Reviews by Location:

Love my Technician, she's the best! 💜💜💜💜
September 11th 2019
Wendy W. | St. Pete Spa
Quite the pros, bikini waxes are no fun for sure, she helps move things along with your expertise, conversation and quick moving process!
September 11th 2019
Pdane | South Tampa Spa
First time coming for a massage and I will definitely be back! The manicure was wonderful as usual!
September 11th 2019
Kristin B. | South Tampa Spa
A joy. I was very nervous because it had been months since my last wax, and I know that means the procedure will likely be painful. She was so kind and understanding that I hardly felt a thing besides she distracted me with interesting conversation which helped distract me. Made a potentially painful experience a pleasant one and my results are first rate.
September 10th 2019
Carol H. | South Tampa Spa
I had an absolutely lovely experience. I got the Fiji pedicure for my bridal shower this weekend and her energy, the spa treatment and everything I felt so less stressed and plus my toes look great!! Thank you for such a great experience
September 10th 2019
Avarie H. | South Tampa Spa
Had the Dermaplaning treatment done with Pia! and I must say... I had an amazing experience! The front desk was super sweet and very welcoming. Also, there was barely a wait time! Pia took her time with my skin and made sure she fully examined it before starting the treatment. She let me know what she was doing every step of the way and made me feel super relaxed. There definitely was a visible change in the texture and tone of my face... felt like a baby's bottom! Would go back again!
September 10th 2019
Krisha S. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful overall experience. Easy checkin and check out.
A great job on my deep tissue massage!! Wow!
I Am returning to Pia this week for microdermabrasion and plan to be back for additional services in near future.
September 9th 2019
Sharon F. | South Tampa Spa
Always a good experience - skilled, personable staff, cozy, clean environment and efficient service. Thanks!
September 8th 2019
Debra C. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician was great! It was my first Brazilian and she made it easy and was a true professional. T-minus 3 weeks until I see her again!
September 8th 2019
Katie | St. Pete Spa
New experience with Dermaplaning. Wonderful, made my next appointment already.
September 7th 2019
Debra t. | St. Pete Spa
I am new to town and have been choosing a different staff member each time so that I can find someone that I feel comfortable with and who does a good job. My Technician is very personable and friendly. I felt very comfortable with her and she was very easy to talk to. She also did a great job on my wax service and was more attentive to detail work after the strip wax was done than anyone else ever has in my waxing experiences. She is very thorough and I will ask for her specifically when booking my next appointment.
September 7th 2019
Billie S. | St. Pete Spa
This place stands out for professionalism and great customer services. The waxing is exceptional and Pia always does the best facials, she is the best I have ever experience!
I Thank You for your wonderful services.
September 7th 2019
María E. | South Tampa Spa
My Technician is amazing, as always, she is very professional and her waxing skills are impeccable my top two.... the front desk staff is very sweet and does their very best to accommodate each client.
September 7th 2019
Pamela B. | St. Pete Spa
The best massage I've ever had! she knew exactly where to apply pressure and I'm now headache free!
September 7th 2019
Lisa B. | South Tampa Spa
My Technician was wonderful as always! I'll never go anywhere else and I tell my friends about Pia's all the time.
September 6th 2019
Amanda | St. Pete Spa
I love my Technician. She has a great personality and always does an absolutely amazing job.
September 6th 2019
Mariah K. | St. Pete Spa
My experience is always great. I love this place and the staff is A#1
September 6th 2019
Shartell F. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician is amazing!! Can't wait to return and get my brows done again. She has the best attention to detail!
September 5th 2019
Shannon G. | St. Pete Spa
This was the best pedicure I have ever had. My Nail Technician was very thorough with everything she did. Kim is always wearing a smile when I come in there. Thank you Pia for your amazing service!
September 5th 2019
Andrea | St. Pete Spa
Amazing, she took her time and explained everything. My skin looks and feels great!
September 5th 2019
Lauren k. | South Tampa Spa
Another painless experience! She's so quick and makes it as comfortable as possible! I even was able to be seen early!
September 4th 2019
Emily M. | South Tampa Spa
My Technician is amazing!! I never have any anxiety about getting my brows done, and she consistently does a phenomenal job. She is also full of wonderful knowledge on skin care, products and what/when to use everything. I would trust her with any service, and would highly recommend Pia Day Spa for all of your beauty needs :)
September 4th 2019
kate B. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing! Just the right amount of pressure. She really did a great job!
September 4th 2019
Maureen L. | South Tampa Spa
My Massage Therapist was awesome. I got the aromatherapy massage. Loved the hot towels. Her pressure was perfect; firm & relaxing.
September 3rd 2019
Donna | St. Pete Spa
The place was so clean and smell great! The staff was super friendly and offered a sangria to relax before my wax... definitely will be going back for their services.
September 3rd 2019
Veronica S. | South Tampa Spa
My Technician and staff are always professional and friendly and provide excellent service!
September 3rd 2019
Danielle D. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing, she made me feel so comfortable I am definitely coming back...
August 31st 2019
Yesenia A. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing as usual. Pia and her staff have been doing my waxes for 18 years! They are worth the drive from Lakeland.
August 31st 2019
Tina S. | South Tampa Spa
My nail tech was absolutely fantastic! She is so sweet and really took her time and made sure I was comfortable. I got a regular pedicure and my nails and feet look great. Will definitely be back again!
August 31st 2019
Hope S. | South Tampa Spa
The best massage I have ever had! Love coming to Pia and looking forward to more services with my Massage Therapist!
August 31st 2019
Kyla F. | St. Pete Spa
My Nail Technician was awesome as usual! Front desk person is also awesome!
August 31st 2019
Sue | St. Pete Spa
Fantastic! She made it quick and painless while at the same time being professional and just distracting enough to make me feel completely at ease. I'll be back for sure!
August 31st 2019
Karin | St. Pete Spa
Excellent. I will definitely return for my waxing needs. The front desk person was great and friendly.
August 29th 2019
Marie K. | South Tampa Spa
My Technician was wonderful! Informative, nice and provided a very relaxing facial!
August 28th 2019
Christine A. | St. Pete Spa
Exceptionally good waxing service: professional, fast, easy, very nice staff. I have been with Pia Esthetics for 9 years. They are the best! I recommend you to try waxing service with them!
August 28th 2019
Natali | St. Pete Spa
I had such a wonderful time at Pia Spa. My Technician was so helpful and knew exactly how to work with my skin. It was the best facial I've ever received and my skin feels ten times better. Hope to be back soon for another treatment!
August 28th 2019
Rachel S. | St. Pete Spa
My Technicians facial was wonderful! She was caring and gentle while providing great service! Front staff was so welcoming as were all other staff that I interacted with personally. Thank you for a fabulous experience!
August 27th 2019
Christine S. | St. Pete Spa
Great wax as usual! I have been coming to Pia Spa St Pete for over 6 years now. Each technician I have had at Pia's does a great job! My Technician today was personable, thorough and made sure each hair was gone. I will be back very soon!
August 26th 2019
Molli | St. Pete Spa
This is my 3rd time here and I don't want to go anywhere else! The staff is truly amazing and my massage therapist has greatly helped with my chronic back pain.
August 26th 2019
Melissa T. | St. Pete Spa
The staff was very engaging! I really feel like it was not only relaxing it was a very educational experience. The establishment is very clean and it's just a warm welcoming environment. I would recommend this spa to anyone wanting to enjoy a relaxing but informative experience!
August 25th 2019
Laquita | St. Pete Spa
Love your spa and your staff is incredibly nice! I am looking forward to returning soon! Loved the microdermabrasion treatment
August 25th 2019
Annette T. | St. Pete Spa
Wonderful experience! Aromatherapy massage, facial, and chocolate cake pedicure. All amazing! will definitely be back!
August 24th 2019
Candice P. | South Tampa Spa
My Technician is the BEST!
She makes my waxing experience painless, fast and easy, I don't know how she does it.
She makes you feel so comfortable like you know her forever!
Love her!

And the staff is super on point, friendly and professional!
Every time I go there is like going home!
Thank you guys! 😊🤗
August 23rd 2019
Melissa J. | St. Pete Spa
Made sure that my eyelashes were curled and the dye took to them even going over a 2nd time to be certain. Great hand massage as well during the process. Will definitely return again
August 22nd 2019
Jackie M. | South Tampa Spa
I have been coming to Pia day spa for about 1 year. My Technician is the best. She is very caring and tells you what she is doing and is very thorough. Her facials are wonderful.
August 22nd 2019
jody k. | St. Pete Spa
A 5-star experience all around! The Technician was meticulous and a great conversationalist. She suggested an eyebrow tint and I am sooo glad she did... they look amazing! Thank you! The woman at the front desk was very pleasant and helpful.
August 22nd 2019
Lina | South Tampa Spa
My overall experience at Pia was amazing. Both of the ladies that worked the front desk were welcoming, hospitable, and incredibly kind. I was welcomed immediately with a refreshment, and welcomed with beautiful Southern Charm. My Technician was incredibly thorough in both my eyebrow wax and my Brazilian wax. My eyebrows look bomb and so does everything else. She really took the extra time to make sure that I was satisfied with my results and did a great job. She and I also had awesome conversations and I loved being her client. Would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a quality experience with quality staff!
August 21st 2019
Anna L. | St. Pete Spa
My first Dermaplaning with my Technician. My skin feels so smooth. Still tingling. My makeup went on so smoothly. Next time I'll make a longer apt so I can enjoy the relaxing arm massage.
My Technician is a great.
August 21st 2019
Katharine | St. Pete Spa
I choose Pia South Tampa because I am always very well taken care of and the level and quality of service is important to me. They always have a time slot for me and it's a pleasant, quiet and clean environment to be in. These are the reasons I keep coming back.
August 21st 2019
Silvana A. | South Tampa Spa
Absolutely amazing! I've been coming to see her for awhile now. She takes such great care of you and your face. She takes her time, pampers you, and makes you feel like a million dollars. She is also such a nice person inside and out. My Mom even goes to see her too. Thank you for all you do!
August 21st 2019
Carissa D. | South Tampa Spa