sabrina | South Tampa Spa
I had a really great first experience here! Usually I get very red after, but between the waxing and the little bit of make-up that she put on me after I was done, I didn't have to hide my red face for the rest of the afternoon!
April 30th 2014
Katy S. | St. Pete Spa
I look forward to my appointments with my esthetician. She does an amazing job on my eyebrows and is so much fun to talk to. The front desk staff is always friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend her and Pia Esthetics St. Pete!
April 30th 2014
Jessica E. | St. Pete Spa
If you are looking for an amazing relaxing experience, look no further. Pia Esthetics offers an array of beauty and skin services. My esthetician is amazing and very experienced in her expertise. She will consult with you and give her professional advice. The entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible on scheduling.
April 28th 2014
Stephanie F. | St. Pete Spa
Every time I go to Pia's the service is fantastic. I've recommended Pia's to anyone who will listen to me and every single person I refer, who goes, falls in love with the place. If you're looking for an awesome place for anything beauty related look no further than Pia's. I can't recommend this place highly enough!
April 28th 2014
Katalina | St. Pete Spa
I cannot say enough about Pia's and especially my esthetician! Many years ago she performed my first ever Brazilian wax and I was so impressed with her that I brought my mom along the next time for her first one. I hated giving up Pia's when my job took me to to Atlanta, but after almost eight years I have finally moved back and was able to see my girl once again. It is truly difficult to find an experienced and personable professional in this area, especially one who sees way more of you than most people ever will, but you will find just that at Pia's. I am not sure how long I will be in the Bay Area this time, but I do know that for ANY spa services I will be going to Pia's. Thanks for a great experience EVERY time I visit!
April 28th 2014
Tammy K. | St. Pete Spa
My tech was great!! I've been looking for a good esthetician since moving to Florida and now I've found one. No complaints at all from me. She was very nice, polite, and cheerful and she did the most efficient and best wax I've ever had. So glad I found Pia Esthetics!
April 25th 2014
Becca G. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time ever coming in for a waxing, and I went for a full Brazilian. Thanks to my esthetician, not only was the experience no where near as painful as I thought it would be, but it went by in a snap! She was efficient, professional, and kept up great conversation throughout the appointment. I felt more like I was having a gab session with a girlfriend than having an appointment, and when she was done I was amazed! She did an absolutely amazing job, and the results were beyond what I had expected. She took the time to walk me through aftercare, and offer tips and products that I'd find useful. By the time I was paying for my service, I was actually looking forward to my next appointment! Thank you so much Pia's and to her for removing any and all anxiety that I had and instead making this a wonderful self-care experience. I will DEFINITELY be back!!!
April 25th 2014
Laura R. | St. Pete Spa
Great! She is always happy and positive, she puts me at ease. Waxing is a new experience for me and the Pia staff and calm atmosphere makes it very pleasant. They are always timely, polite and discreet. I won't go anyplace else.
April 24th 2014
Nancy D. | South Tampa Spa
My esthetician is amazing! Not only is she a professional woman who knows what to do, she is friendly and funny, and knows how to help you have a pleasant experience. Totally recommend her!
April 24th 2014
Kera H. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is such a jewel. She takes what can be a painful experience and makes it quick and easy, with great results! She and her staff are always smiling from the minute I walk in the door until I leave. I highly recommend Pia St Pete to everyone!
April 23rd 2014
Kelly O. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician was fantastic...she is very friendly and brings a feeling of professionalism and comfort the Pia services she performs. Definitely would return for additional services.
April 23rd 2014
Kathy K. | St. Pete Spa
AMAZING! I explained what I was looking for and was able to get a same day appointment!! Then, I met with my esthetician who is awesome! She made me feel very comfortable. I don't think there was a single moment of awkward silence during the whole 35 minutes. She talked me through every step she was doing and told which areas were going to hurt the most. Over all, my experience was better then I imagined it would be. I have already recommended them and I will be seeing her often, she's my new BFF ;)
April 23rd 2014
Jessica D. | St. Pete Spa
I'm a happy and satisfied customer over a year and would recommend Pia's to my family and friends. I also recommend the massage therapist! He's friendly and professional which has been my experience with nail staff as well. I'm very happy with the service I received and look forward to my next visit.
April 20th 2014
LaToya | South Tampa Spa
Pia's was recommended to me by a friend/customer. I anticipated that it would have taken a while for the service I requested but I was very wrong. Based on previous experiences I was not feeling very optimistic. The receptionist is charming and greeted me straight away. My esthetician took fantastic care of me and has turned me into a returning customer. The shop itself is so bright and cheery. It was nice to walk into a clean, bright and well kempt facility.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to coming back for more services.
April 19th 2014
Ashley H. | St. Pete Spa
I have found my home away from home at Pia with my tech and front desk girls!
I moved to St. Pete in October and am so very happy to have discovered Pia and the ladies listed above. Soon I will get my husband hooked as well.
I look forward to trying the Thai Stretch next month and a massage as well.
Happy 10 year anniversary!!!! And thank you for the excellent care you have provided, you are a lot of fun, too!!!!!
April 18th 2014
Kathie H. | St. Pete Spa
I spoke with reception over the phone to purchase a gift card and it was quick and painless - Thanks for making it so easy to pick up a treat someone!
April 17th 2014
KMS | South Tampa Spa
My massage was heavenly, and I have felt so much better for a number of weeks since the massage.the massage reAlly worked out a lot of built up aches and pains from stress and sitting at a desk all day. Everyone was very friendly and offered me water. The salon/spa was a welcoming environment. Also, it is so nice you all have your own lot and there was plenty of room to park. I will definitely be back for another massage. My experience could not have been better. Thanks!
April 16th 2014
Katie M. | South Tampa Spa
I was greeted promptly by a smiling receptionist. Another attendant offered something to drink, which is a self serve area, but she insisted on preparing my beverage for me, which is a nice service touch. Pia is a consummate professional and realized I would benefit from having my eye lashes tinted. They look great! Thank you!
April 15th 2014
Michelle | South Tampa Spa
I was just telling a coworker today that never in a million years did I think I would be the type of person to go out of my way to recommend a spa but now I am. This is my second time going. She's beyond professional! She was friendly, approachable, answered all my questions and above all was understanding. She remembered me and was so kind. My experience can be summed up by what she actually told me. She said, "Everybody is entitled to feel happy and confident with themselves. We just want you to be comfortable." Thank you so much!
April 11th 2014
Loi | South Tampa Spa
Love this place. Great service. Friendly staff. My nails and lashes look great.
April 10th 2014
Gen O. | South Tampa Spa
First time at the south Tampa location and loved it! Pia is always on time which is great!
April 10th 2014
Julie | South Tampa Spa
Friendly service. Everyone was very polite and accommodating. Happy with the end results.
April 6th 2014
Diane D. | South Tampa Spa
My experience was awesome and the staff is really nice and professional.. They know what they are doing!! :-)
April 6th 2014
Ada | South Tampa Spa
I always enjoy my time at Pia for that special attention and relaxing environment . She is not only very professional but a wonderful person that I feel very comfortable with and can count on for great advice and good conversation!
April 6th 2014
Linda S. | South Tampa Spa
My esthetician was so amazing and made me feel so comfortable with something I had never done before. She was fast, listened to what I wanted and delivered perfect results. I will be coming back AND I will be referring my friends. Thanks for making the wax such a great experience for me!
April 6th 2014
Kristine P. | St. Pete Spa
Excellent work, quick and friendly atmosphere. Front desk was very helpful also.
April 4th 2014
Paula C. | South Tampa Spa
As usual, a 5 star experience! I am becoming a regular now and refuse to go anywhere else because in my judgment this is the most wonderful spa in town. Always a great experience; and consistency is important, one can expect the very best every time. The people make the place, and it is clear they all love what they are doing and their enthusiasm and professionalism are palpable. None finer in my estimation. I would encourage you to give Pia a try for any of your esthetic needs. I am certain you will return again and again! Cheers : )
April 1st 2014
Mel | South Tampa Spa
The service was excellent, and my brows look great:) I have had services by all Pia St. Pete employees and the entire staff is fantastic. I love knowing that I can make an appointment with any employee and I will receive the same top notch service. Thanks, everyone!
March 28th 2014
Robyn R. | St. Pete Spa
THE BEST! She did my wax recently and it was quick and nearly painless. From now on I will definitely schedule all of my wax appointments with her!! Amazing!!! :)
March 28th 2014
Cece | South Tampa Spa
This was my first appointment of it's kind, and I was completely blown away by how comfortable I felt and how all the staff treated me. Right away I was greeted, helped, and offered a beverage. I didn't have to wait long at all and was immediately put at ease when my esthetician got me from the waiting room. She was very considerate and attentive. I was very happy with the results and will surely be coming back to see her next time. Thank you!!
March 28th 2014
KD M. | St. Pete Spa
Love Pia Day Spa. Always professional and great at waxing. Pias is always clean and everyone is very welcoming. Will be back soon.
March 27th 2014
Alexis D. | South Tampa Spa