I love coming to Pia! They always make me feel so comfortable and everyone is always smiling!
August 24th 2018
Jennifer D. | St. Pete Spa
I came in for a micro blade consult and was very pleased with the overall feel of the place but mostly with the eshetician and the time she spent with me. She was very thorough in helping me understand the process and she even took the time to lay out the “look” of my enhanced brows. And best part of all, she was not remotely pushy in trying to “push” that service or any other making it a very comfortable experience.
August 24th 2018
Jlp | St. Pete Spa
Another great day at Pia's. Thanks to my estheticians for the great work they did. Have enjoyed Pia's for 4+ years. Very comfortable surroundings.
August 23rd 2018
David K. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician was fantastic she did an excellent job and was a joy to talk to. The front desk attendant was also wonderful, she got me coffee and was completely un-phased and gracious when I walked in unscheduled. Highly recommend!
August 23rd 2018
Miranda S. | St. Pete Spa
Highly recommend Pia Day Spa!! It was my first visit. I was greeted warmly. My esthetician was professional and highly skilled... she also kept the conversation going to keep me distracted! Thanks!
August 22nd 2018
Kristen | St. Pete Spa
I had a wonderful experience with my wax: it was fast, the table was super comfortable, and the online booking made it really easy. Found my new spot! Thanks!
August 21st 2018
Danielle f. | St. Pete Spa
It had been a bit since visiting Pia. The Technician was awesome! Would totally come back to her in the future. Highest rating! Thank you.
August 19th 2018
Melissa A. | South Tampa Spa
My visit today for the pedicure was great. The entire staff was fun and friendly. They were a great team, helping each other out even when it wasn't their “job.” Nice!
August 18th 2018
arlene l. | South Tampa Spa
Fabulous! She was very kind and welcoming. Her attention to detail was superb, and I couldn't be happier with how my nails turned out! I'll definitely be coming back.
August 17th 2018
Hayley G. | South Tampa Spa
I would never consider going anywhere else for a bikini wax! I can always count on it a quick and relatively painless service- and usually have a good laugh.
Also- the on line scheduling is super convenient!
August 17th 2018
Tara O. | St. Pete Spa
She is amazing - her attention to detail is wonderful. She was training a new employee so it's funny she explained very little thing and little tricks so hairs didn't get missed. So I actually enjoyed hearing how they do it!
August 14th 2018
A H. | South Tampa Spa
When I come to Florida to visit my daughter, I make a point of scheduling a waxing appointment at PIA's. The salon is always clean and everyone is very friendly. Highly recommend!
August 13th 2018
Marcia C. | St. Pete Spa
I always enjoy going to Pia for a professional experience. It's clean, efficient and they do a great job.
August 12th 2018
Chloe M. | St. Pete Spa
I am so happy to have found Pia's! Before I found Pia's, I would always feel nervous that someone was going to mess up my eyebrows, which previously happened multiple times at other salons. But now I feel at ease and confident that my eyebrows will look fantastic every time I leave. So happy to know that I have finally found a professional, consistently good salon that I can rely on. And it's beautiful inside, which is a bonus :)
August 11th 2018
Karissa T. | St. Pete Spa
Fast, thorough, and friendly service. I was a new client and now will keep coming back!
August 11th 2018
Katie W. | St. Pete Spa
Nothing but a great experience here! I will definitely be back! The front desk was super friendly and helpful when I came in and checked out. The technician guided me through my first tinting experience. I felt relaxed the whole time and loved my results.
August 11th 2018
Marissa B. | South Tampa Spa
Love this spa!!! Great job in all services and a wonderful atmosphere to relax in.
August 11th 2018
Amy | St. Pete Spa
Wouldn't go anywhere else. Wonderful people, very clean, always very pleasant and attentive!
August 11th 2018
Deb | St. Pete Spa
After a long work week, I was able to get out early on Friday...Pia's was amazingly flexible to get me an appointment! My esthetician made me feel so relaxed, cared for, and gave me a great start to the weekend!
August 10th 2018
Andrea H. | St. Pete Spa
First time pedicure here and my daughter and I loved it! The technicians did a wonderful job. I had the Perfect Pedicure and my daughter had the Kiddie Pedicure. Very relaxing atmosphere, professional work, and super comfortable setting. Everyone is so nice and inviting. The pedicures were done beautifully! I highly recommend Pia and we will be back!
August 9th 2018
Natalie | South Tampa Spa
Another great experience at Pia's in S Tampa. They always seem to be able to give me a last minute appointment whenever I call with a "waxing emergency." And my technician is fabulous -- painless, as fast as lightning, and a beautiful result. In and out in 20 minutes flat from the moment I walked in the door until I drove away. What more could you ask for? I am a loyal Pia's customer forever. Thank you.
August 7th 2018
Sue | South Tampa Spa
The technician was wonderful, thorough, and almost painless. She was very pleasant, and did a great job. She had some good advice on preventing ingrown hairs and answered all my questions
August 5th 2018
Arina D. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone was so friendly and nice! Both my pedicure and facial were very relaxing! And the building itself is peaceful and quaint. I'll definitely be back!
August 4th 2018
KF | St. Pete Spa
The minute you walk in, a big smile and positive energy welcomes you. Everyone on staff makes you feel like you are the most important person there. I love coming to this spa!
August 4th 2018
Cynthia F. | St. Pete Spa
My technician was excellent and pays attention to detail to ensure the best eyebrow waxing and painless! Only place I'll go for my waxing in Tampa! The best in the bay!!!
August 4th 2018
Laura B. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone was wonderful! So kinda and helpful. I was a little nervous about my first facial, but My Esthetician put my worries to ease! I can't wait to go back!
August 3rd 2018
Roxanne F. | South Tampa Spa
The staff is incredible friendly and welcoming. My Therapist is an incredible masseuse and I look forward to coming back again.
August 2nd 2018
Beth | South Tampa Spa
This was my first massage at Pia'sand it was excellent! My Therapist was knowledgeable, and went over things with and made sure I was comfortable.
August 2nd 2018
Janice C. | South Tampa Spa
I always adore my time at Pia's. They are professional, friendly and personal! A day at Pia's Spa is always my go to when I'm feeling like a need a refresh. My skin always thanks me after!
August 2nd 2018
Cassie C. | St. Pete Spa
Fast, Efficient and professional waxing performed. I was a bit hesitant and shy about the bikini waxing but She helped me to relax and listened to my custom request. I will be back:)
August 1st 2018
Kay | South Tampa Spa
Another awesome experience at Pia's! Thank you!!! 💕
August 1st 2018
CMF | South Tampa Spa
Today's experience was superb. I ran a few minutes late and was able to still get my service completed with excellence within the same time frame allotted for my service. This is recognized as a great accomplishment for this type of service especially since I did not feel rushed at all. My esthetician is awesome. 👍🏾
August 1st 2018
Carlene T. | South Tampa Spa
Abby did a wonderful job assessing my skin needs throughout our appointment. I had many questions about my regimen and she was very helpful and informative.
August 1st 2018
Becky | South Tampa Spa
My nail tech was absolutely amazing. I love how easy going she is and how comfortable the atmosphere is. The front desk staff is always smiling and very pleasant to deal with.
August 1st 2018
Jennifer D. | South Tampa Spa
My Tech is wonderful- does a great job waxing my brows, lip, and nostrils. Gets it all clean and fresh!
July 31st 2018
Holly S. | South Tampa Spa
AMAZING! I booked my friend and I a Spa Package for a facial, massage and pedicure! Everything was amazing. My massage and the pressure was perfect. My facial was amazing and my skin was so soft when she was done. Finally the pedicure...you will never go anywhere else after getting the pedicure. I have never been so pampered! The sangria was an added bonus. Will be bringing more friends here.
July 30th 2018
Melissa C. | South Tampa Spa
By far the best spa experience I've had! My esthetician made me feel welcomed and was a breath of fresh air. Everyone from the front desk to other staff had friendly smiles which made the experience less intimidating. I will certainly be returning! Thank you so much!
July 29th 2018
Esha W. | St. Pete Spa
Great! Very friendly and thorough with her pedicure. I always love coming to get a pedicure at Pia's because of the relaxing atmosphere.
July 29th 2018
Meghann H. | South Tampa Spa
Best facial I've ever had! The environment was extremely relaxing and she did a great job of targeting my problem areas.
July 28th 2018
Danielle M. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing. First time ever getting a Manicure/Pedicure and it was relaxing. I asked a lot of questions which were all answered.
July 28th 2018
Scott W. | South Tampa Spa
As soon as I open the door and smell Pia's trademark lemongrass fragrance I relax I was warmly welcomed at the front desk - Feride is great thank you for another great experience at Pia's
July 28th 2018
Ellen H. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone is wonderful at Pia! I have been coming for years and it is always an outstanding experience. My esthetician went above and beyond with my waxing, and the receptionist was very friendly. I will be back!
July 28th 2018
Sara | St. Pete Spa
Wonderful experience! So relaxed and tranquil after visit! Will go again!
July 28th 2018
Rebecca G. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful pedicure! Beautiful, relaxing atmosphere.
I had a pedicure done elsewhere recently because I failed to schedule with Pia in time for my day off work. The pedicure was much less professionally done and the atmosphere there was hurried and loud.
Pia is a much better place. I'll never go anywhere else.
July 27th 2018
Karen | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time at Pia and I have to say I am really impressed . I have been to lots of spa and facial places to get the Microdermabrasion and their technique was by far the best. I highly recommend her to everyone!
July 26th 2018
Arlene M. | South Tampa Spa
As always, a wonderful experience! I just adore my time at Pia. Everyone is super friendly and helpful.
July 24th 2018
CA | South Tampa Spa
Great! We took the couples class. She was patient and a great teacher. She showed us the technique and helped us get it right.
July 22nd 2018
NewMassager | South Tampa Spa
The staff at Pia is absolutely amazing!! I was there to have the waxing done and my esthetician was absolutely fantastic!! Super polite and professional the entire time! I was so pleased with her! I will go again!
July 21st 2018
Rachel T. | South Tampa Spa
She was excellent and very pleasant front desk was polite and efficient.
July 21st 2018
Becky | South Tampa Spa
The massage was very relaxing and professional. With the facial I felt my skin softer and hydrated, really the work was wonderful...!
Thanks Pia Day Spa!
July 19th 2018
MariCris M. | South Tampa Spa