I love coming to Pia's. Pia you are the best!!! My husband thinks you are wonderful too!! Your staff is very pleasant also. Happy Holidays to all of you!!

Gigi Alava
November 14th 2005
Gigi A. | South Tampa Spa
I can say nothing but great things about Rosana. She does a great job on pedicures. The actual pedicure is very well done and the overall atmosphere is great. I had been going to another spa for many years for pedicures. For me to change was a big deal, and it is directly because of Rosana and the overall service and friendly atmosphere at Pia's.
November 14th 2005
becky e. | South Tampa Spa
Pia was wonderful! Her bubbly personality and kind nature always makes me feel at ease. I always enjoy my treatments with her. She is very knowledgeable about her field and always gives me good advice!
November 14th 2005
Dulce C. | South Tampa Spa
I love coming to Pia's - your staff is incredible. You always try to accomodate my schedule - you are always on time and very professional...You guys are the best!
November 14th 2005
Teresa R. | South Tampa Spa
I love it, Pia does a great job, and I am completely satisfied everytime. I don't know what I would do without her. Thanks.
November 14th 2005
Meghann M. | South Tampa Spa
Zeyna always makes me feel very comfortable when I am in for my 'waxing' she is quick, thorough, and very friendly!
I had a most relaxing facial this past Saturday!!
I gladly make the drive from Redington Beach, over to Pia's Salon because I know I get friendly and professional service at each visit. And the salon is very inviting with all the candles and lovely colors!!!
Thanks Pia, and Zeyna! I have recommended your spa to all of my friends!
November 14th 2005
debbie S. | South Tampa Spa
I have been going to your salon for a little over a year and am always very happy with the service. I had a bikini wax on Saturday and although it's not my favorite thing to do, Nyla did an excellent job and is always very professional.

Keep up the good work!
November 14th 2005
Beth M. | South Tampa Spa
I was very happy with my whole experience at Pia's! Everyone is friendly and Nayla was great! She's very personable and made me feel completly relaxed during my first wax!
November 14th 2005
Tami P. | South Tampa Spa
As always it's a pleasure to go to Pia for a facial! I can't wait for my next appointment. Lovely people and very professional.
November 14th 2005
Rocio N. | South Tampa Spa
I was very nervous and uncomfortable but Nayla made me feel more at ease and less embarassed. I don't know the ladys name at the from desk but she was very kind as well and explained all the products you sell and made me feel comfortable while I waited.
November 14th 2005
PATTY S. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful time, the massage was excellant and made me very relaxed. The inizio facial was just what I wanted and the estetician was very pleasant and informative. All in all, a very pleasant and enjoyable visit.
November 14th 2005
karen c. | South Tampa Spa
I have always been satisfied at Pia's. Everyone is always nice and professional. Keep up the great work!
November 14th 2005
Natalie | South Tampa Spa
MY overall experience was great. The entire staff was great and very friendly. I enjoyed every minute of the experience.
November 13th 2005
Carole | South Tampa Spa
I had an appointment Nayla for a Brazilian, she did a great job.
November 13th 2005
April | South Tampa Spa
I had a great time at your place. I didn't have to wait for my treatments and your staff was very friendly. I got the pumpkin facial and my face still feels great. I'll definitely be back in the future. Thanks so much!
November 11th 2005
joanie r. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first visit to Pia's and I must say.....very pleasant! Once you enter Pia's you instantly feel that soothing spa atmosphere. I just love that spa smell!! I had the pleasure of meeting Pia and she did an excellent brow wax.....my eye brows are finally straight....YEAH!!! I defintely will be returning and I'm going to tell all my friends & family.
Thanks again for wonderful service.
~Satisfied Customer Rafina Ally
November 10th 2005
Rafina A. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla is wonderful! Always a painless and easy experience. She is so friendly, and I look forward to my monthly appt. to just relax and be pampered. Everyone there is great to deal with!
November 10th 2005
Michele V. | South Tampa Spa
Every experience is wonderful. Friendly and knowledgable staff keeps me coming back every month. Thank you for helping me look my best.
November 10th 2005
Marisa A. | South Tampa Spa
i was incredibly happy with my wax, will definitely be back again!
November 10th 2005
alexa d. | South Tampa Spa
Always warm and friendly, pays attention to detail and makes the visit so enjoyable. I've always been happy with my pedicures with Rosana. Also loved the massager on the seatback. Nice addition!
November 10th 2005
Lisa K. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent job! Made me feel very comfortable. I would highly reccommend her!
November 9th 2005
Melanie | South Tampa Spa
I think your services and staff are wonderful. You are all always upbeat and friendly and very comforting especially considering some of the delicate waxes you do! The building itself is so cute and sunny and just walking in makes me feel pampered. Thanks for being so fun AND professional.
November 9th 2005
Jady | South Tampa Spa
Nayla is my gal. She is gentle, loving and caring. I trust her with all my heart.
November 9th 2005
lynn m. | South Tampa Spa
Great as always! Pia is consistently able to turn a potentially painful experience into an almost pleasurable one! Thanks again!!
November 9th 2005
Anne A. | South Tampa Spa
Fantastic! Always does a great job. Nayla's technique is great and she really has a way of making you feel at comfortable and relaxed. She also introduced me to your wonderful make-up, and skin care products.

The overall service has always been exceptional, and that's what keeps me coming back.
November 9th 2005
Gwen T. | South Tampa Spa
Pia Esthetics provides expert services to their customers in an environment that is professional and relaxing!
November 9th 2005
Julie | South Tampa Spa
Though I have been going to Pia before I meet Nayla, I have to say she is just as thorugh and dedicated as Pia. Love the wax, just wish there is more hours in the day to have more services with both!
Keep up the good work : )
November 9th 2005
Angeles S. | South Tampa Spa
It is a pleasure to go to your salon.
Everyone is really nice and the make you feel right at home. Pia is great as a person and a professional. It is a place I recommend to everybody, and they are always on time. I never have to wait and this is really important for me. The products that you sell are wonderful. I think you are doing an amazing job, keep on doing it.
November 9th 2005
vivi | South Tampa Spa
I really like how all of women do the hollywood wax @ Pia's. I will continue to go to Pia's because it is the best place that I have ever been for a wax.
November 9th 2005
Cori G. | South Tampa Spa
Great service all around. The facial I received was great, the products were also wonderful. Pia is very knowledgeable and it shows in her work.
November 9th 2005
vivian | South Tampa Spa
Nayla did a great job! She kept me at ease during my wax. Thank you! See you again soon.
November 9th 2005
Stephanie K. | South Tampa Spa
the service is always great at pia esthetics. nayla is great at what she does. thanks for the excellent service you give!
November 9th 2005
lyndsey k. | South Tampa Spa
I'm always very happy with the service at Pia's, no matter who helps me. Please keep up the good work:)
November 9th 2005
melissa | South Tampa Spa
As always, Pia did a wonderful job with my waxing appointment. She even took the time after the appointment to do a makeup consultation with Glo makeup,. I travel over 45 minutes to see her, because she is DEFINITELY worth the trip!
November 9th 2005
Angie | South Tampa Spa
First of all everyone is always so pleasant and helpful. I feel very comfortable and welcome whenever I arrive for an appointment. And Nayla is just great!
November 9th 2005
Suz | South Tampa Spa
Pia and her staff are wonderful! Very accommodating when making appointments. They always make you feel comfortable during your visit.
Will never go any where else for waxing!
November 9th 2005
Tina | South Tampa Spa
I think that Nayla gave me the best facial I have ever had in my whole life. You all have a wonderful establishment and I will continue to go to Pia's as long as you will let me. The staff is excellent, the products are superb and the ambiance is the best I have ever experienced. Great job!
November 9th 2005
Crystal W. | South Tampa Spa
I had another incredible wax experience at your establishment! Nyla was wonderful and did a fantastic job. Nyla and Pia are both so professional and the best in the business. I tell everyone I know about them!
November 9th 2005
Becky R. | South Tampa Spa
I would just like to say that I love Pia, she always does a great job with waxing and so did Nayla. I have been sending all my friends to your spa, b/c it is a great place!
November 9th 2005
Shanna H. | South Tampa Spa
I absolutely adored the experience. Much better than any other waxing places in Tampa! Thanks for a painless experience in a great atmosphere!
November 9th 2005
Jessica C. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla was very professional, very thorough. and made the whole procedure very comfortable.
November 9th 2005
Kyle C. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla helped make my first bikini wax much less embarrassing than I thought it would be. She was extremely professional, efficient, and had put me at ease by explaining everything she was doing. I also appreciated her letting me know what a true Brazilian was so that I could avoid it (I originally asked for this but eventually found out that what I really wanted was a Sexy/Hollywood wax!). I also appreciated the after wax instructions I received on my way out. If I do this again, I would definitely come back here.
November 9th 2005
Yvonne | South Tampa Spa
She is awesome. Makes the time go by fast and is gentle as gentle can be for waxing!!!
November 9th 2005
Angie C. | South Tampa Spa
I am always pleased with the quality of service and the professionalism of the staff. Thank you
November 9th 2005
Tammy N. | South Tampa Spa
Pia was great as always. My wax was through and as painless as one can be. The service I receive at Pia's (waxing and receptionist) is truly impressive.
November 9th 2005
Melody B. | South Tampa Spa
Rosana gave me one of the best and most thorough manicures I've ever received! My cuticles look perfect and the polish is also perfect.
November 9th 2005
Gwen S. | South Tampa Spa
This past visit was only the second time I have been to Pia and I must say that I was even more impressed the second time than the first! Everyone there makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. I love the one on one attention, the atmosphere and all of the unique products that I know I can't find anywhere else. The advice given to me for after my treatments has helped the overall apperance of my skin-and that's the BEST bonus of all!
November 8th 2005
Danielle | South Tampa Spa
My last Sphynx wax was great. I did not have any little bumps like I did the first time, and a lot less pain. I was in right before my wedding, so no pain was key! :) Although I have moved out of the area, I will be sure to come back when I am in town and have highly reccomended you to all of my friends back in Tampa! Thanks again!
November 7th 2005
Kristen | South Tampa Spa
Had Sphynx done twice now and completely pleased with the experience. Nothing like what I had been told it would be regarding the pain. Well worth the brief moments of discomfort as the procedure is being done. Pia is sweet and very professional. She chats while working so your concentration is not on what she is doing. She makes you feel completely at ease and comfortable with being exposed as you are. I cannot say enough about the spa as a whole. Everyone has been extraordinarily welcoming and friendly, making it feel more like visiting friends than having a treatment done. I am disabled with a chronic pain disease and they have made every accomodation to meet my needs. Would recommend anyone I know in need of their services.
November 7th 2005
Donna K. | South Tampa Spa
I was very pleased with the service. Nayla was wonderful and did a great job. I already booked my next appointment and told my friends about the place.

November 7th 2005
Lyndy J. | South Tampa Spa