Reviews by Location:

My tech did a fabulous job on my Brazilian! She was very professional and had a delightful personality. Very impressed. Front desk staff was pleasant and sweet.
September 19th 2020
Cherie B. | St. Pete Spa
I been going to my tech for years. Following her to her current location. She truly is the best I have found.
September 19th 2020
Iris | St. Pete Spa
It's always a pleasure to have services rendered at Pia's. From lash extensions to microblading, I've always been well-pleased with the overall service experience and cosmetic result. Most recently, my spa services were with Pia for initial microblading (June) and touch up (Sept). Pia is a PERFECTIONIST - along with great patience and a goal to make you happy - your spa experience will exceed expectations. Now, be ready for some discomfort with the microblading outline or brows process...holy moley. But once the topical anesthetic and a glass of sangria kicked in - I was put at ease, LOL.
Great people...relaxing ambiance...vibing music...nifty gift products...I just enjoy going to Pia's Day Spa!
Dawn W
September 17th 2020
Dawn W. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing service from beginning to end as always. I love my lashes & Pia's is so amazingly great, the lash color last so long. Never without a smile & warm welcome from the front desk staff
September 17th 2020
Donna R. | South Tampa Spa
We had a lovely experience! Thank you for treating us so well!
September 16th 2020
Malika s. | South Tampa Spa
My tech gives a great pedicure and gives me great tips for home foot care as well. I find that every staff member that I come in contact with, is really friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work Pia.
September 16th 2020
Beverly B. | St. Pete Spa
It was amazing! She was so sweet and kind, and made my brows look incredible! I hadn't given them any attention in so long and she made them looks great. In addition to that, the ladies at the front desk were extremely welcoming and friendly. I asked a couple of questions and they were very knowledgeable. Everyone took great care in being sanitary. Everyone was masked up and hand sanitizer was readily available in several areas. I will definitely be back!
September 16th 2020
Stacy V. | St. Pete Spa
The entire experience at Pia Day spa is very enjoyable and relaxing. Pia is very personable and professional. She takes extra care and time getting to know you and understanding the exact look you are wanting to achieve. She is precise and detailed oriented with her work and the results have by far exceeded my expectations. After only one visit, I’ve decided Pia Day Spa is my official “go-to” for any other services they offer as well!
September 16th 2020
Britton H. | South Tampa Spa
My tech was very professional and the wax service was completed practically pain-free and perfectly done!
My brow tint and shape is perfect. Thank you so much!
September 15th 2020
Wendy M. | St. Pete Spa
Excellent customer service! She ensured that I was comfortable and happy with the services. Returning customer 😀
September 14th 2020
Sharon H. | South Tampa Spa
Phenomenal! She was professional and very kind. She made the service very comfortable!
September 14th 2020
Gigi | South Tampa Spa
I took my 11 yo daughter here for the first time to wax her eyebrows (she has very thick, fast-growing dark hair), and my tech was so helpful in keeping her eyebrows age appropriate while making her feel comfortable throughout the process. She did an amazing job too! The last place we went wasn’t able to get all of the hair and she got every last bit that was needed. We will definitely be regulars.
September 13th 2020
Madilyn H. | St. Pete Spa
My husband got me this for a push present and it was an amazing day. Very reasonable priced and very professional staff. Can’t wait to come back!
September 12th 2020
Erin B. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing! She took her time to explain the process & made me feel so at ease! Judith at the front desk was so joyful & helpful to find the products recommended to me. The website FAQ really helped with answering any questions I had. The environment was calming & I would highly recommend to others!
September 12th 2020
Sasha V. | South Tampa Spa
Incredible pedicure! My feet have never been this soft before.
September 12th 2020
Tricia D. | South Tampa Spa
Absolutely fabulous! She always does a wonderful job, and is very professional! She's knowledgeable if you have any questions regarding your service and is extremely kind. You can tell the staff at Pias cares about the comfort of their clientele. I send all my friends to Pias!
September 12th 2020
Alexandra B. | St. Pete Spa
Great tech, pleasant experience. Already booked next appointment. I appreciate her patience and professionalism
September 11th 2020
Lequewill722 | St. Pete Spa
Pia was so kind and incredible! She pays attention to detail and really makes your facial worth the time and money spent! I have never felt so refreshed and my skin is glowing!
September 11th 2020
Giselle P. | South Tampa Spa
My tech was awesome! I explained to her my concerns and she took her time, was very careful and kept checking in on me. Can't wait to go back to her in 3 weeks!
September 11th 2020
Sarah D. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time waxing with Pia. The staff was able to squeeze me into their schedule SUPER last minute and was so kind upon arrival. Spoke with a few of the waxers, they were equally as courteous and friendly. Had an awesome experience with my tech! She was so professional and funny. Definitely will be returning. Thank you all!
September 11th 2020
Emma E. | St. Pete Spa
My tech was very professional, friendly and warm hearted. I’ve had her before and loved her then as well. Her first impression was amazing and made me feel right at home. Pia’s has always been my favorite place to come ( 15 yrs+) to when I need to feel like a new woman again so to you I say THANK YOU!
September 11th 2020
Nicole H. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing. Great job every time. I’ve been using Pia’s for many years, and highly recommend this spa for all beauty needs.
September 10th 2020
Lyndi W. | South Tampa Spa
Today was my first time in and I will be back. I hope to have found my forever salon! Everyone was super nice and professional. The best massage I have had in so many years. Thank you to all.
September 10th 2020
Sandra R. | South Tampa Spa
First time getting a facial here and I was super pleased! Love the homey vibe of the property. It was SO relaxing and my skin felt amazing afterwards, so fresh and soft. Will definitely be back!
September 9th 2020
Dominique E. | St. Pete Spa
I booked a last-minute appointment, and it was such a treat! I felt completely safe, and the pedicure was excellent. So thankful for all of the staff!
September 9th 2020
Julie H. | South Tampa Spa
The staff here is always super friendly and helpful. My technician did an amazing job and made me feel comfortable.
September 9th 2020
Lindsey | South Tampa Spa
My tech was great. She does not cause any pain. Pia’s is the only place I’ve ever been that does not cause pain when waxing. Good job.
September 9th 2020
Elaine L. | St. Pete Spa
I cannot say enough about the Nail Services. She is amazing. She has satin hands and takes her time. It’s like a true spa experience.
September 8th 2020
Pamela M. | South Tampa Spa
My tech gave me the most relaxing and thorough pedicure! She took the time to make sure every part of my toes were trimmed to perfection and she had my heels and callouses smooth long before I enjoyed the wax paraffin treatment that I requested! Of course the massage was spot on as well. If you want your feet to really look like you’ve had a pedicure, book an appointment with her!
September 7th 2020
Cristy B. | St. Pete Spa
My tech did a great job. She was gentle and answered ally questions. Thank you!
September 6th 2020
Angie G. | St. Pete Spa
Awesome and very nice! She was very professional and attentive to my skin care needs. I would definitely recommend Pia Spa!
September 5th 2020
Lovelynn R. | South Tampa Spa
My first visit!!! My tech was great, made me feel relaxed for my waxing, did a great job. My previous ****** *** closed due to Covid. I would highly recommend Pia and her!
September 5th 2020
Kaye P. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing experience! I felt truly safe in this clean and welcoming environment. I will definitely come back!
September 5th 2020
Maisa M. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing! She was very professional and courteous. I felt very comfortable and will definitely be back to see her.
September 5th 2020
Pamela K. | South Tampa Spa
My tech did a great job! She is a perfectionist and made me feel comfortable the whole time.
September 4th 2020
Kandace M. | St. Pete Spa
My tech was so nice and gave me such a relaxing pedicure - love Pia - have been coming here for years and will continue to do so -
September 4th 2020
Laura F. | St. Pete Spa
My tech was great! She is very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable. Thank you!
September 4th 2020
Aubri | St. Pete Spa
The best care and excellent customer service as always! I felt very safe at Pia’s as everyone was wearing masks and following safety protocols to a t.
September 4th 2020
Jenni | South Tampa Spa
Great service, super clean and follows all COVID health and safety standards. Pia is so skilled and personable. I highly recommend you try Pia's Day Spa.
September 4th 2020
Tracie B. | South Tampa Spa
My tech was great. Dont think she’s worked on me before. I will easily repeat service her.

Front desk very friendly.
September 3rd 2020
Sharon W. | St. Pete Spa
This was by far the most special anniversary my wife and I have shared together. Your staff is incredible and we can't wait for the next time to come back. We will definitely recommend Pia Spa S Tampa!
September 3rd 2020
Frank T. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first dermaplaining appointment and it was a great experience! My tech did a wonderful job!
September 3rd 2020
Mindi C. | St. Pete Spa
Pia’s is the absolute best place to get a mani/pedi and wax done. I have been coming for years! They are wonderful and always do a Great job!!!
September 2nd 2020
Tammy | South Tampa Spa
I'm coming back...I even prebooked my next appointment before I left.
September 2nd 2020
jill j. | St. Pete Spa
I just had a baby and was suffering from SEVERE muscular neck pain. Shiela worked through all my neck knots and I immediately felt better! I’ve been going to Pia’s for years and they always exceed my expectations plus it smells really nice in there :)
September 1st 2020
Tiffany M. | South Tampa Spa
M tech was great! It was my first time and she talked me through the whole process. Even though I was nervous, she kept me calm.
September 1st 2020
Karla C. | St. Pete Spa
I had the most amazing experience at Pia’s! They have the best customer service. They are all so sweet, and incredible at what they do. My tech was incredible at waxing. I will never go anywhere else again!
September 1st 2020
Emilie H. | St. Pete Spa
The BEST! Super nice, makes the experience extremely comfortable, quick and as painless as possible! Highly recommended!
August 31st 2020
Rebecca K. | South Tampa Spa
I was given a gift certificate and had never been before. The whole experience was so relaxing! I loved it! Thank you!
August 30th 2020
Katey K. | South Tampa Spa
My facial was amazing!! I’ll definitely be back! Thank you!
August 29th 2020
Hattie N. | St. Pete Spa