she did a great job! So nice to have this amazing place a few blocks from my house!
January 2nd 2021
Belinda K. | St. Pete Spa
I had such a wonderful experience at Pia! The staff asked great questions and helped me target areas to work on and gave great professional advice. The environment was very welcoming and relaxing!
January 1st 2021
Kristianna P. | South Tampa Spa

Mytech was amazing! Great experience and such a warm welcome ❤️
January 1st 2021
Tiffany | St. Pete Spa
Fantastic! Being 9 months pregnant and a little self conscious about the situation down there- Made me so at ease! I hope to come back after baby is here :)
December 31st 2020
Callie T. | South Tampa Spa
My tech is so gentle and always talk to you to keep your mind off the pain. She is patient and doesn't rush you when you are trying to relax before the next pull. Thank you for taking your time with me. Don't forget to Tip your estheticians. Take care of them like they take care of you. 🙂
December 31st 2020
Tia C. | St. Pete Spa
I absolutely love this spot they are immaculate well educated and very professional I have never once received bad service from the company I absolutely love them and swear by them as my best waxing experience
December 31st 2020
Julie C. | South Tampa Spa
Best deep tissue massage and facial! Staff was so sweet and caring! Can't wait to go back again! Would highly recommend Pia Day Spa to everyone!
December 30th 2020
Melissa S. | South Tampa Spa
Absolutely amazing! Can't wait to come back to a massage with him!
December 29th 2020
Melissa S. | South Tampa Spa
I had a service dermaplaning service on Monday 12/28. She was phenomenal! The front office staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. I bought some products and needed some advice, which she gave me.
December 29th 2020
Susan P. | South Tampa Spa
Your service Is always awesome very professional and very friendly.
December 29th 2020
Michele D. | St. Pete Spa
I've been - client of Pia aesthetics and coming to see my tech since 2006. She is the most skilled waxing specialist I have ever encountered. As the owner of the Dt. Pete location, she is also an incredible service professional. I do appreciate her and her team!
December 29th 2020
Michelle R. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first bare bikini wax, and I did extensive research before I found a spa were I would be comfortable. Pia's had so much information on their website which made the decision easy to schedule with them. My esthetician was amazing!! She explained the whole process and the waxing experience was essentially painless. I've already scheduled a second appointment for waxing. I will definitely be sending all my friends to Pia's.
December 27th 2020
Amber G. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing! Waited to come to Tampa to get waxed. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.
December 25th 2020
NYC L. | South Tampa Spa
Although I've had my brows waxed before, only recently I've been getting my lashes and brows tinted. She has been doing all 3 services for me and she makes the whole experience very pleasant. She is such a professional, but also very friendly. I am always amazed and so happy with the results. I am now on a 6-week cycle for this, and couldn't be happier.
December 24th 2020
Petra | St. Pete Spa
Helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. She went above and beyond and helped me with all my questions and needs. Thank you Pia's!
December 23rd 2020
Lauren | South Tampa Spa
I love this Spa! I got a package as gift and I am very glad I did! Extremely friendly staff and front desk. The manicure was so well done and precise. The massage was the best 60 minutes I've had all year. It was much needed and I cannot wait to go back again for more sessions. I also had a facial as part of the package and that was very refreshing. Pia Spa is a great find!
December 22nd 2020
Jude M. | South Tampa Spa
First time getting a massage here, and I appreciated the front desk preventing too many people from being in the front lobby at once. Everyone was wearing masks, which was also appreciated. The massage was very good, would definitely recommend this location!
December 22nd 2020
Megan | South Tampa Spa
My tech was fantastic and very meticulous! I will be back to see her soon.
December 20th 2020
Emily C. | St. Pete Spa
My visit was amazing as usual, they also have so many wonderful spa items to choose from in the store to compliment your overall experience, thank you Pia's!
December 19th 2020
AvrilBlu | South Tampa Spa
Very welcoming, very clean, such a pleasant atmosphere. Don, Pia plus the Front desk staff are amazing
December 17th 2020
Sara L. | South Tampa Spa
Best wax experience always. Bought the exfoliating bar and excited to use it! Thank you ♥️
December 17th 2020
Kayla | South Tampa Spa
The eyebrow tinting and wax, it was amazing! I can't believe I waited so long to try eyebrow tinting, I will not go without this service from now on! The overall experience at Pia's was exceptional, from safety measures to customer service.
December 17th 2020
Tracy | South Tampa Spa
Amazing! So sweet and knowledgeable. I will definitely be back!
December 16th 2020
Samantha F. | South Tampa Spa
Eyebrow tint looks so nice and natural. She even recommended a mascara to grow my eyelashes which I'll be buying soon.
December 16th 2020
Iliana | South Tampa Spa
It was amazing!!
Very sweet with my daughter and I, and I appreciate her willingness to accommodate us.
December 16th 2020
Paola S. | South Tampa Spa
My massage therapist was phenomenal, there are not many massage therapists who automatically have perfect amount of pressure, most people are worried that since I'm a woman, they're going to hurt me. I cannot remember the wonderful woman's name who did the nail services for me but she was amazing we talked the entire time, not in a forced small talk way. She was very caring. Thank you all, I will definitely be back!!!
December 15th 2020
Jessica T. | St. Pete Spa
I have been a client at Pia's for many years and they far surpass any business of their kind. Front desk is always so accommodating when checking in and my tech has always provided the best wax service in town, she is so personable and down to earth, yet very attentive to my needs of waxing. Their attention to detail is the best. The atmosphere is so cozy and inviting, there is always a great vibe with candles and soothing music. Love this place!
December 13th 2020
Miranda H. | South Tampa Spa
she did an amazing job and made me feel super comfortable during my wax. The spa room and front of house were exceptionally clean.
December 13th 2020
Heather C. | St. Pete Spa
Everything was great as always. Nayla makes you feel like family
December 13th 2020
Shartell | St. Pete Spa
Great experience! Paula was kind and did an amazing job on my lashes!
December 13th 2020
Jess | St. Pete Spa
The staff and service here is always incredible! The only place I will go and recommend to friends.
December 12th 2020
Lindsey | South Tampa Spa
My first time with Lisa. She was excellent. Highest review possible goes to her.
December 12th 2020
Natalie | South Tampa Spa
Had a wonderful experience, everyone was warm and welcoming, and she did such a lovely job! I love my pretty nails!
December 11th 2020
Liz M. | South Tampa Spa
Such an amazing first-time spa experience!!! Pia, Gina, and Dee all put me very at-ease with their kind dimeanors!!!
December 10th 2020
Brea C. | South Tampa Spa
So friendly! Always makes me feel comfortable! Very thorough and gives lots of skin advice!
December 10th 2020
Jennifer W. | St. Pete Spa
I have gotten manicures and pedicures regularly for many years, and that includes at fancy spas. My tech is simply the best, ever, both in skills and thoughtfulness. I can't recommend her highly enough.
December 9th 2020
CGS | St. Pete Spa
Great experience every time, they are also very good at what they do. I usually see her, she is super nice does an awesome job!
December 7th 2020
Karina G. | St. Pete Spa
Front desk was amazing super friendly and welcoming. Loved my tech as well. She was very informative and made my first dermaplaning experience very comfortable! I will be back
December 6th 2020
Alexandria . | St. Pete Spa
Pia was wonderful. She listened to my concerns about my skin and formulated serums that hydrated my extremely sensitive skin. She created a super relaxing environment and was so sweet and kind.
December 6th 2020
Nicole P. | South Tampa Spa
She's detailed eyebrow esthetician and nice talk makes me know a mod woman
December 6th 2020
Claudine W. | St. Pete Spa
Excellent service and excellent staff! Best in Tampa Bay. You will not be disappointed.
December 5th 2020
Kate | South Tampa Spa
Amazing service, super attentive, definitely recommend this spot and she was amazing with her waxing skills- 👍👍👍
December 5th 2020
Debi | St. Pete Spa
Amazing! She was super sweet and professional!!! She made me feel comfortable and treated me with the greatest care. I scheduled my next appointment with her ❤The front desk rep was very nice! She was polite, cheerful, and kept a smile on her face as I was coming in and leaving 😊
December 4th 2020
Kaleena R. | South Tampa Spa
ADORE💚💚 Pia and her staff! Stop by the Little Green House for some self-care TLC...
December 4th 2020
steph p. | South Tampa Spa
She is a fantastic nail technician who not only does a great job but is so enjoyable to talk to. I love the beautiful and peaceful environment of the spa as well.
December 4th 2020
Tiffini A. | St. Pete Spa
Friendly/professional setting. Everyone is pleasant and polite and made me feel warm and fuzzy
December 4th 2020
Tina C. | St. Pete Spa
Absolute best! She makes you feel so comfortable and makes the process as painless as possible. She is talkative and sweet which is the perfect distraction!
December 4th 2020
Anna | South Tampa Spa
Massage was excellent. I have been suffering with pain in my shoulder which pulls down to my fingers. She has been working with me to free me from pain and giving me some pointers on how to do some stretch exercises to deal with the stiffness and pain. I would recommend her any day.
December 3rd 2020
Nicole T. | South Tampa Spa
Great job answering any questions and making the procedure relaxing.
December 3rd 2020
Jackie | South Tampa Spa
Always professional and meticulous. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
December 3rd 2020
Michelle R. | South Tampa Spa