Reviews by Location:

It was a nice experience, as always. I showed up early and was promptly taken care of. I also like the ease of confirming the appointment online and having the choice to automatically have it update on your calendar.
February 2nd 2010
Shelly F. | South Tampa Spa
I went into Pia Esthetics to have a Full Brazillian Wax done, and came out very satisfied. Nayla made me feel very at home, and was comforting throughout the whole process. She kept the conversation going to help get the focus off of the pain. I will 100% be back in a couple weeks for another wax. Also, she introduced me to a sugar scrub product that is easy to use and smells delicious. Very great experience.

February 1st 2010
Brittney M. | South Tampa Spa
The massage was great! This was my first massage ever, actually. The room was so beautiful and peaceful, and the massage itself was perfect. I left feeling totally relaxed. :)
January 31st 2010
Amanda W. | South Tampa Spa
1st time customer. She was very professional and efficient with her task. Overall pleased, wish I would have done this sooner, and I plan to continue to visit Pia on a recurring basis...
January 31st 2010
Carrie F. | South Tampa Spa
Awesome services. I have very stubborn eyebrows, but very sensitive skin. I can't count the number of times I've walked out of other places with terrible red marks that take days to heal. Not at Pia!! I'll never go anywhere else again!
January 29th 2010
Jennifer | South Tampa Spa
Hi There. Would just like to take the time to say that I absolutely loved your day spa, unfortunately I live in Australia and wont be able to visit anymore!

She knows what she is doing and she is excellent at explaining and talking me through my problems and helping me figure out options on how I could fix my skin. I feel that she genuinely wants to help her clients. She is a friendly, outgoing and funny girl and very easy to get along with. After my eyelash extensions I came back 2 more times for a microdermabrasion and facial because I felt she was someone that knew what she were doing and could help me with my skin problems.

As for the spa itself. It has a fantastic feel and ambience to it. Very well presented and marketed and feels very fresh. I felt the staff were well trained and very experienced in what they are doing.

Thank you for the fantastic experience and I hope that I can either come back one day, or you open up in Australia :)

January 28th 2010
Hanya H. | South Tampa Spa
she is an excellent massage therapist, thought she knew a lot about how the body works and worked out a lot of the details on my aching body. The spa room was pleasent and everyone seemed friendly. I would def. recommend it to other athletes and yes friends too.
January 23rd 2010
dror v. | South Tampa Spa
As always, Emmy was professional, courteous and did a great job! Pia's is by far the best for all waxing needs.
January 22nd 2010
Cynthia | South Tampa Spa
My eyebrow wax with Ericca was great! I don't live anywhere near Pia, but am happy to make the drive because waxing is always such a fast and easy experience there. Plus, I found some new products to try while I was in! Thanks!
January 22nd 2010
Liz B. | South Tampa Spa
I love Pia!!! It is impecably maintained and a truly relaxing experience. My experiences have always been fantastic. The staff is always kind and professional. The pedicures are amazing. Pia pays special attention to cleanliness with their use of their stainless steel giant bowls. I love that they do this since it is so much more sanitary than other nail salons.
January 20th 2010
Catherine C. | South Tampa Spa
I love pia & all the ladies that work there. I always leave feeling pampered & well taken care of. Erica is great & I would recommend her to anyone.
January 16th 2010
Kelly V. | South Tampa Spa
I have been in Tampa for thirty odd years and have been to many spas over the years. You have a great staff and I have been thoroughly impressed with the overall experience. I can't say enough good things about Szilvia, she is truly expert in her field.
January 16th 2010
Holly A. | South Tampa Spa
Loved my Perfect Mani and Pedi! Alexandra did a great job and made some great suggestion for my problem cuticles.

Thanks Pia
January 15th 2010
Kelley J. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first Brazilian wax and I was so nervous but I had heard such wonderful things about Pia that I decided this was the place to try :). I\'m so glad I did, not only was the staff welcoming not to mention their delicious sangria really helped but Paola was so amazing! I will definitley be becoming a regular and telling all my friends about you guys!
January 15th 2010
Jennifer M. | South Tampa Spa
I am hooked on Pia! Ericca did a wonderful job waxing me. As with the others there, I felt comfortable having her wax me. Being new to the area, she suggested new spots for me to check out and had a lovely conversation while getting waxed.

Feels strange to say but waxing has become a fun and relaxing time for me. Thank you.
January 13th 2010
Angela M. | South Tampa Spa
Ive been in your South Tampa spa 3 times now...each time the experience begins with the wonderful aromatic smell and the warm welcome from the receptionist. I go there for back/shoulder waxing and although this is a painful experience, your warm and kind staff always makes me feel comfortable and welcome. Thank you ladies for what you do, this painful waxing experience really does make all the difference in my appearance, and I appreciate all you do.
January 13th 2010
Robert L. | South Tampa Spa
The pedicure service was fantastic! The ladies were so nice and did an excellent job. I have recommended the spa to many of my friends and will definitely continue coming back. Thanks for a great experience Pias!!
January 10th 2010
Rachael L. | South Tampa Spa
I always enjoy coming to Pia in South Tampa! So much, I brought a friend with me this last time. We love the overall look and feel that Pia gives. We love the Sangria!! I was away for the holidays and had a pedi while in NY and I tell you what, from the very beginning of the pedi, I was dreaming of Pia :) Love your spa and will begin to look at your other offers... waxing, massages, etc.
January 10th 2010
Angela M. | South Tampa Spa
My overall experience at Pia was excellent. I had a brazilian wax and the employee was very professional and it was as quick and painless as possible. The masseuse was also very professional and she chatted with me just enough but also let me have time to relax silently. Both were very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I hope to have the chance to come back soon!
January 9th 2010
Caitlin | South Tampa Spa
January 9th 2010
ALLI M. | South Tampa Spa
I had my first ever bikini wax a month ago and
second one this week. Both technicians did what they could to reduce the pain. Also, both did a great job of explaining the hair cycle and after care. Very happy with both ladies and Pia's in general.
January 7th 2010
Mary K. | South Tampa Spa
as always i had a great experience! all the employees are friendly and very skilled at what they do...I will continue to use Pia's over and over again!
January 6th 2010
Kimberly W. | South Tampa Spa
I always have a wonderful experience at Pia's. My waxing was very good, pretty painless, actually. She was careful and thorough and pleasant. She was also very honest. I had inquired about adding another service and because my skin was extremely sensitive she advised against it. Pia was also very helpful in discussing some issues I was having with my skin due to a new skin care regime and gave me a sample product to try. Even though I was using another skin care clinic, they were sensitive to my concerns and caring and helpful to me. They always make you feel special here.
January 6th 2010
Lynne B. | South Tampa Spa
Paola was fantastic. I had a completely bare bikini wax with her. She was very personable and never made me feel uncomfortable. She was very thorough and made sure no hair was somewhere it shouldn't be. She used both hard and regular wax to get all the hair out, making the experience even more comfortable.
Very personable and professional - I highly recommend!
January 5th 2010
Rachel | South Tampa Spa
I had another wonderful experience at your facility, you have the best waxing tech., Ana. She is extremely knowledgable and very skilled in her profession. Thank you so much for the quality of care.
January 4th 2010
Christina J. | South Tampa Spa
Even though I am going in for a wax, it is always an enjoyable experience at Pia Day Spa. The staff is always warm & knowledgeable about products and always makes me feel at ease. I will never go anywhere else for services.
January 4th 2010
Kayleigh M. | South Tampa Spa
I have been coming to Pia's for over 5 years now and I have to say that my overall experience with them is ALWAYS outstanding! I drive 30 mins out of my way to continue going to them, and always recommend them to all my friends. I love my Pia Family!
January 2nd 2010
Antonia T. | South Tampa Spa
Just great! The most comfortable bikini wax I've had. She was personable and professional; I will continue doing business with her!
January 2nd 2010
Lisa J. | South Tampa Spa
Great experience. Paola was a delight and very pleasant. She explained every step with helpful information on how to continue my everyday management of my face. ThankYou again. I will be back soon.
December 3rd 2009
Joyce L. | South Tampa Spa
First, I have to tell you I drive from Temple Terrace because I absolutly love Pia. She makes the total experience of a waxing, so comfortable and pleasant. She is so sweet and engaging that I no longer dread the experience. The salon is so homey and cozy. I come in, have a glass of wine and feel like I am in someone\'s home. The entire experience is a positive one! Thank you Pia!....You are GREAT!
December 1st 2009
Nancy B. | South Tampa Spa
The experience was perfect. I regularly get waxes done at Pia's but this was the first time that I had a massage and manicure and pedicure at your location. Everything was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and am looking forward to booking all of the services again. The massage on the nice warm massage table on a chilly fall day was perfect and so relaxing. And the mani/pedi with the complimentary sangria was absolutely wonderful. I can't think of a better way to spend the day....and I will be making it known to all that a day at Pia's is on my Christmas list.
December 1st 2009
Crystal | South Tampa Spa
This was the first bikini wax I've had at PIA and it was best I've ever had done. The esthetician was extremely professional with excellent technique. I definitely will be back as soon as it grows in!
November 30th 2009
Shannon K. | South Tampa Spa
I went for a chocolate day and had a great time. It was very relaxing. The staff is extremely friendly and professional.
November 28th 2009
Angela N. | South Tampa Spa
Pia was wonderful; so professional, knowledgeable. Never feel rushed and the care she gives clients is the best. Love going there and being pampered.
November 25th 2009
Barbara T. | South Tampa Spa
Quiet and relaxing atmosphere, courteous and efficient staff, and more than satisfactory results. I will definitely return and recommend to friends!
November 24th 2009
Stacey L. | South Tampa Spa
My first time at Pia was amazing. I will be back. The staff was wonderful and Michelle did and excellent job. I would recommed to any of my friends or family. I plan on making and appointment for both my Mother and I over the Holidays.
November 20th 2009
Melissa B. | South Tampa Spa
Ericca and the staff were Great! I always feel welcomed and comfortable. I have been 4-5 times and I have had great experiences.

Thank You!
November 19th 2009
Heather D. | South Tampa Spa
First time customer and I am hooked! I just moved to this area and was leary about finding a new waxer. Nila (spelling) was amazing! I have never NEVER come out of a waxing with all the hair gone. I was immediately comfortable with her and am pleased as punch at the amazing job she did on me. I will be back.
November 18th 2009
Angela M. | South Tampa Spa
I had a bikini wax and a pedicure and both were exceptional! Sylivia I believe was my pedicure and a gal from the dominican republic was my bikini wax. They both were so great. right on time....exceptional service.
thank you for the wonderful experince.
you all deserve praise
November 18th 2009
Becky H. | South Tampa Spa
My first time visiting Pia's was a wonderful delight!
Alex gave me a pedicure which was both relaxing and thurough. The products she used were wonderful & I even purchased some.
Megan at the front desk was sweet and friendly.
The faciliy was extremely clean and allowed my senses to appreciate the gentle smells & music.
I loved my experience there and am looking forward to my next visit!
November 18th 2009
Meg S. | South Tampa Spa
Loved pia's since the first day. Every person that I've come in contact with there is friendly and helpful. They always offer products that can be used at home to help with whatever service you're receiving.
November 18th 2009
Sylvia B. | South Tampa Spa
I recently received a Hollywood wax and Espresso Pedicure, both services were excellent and efficient. The overall, experience of the salon is comforting and relaxing. Every time I enter the salon for my reserved services, I always wish I had scheduled additonal services because I\'m relaxed and want to continue to enjoy it. Thank you Pia.
November 16th 2009
Shannon O. | South Tampa Spa
Such a great facial! Skin looked terrrifc and people commented for days afterward how good my skin looked!
November 13th 2009
Cathy H. | South Tampa Spa
Great job, great setting and atmosphere. Pia did a wonderful job and is very personable! Thanks... I don't have to keep searching for good service anymore.
November 13th 2009
Rani | South Tampa Spa
I came in on my day off with a friend. We both received manicures and pedicures. It was a great experience. The woman who did my nails did an amazing job. This was my first manicure and pedicure in a very long time and my nails look great. I will definitely be back.
November 13th 2009
Rachael L. | South Tampa Spa
I had a great experience with Pia! She is so knowledgeable and personable and my eyebrows have never looked better! I have been to many waxers over the years and Pia outshines them all. I will absolutely recommend Pia's to all of my friends.
November 11th 2009
Debbie A. | South Tampa Spa
I was very nervous for my wax but felt very comfortable. It was very professional and I will definitely come back!
November 11th 2009
Jennifer M. | South Tampa Spa
Today i had a facial microdermabrasion,45min. I really enjoied the treatment and it was the best i received in Tampa. Paola was very Kind and professional, providing very good advices. See you next time...
November 6th 2009
Tiziana E. | South Tampa Spa
FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS! The spa is super cute, and the staff is friendly and warm. And by far, Orit was one of the best massages I've had. Excellent service, and I'm amazed that I could get a same-day appointment. Thank you!!
November 6th 2009
Emily P. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first time at Pia and I absolutely loved it! The staff were professional, yet friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere was exactly what I needed. My wax, brow shaping and lash tint are all top-notch, and I will most definitely be returning for additional services in the future.
November 1st 2009
Anna | South Tampa Spa