My Technician was wonderful. She listened to my concerns and was able to modify and do a great job. She explained the process, what it would feel like and then talked through each step along the way. I felt very comfortable and had little to no redness due to waxing.
Thank you.
February 5th 2020
Kristina M. | St. Pete Spa
I always enjoy my visit to Pia Day Spa! Every staff member is professional and kind, and I'm always pleased with my results!
February 5th 2020
Michelle R. | South Tampa Spa
I've been very hesitant having my wax services with a different specialist but my technician is awesome! She's very efficient and makes the wax service as painless as she can. Thanks!
February 5th 2020
Sam | St. Pete Spa
Absolutely wonderful experience from start to finish. I had a little bit of a difficult time finding the location because my GPS was telling me it was across the street. It felt very comfortable, and all of the staff was incredibly warm & friendly. I will definitely look to recommend to others, as well as come back in the future!
February 2nd 2020
Rachel Y. | St. Pete Spa
She is very knowledgeable and professional. I have had her twice now for Microdermarasion and I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep! She also gave my eyelashes a much needed lift and tint, and they look incredible. Would highly recommend❤
February 2nd 2020
Faih M. | South Tampa Spa
All I can say, is that I LOVE this place. What is most comforting is the TRUST I have and know that I am heard and any recommendation at Pia's is an honest one.
February 2nd 2020
julie s. | South Tampa Spa
I'm very happy with my Brazilian waxes with my Technician. She makes sure everything is on point & makes it as painless as possible. I would highly recommend her for your waxing services. I've been coming to Pia's for years and everyone does a great job at waxing. I would never go anywhere else, they are the best!

Maria at the front desk always has a smile on her face and makes sure you are well taken care of from start to finish. I always appreciate the yummy glass of sangria when I check in too!
February 2nd 2020
Lynne | St. Pete Spa
My technician does a perfect job on my brows and my daughter and I love her!
February 1st 2020
Lisa | St. Pete Spa
Wonderful experience! The woman at Front desk (sorry, didn't get your name) was super friendly and she was even able to accommodate for an extra service. I am so grateful as i had it scheduled for next day and would have had to come back. My Tech was fantastic. Super friendly and my lashes and brows look great. Thanks to everyone!
February 1st 2020
Laura L. | South Tampa Spa
My Technician is an absolute doll. She is gentle and kind. She is extremely knowledgeable about the treatments and products. I had my very first facial with her today. She did an amazing job and answered all my follow up questions and educated me on future treatments. I will be back again for more services in the very near future. Thank you!
February 1st 2020
Angie G. | St. Pete Spa
My Massage Therapist is very professional. He was up front and honest about what he believed I needed instead of what I thought I needed when I came to a deep tissue massage. He also gave me tips at home with how to help with my main issues. I have had many deep tissue massages in the past and it was by far one of the best. I came in with a gift card originally as a one and done massage but scheduled another one when I left and plan to continue to go back!
February 1st 2020
Monica M. | St. Pete Spa
Love this place!! Just started coming here about 3 months ago! Everyone is so kind and genuine! I would recommend this place to all my friends!!
January 31st 2020
Ana I. | South Tampa Spa
This location is my favorite and my go to technician and she is always pleasant and knows exactly how I like my feet and hands!!
January 31st 2020
Arlita L. | South Tampa Spa
The staff were absolutely amazing and professional at Pia. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The massage was hands down the best massage I've ever experienced. The facial used top products and top rated techniques and technology. I will definitely be coming back soon.
January 30th 2020
Beth | South Tampa Spa
My Technician is very conscientious and caring. She does a great job and always makes my skin feel and look great.
January 28th 2020
Jody K. | St. Pete Spa
Easy to get to, easy to park, easy to check in. The building was spacious and comfortable and very clean. I was promptly greeted and brought back for my eyebrow wax in a big, bright room that was very clean. My technician was very, very friendly and wanted to be sure I was satisfied - I was! It was quick, affordable, and high-quality all around. I will definitely be back and will definitely be trying out some other services, too!
January 26th 2020
Keely | St. Pete Spa
I was so nervous coming in but omg this place is amazing. My first time dermaplaning and honestly I can't wait to do it again. My Technician was a dream and made sure I was comfortable.
January 25th 2020
Breannaa | St. Pete Spa
Pia Esthetics Day Spa is absolutely wonderful! I have had nothing but amazing experiences when I visit and am always so happy with my results!
January 23rd 2020
Cosmo | South Tampa Spa
I was struggling with an online issue and they called me back. Very politely dealt with my issue.
Great Customer service
January 23rd 2020
Bethshan M. | South Tampa Spa
My Technician was great. My facial was relaxing and just what I needed. Would definitely come back to this spot.
January 23rd 2020
Jessica t. | St. Pete Spa
Over all good experience. My Technician is very thorough and detailed. Very pleasant.
January 23rd 2020
Amie | St. Pete Spa
Fantastic pre natal massage. Can't wait to go back as I continue my pregnancy
Very knowledgeable and understanding.
January 22nd 2020
Canaan | South Tampa Spa
My first time going to Pia Day Spa and had a great experience!
January 22nd 2020
Lydia L. | South Tampa Spa
What an incredible experience. My Technician was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and made me feel so comfortable. The facial itself was incredible as was the service, massage, and products used. Will 110% be returning!
January 21st 2020
Leah C. | St. Pete Spa
I couldn't purchase online so I called and they were VERY helpful and patient over the phone and I got my order covered for some gift cards!
January 21st 2020
Lisa M. | St. Pete Spa
The staff at Pia was very professional and welcoming!
my technician did an amazing job on my relaxation facial! She was very accommodating and took great care to make sure I was completely relaxed throughout the visit. I'll definitely be back!!!
January 21st 2020
Margie B. | South Tampa Spa
Sol is the best! A true professional with a warm personality!!
January 18th 2020
Betsy | South Tampa Spa
Enjoyed talking with the front desk girl, she was so informative and such a pleasure! My massage was amazing! Felt so relaxed when I left after a long day at work.
January 18th 2020
Michelle B. | South Tampa Spa
What a wonderful day I had at Pia. The Dermaplane facial by my technician was not only relaxing but so great for my skin. She was thorough with the whole process (dermaplaning, extractions, massage) and I love my results! I also had a gel manicure and Fiji pedicure by my technician and it was lovely. My nails look so good and it was very relaxing. She made me feel so comfortable and did everything she could to make sure I was enjoying my time there. Even the front desk check in and out was quick, efficient, and pleasant thanks to her. Great job by all the staff I came in contact with today. I can't wait to come back!
January 17th 2020
Morgan C. | South Tampa Spa
I love Pia day spa! Thanks for helping me move my appointment around, and thanks to Pia for walking me through eyebrow tinting. I love the results! I'll be back soon!
January 16th 2020
Jessica | South Tampa Spa
It was my first time in and I was warmly welcomed and felt very comfortable and informed as to what to expect and what to do after.
January 16th 2020
Kaitlin C. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician was great! Very easy to talk to and she shared advice on helping me with my dry heels. She inquired often to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed. I especially enjoyed the paraffin dip. The spa is adorable and the service was fantastic! I'm so pleased with my pedicure!
January 16th 2020
Megan | St. Pete Spa
Great experience all around. I come regularly and have never been disappointed, rather, every time again positively surprised how professional, courteous, and friendly everybody is. One more comment to the meticulous cleanliness of the treatment rooms as well as the common area. I am a stickler for hygiene and uncompromising cleanliness at a place where personal services are performed, and I can only say, my expectations have been consistently exceeded. Thank you so much for a great and painless experience!
January 15th 2020
Karin A. | St. Pete Spa
I love this spa. I have been a client for several years. Highly recommend it.
January 15th 2020
Cynthia | St. Pete Spa
My Technician was wonderful! Quick and painless! Thanks! I'll be back!!
January 15th 2020
Molly | St. Pete Spa
From the moment I opened the door, the exotic and calming aroma of Pia day spa completely reorganized my mood. Like most Monday's, i was scratching off the to-do list and carrying on about my priorities and what would come next. As I walked in, however, I was greeted with a large smile emminating from a kind face behind the desk- and everything seemed to just slow down A little. The wonderful fragrance was harmonized with beautiful and relaxing music, which made me reminisce of places in my past that were beautiful and carefree.
And this, coming from someone who was just there to purchase a gift certificate! I can only imagine what the full experience must be like at this place.. Perhaps one day I shall partake, but for now, back to the real world and on to my next task. Thank you Pia, for at least allowing me to "pause" my day for just a few minutes and breath it all in!
January 13th 2020
G.B. | South Tampa Spa
It's a very seamless experience. From entering the reception area, to the facial to the end, it was excellent. The specialists are lovely people and the ambience is perfect for relaxing with the lovely music and aroma. The facial cleared up my skin and left it feeling silky smooth. I will definitely be coming back. It left me feeling fresh and ready to tackle my day head on. Thank you for the lovely service!
January 11th 2020
Homam Z. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent service! Professional and friendly staff. The quality of both my facial and massage surpass most experiences I've had. Both relaxing and therapeutic. I will be coming back!
January 11th 2020
Patty | St. Pete Spa
Pias is never a disappointment! Absolutely the best facial in St Pete.
January 11th 2020
Kelly H. | St. Pete Spa
The experience at Pia is always excellent with a warm and cozy atmosphere. The Nail Tech is wonderful and my pedicure always turn out perfect and lasts a long time.
January 9th 2020
Karen C. | South Tampa Spa
My Technician was amazing! She was able to answer all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. This was my first time getting eye lash extensions and I am so happy I had her to make this experience great.
January 9th 2020
Ariel C. | St. Pete Spa
I loved my recent visit to Pia's! It was my first time experiencing any spa services and it will not be my last. Thanks to the Front Desk and the two Technicians for taking great care of me and making my day wonderful!!!
January 5th 2020
Spencer C. | St. Pete Spa
My experience at Pias was wonderful as always. My Technician gives a great facial, she is very thorough & attentive to your needs. She makes sure you're time is well spent. I left feeling very relaxed & refreshed. I would highly recommend her for facials as she is very knowledgeable of skin care and gives great tips!
January 5th 2020
Stacey C. | St. Pete Spa
I had a wonderful facial and eyebrow waxing. She did an excellent job and I left looking and feeling great. This is my second facial here and I will be back for more! Highly recommend!
January 4th 2020
Christine H. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing. She knew how to adjust pressures and made me feel so comfortable. I know I dosed off a couple of times. I will definitely keep going to Pia and book her.
January 4th 2020
Vilma R. | South Tampa Spa
My Technician always does an amazing job with my wax services!
The woman at the front desk was very friendly and warm as well.
I love coming to Pia Esthetics and will not go anywhere else.
January 3rd 2020
Lisa V. | St. Pete Spa
Fantastic & relaxing experience. Great customer service from the front desk to the product knowledge and leaving Pia refreshed. My Technician was great and so knowledgeable when it came to my skin concerns and making me feel relaxed after not having a facial in years. Would highly recommend and will be coming back for times to come!
January 3rd 2020
Jackie | St. Pete Spa
I had an amazing day yesterday, my first time at Pia, will definitely not be my last. The staff was wonderful, very friendly, unlike so many other places in South Tampa. I had the best massage and best Mani pedi I've ever had. You've just earned a new client. Thank you!!
January 3rd 2020
Tabitha | South Tampa Spa
Always professional and every aesthetician I've seen does an amazing job
January 3rd 2020
Virginia R. | South Tampa Spa
Quick and painless experience - highly recommend and would come again!
January 2nd 2020
Kelly | St. Pete Spa