A relaxing experience!! I had a pedicure but left feeling as if I had a total spa day. My esthetician was not only sweet but gave me a great pedicure. I look forward to my next visit.
December 12th 2018
Beverly B. | St. Pete Spa
I love Pia! Been going to her for years and she truly is the BEST! I trust her to make my eyebrows look so great and always get the best compliments.
December 12th 2018
Taylor R. | South Tampa Spa
Great customer service upon entry. Pia, herself is just amazingly kind and down to earth
December 11th 2018
Donna M. | South Tampa Spa
I've been a long time customer and just love the ladies at Pia!
December 11th 2018
Skylar T. | South Tampa Spa
Never had a gel manicure before. Love the results! It's so smooth I can see my reflection in my nails
December 10th 2018
Bethany C. | South Tampa Spa
Absolutely the best! I have yet to receive a better manicure anywhere else:) A definite go to for your manicure and pedicures!!
December 9th 2018
Kim P. | South Tampa Spa
I am always greeted with a smile and a hello when I enter the spa. It starts my experience in a delightful mood, which is heightened by the calming music and pleasant fragrance wafting through the spa. My esthetician greeted me with a smile and took me upstairs to the room. She is sweet, polite and easy to talk to. She is an expert and efficiently waxed my brows and tinted them in about 25 mins. I was thrilled with the results and will return in a couple of weeks for a facial. This place is the best place in Tampa Bay to go for all your beauty needs. I highly recommend.
December 9th 2018
Evelie R. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician was amazing! Very knowledgeable and super helpful. Cannot wait to go back! :)
December 8th 2018
Lina | St. Pete Spa
Great service, friendly staff and exceptional facial! Loved it.
December 8th 2018
Erica | South Tampa Spa
The spa is lovely, welcoming and relaxing. My massage was wonderful!
December 7th 2018
JoEllen V. | South Tampa Spa
Very friendly and accommodating staff. I had the perfect mani-pedi. The facility is charming and clean. Will definitely go back.
December 5th 2018
Anne | South Tampa Spa
Had a great massage. Very relaxing and my sore shoulder felt much better afterwards! Especially appreciated the stretch tips that she gave me after the massage. Will definitely be back again! 😃
December 2nd 2018
Rob K. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful! Very happy with the overall experience. I would highly recommend Pia
November 30th 2018
Carol W. | South Tampa Spa
Absolutely lovely. She created a relaxing environment for my revitalize facial and took all of my concerns into consideration - even going so far as adding an exfoliating mask to my chest when I told her I was experiencing breakouts. The pressure she used was perfect - light enough to be relaxation but not enough to question if her movements were effective. Plus, shes so sweet. The Receptionist was also very professional and the whole staff is so sweet and happy. I love Pia's, miss you guys!
November 30th 2018
Taylor | South Tampa Spa
Happy customer as always. My Tech was great! Very sweet and personable. You can tell she took her time to make sure the waxing was perfect but still made me feel comfortable. It was a cold day so she turned on the heating pad, loved it. Very happy with my experience. The receptionist was super nice.
November 30th 2018
Valerie | South Tampa Spa
Always a wonderful experience! Pia is so talented. Highly recommended.
November 29th 2018
Suzanne | South Tampa Spa
I visited the South Tampa location for the first time and loved it! Very welcoming front desk. Pia was my esthetician and she is wonderful!
November 28th 2018
Rebecca H. | South Tampa Spa
This was the first time my boyfriend and I went to a couples massage class and Jeff was so knowledgeable! He uses his background in physical therapy and knowledge of the muscle system to show us how to provide relief for each other. Knowing what not to do also has helped us tremendously!
November 28th 2018
Audrey D. | St. Pete Spa
I've been coming here since I moved to Tampa almost 10 years ago and never thought I'd find a comparable replacement for the place I went in Chicago. I've been happy with all of the pros at Pia.
November 27th 2018
Beth | South Tampa Spa
As usual, my pedicure was excellent. It was relaxing. Nothing but the BEST treatment.
November 27th 2018
Jax | South Tampa Spa
Great experience. Very friendly staff! I did not have to wait more than 5 minutes in the waiting room. Convenient location, and prices are very reasonable!
November 25th 2018
Susan l. | St. Pete Spa
Fantastic. We have never been to PIA before, And we were pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a lot of pretension and hard selling of product. Instead we found professionals that are passionate about what they do, yet very responsive to our comfort level and their needs. We will most definitely be back.
November 24th 2018
Kt | South Tampa Spa
New to town and found this spa. Excellent service! Very clean. Extremely happy with my pedicure and getting to talk with my Technician! I will definitely be back!
November 24th 2018
Rebecca L. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first experience with dermaplaning and I will have to say, I'm hooked. My esthetician did an awesome job and my skin has never looked better!
November 21st 2018
Karen T. | St. Pete Spa
A wonderful full body massage. The pace, the touch, the way she moved from one body section to another were like a ballet.
November 20th 2018
Sandy O. | South Tampa Spa
This spa is so cozy and welcoming! I love the location and the whole vibe. My esthetician brightens my day and she makes the waxing experience as painless as possible.
November 20th 2018
Kelly O. | St. Pete Spa
Everything was excellent as usual. Pia continues to be the only place I will go for waxing. I've started adding massages - the entire experience is wonderful.
November 20th 2018
Lauren M. | South Tampa Spa
Very friendly and helpful. The lady explained what she was going to do before she waxed my eyebrows and made sure I liked it afterwards. Great experience!
November 19th 2018
Kennedy G. | South Tampa Spa
Awesome! I rarely get to go the Spa but every time it is so worth it. Thank you
November 19th 2018
Rosa | South Tampa Spa
Exceptional Service!!!!

My favorite place to get away from reality::)))
November 19th 2018
Antonia P. | South Tampa Spa
My Tech was very sweet & focused on my skin concerns. Great facial! Can't wait to go back!
November 17th 2018
Adrianna K. | South Tampa Spa
She is a wonderful esthetician and does a superb job. I will only see her when I go for a facial! The receptionist is friendly and helpful. The spa is quaint and relaxing. Always a great experience at Pia!
November 17th 2018
Lisa O. | South Tampa Spa
Absolutely fantastic! I had a massage, facial, and manicure & pedicure. All of it was top notch, professional & amazing! Thank you
November 16th 2018
Katie B. | South Tampa Spa
Pia's is always so wonderful and has the best products. I used to go to another spa, but used Pia's in a pinch. Now I'll never have to go back to my old place.
November 13th 2018
Sarah W. | St. Pete Spa
Love the staff at Pia's! I have been coming here for several months now and the service is always impeccable. The staff is amazing! The front desk team is always super happy and friendly. Pia's is hands down the best spa in Tampa.
November 11th 2018
Ashley W. | South Tampa Spa
What a great girls day! Such a clean, relaxing, and inviting spa. The techs were amazing, patient, kind, and make you feel super comfortable!
November 11th 2018
michele W. | South Tampa Spa
I've been here a few times and I always have a great experience.
November 9th 2018
Lauren | South Tampa Spa
Another perfect Pia experience. Microdermabrasion after a fantastic body scrub. I love love love everyone here!
November 9th 2018
Kelly F. | South Tampa Spa
My brows look great! The prior place I was going to kept taking the tails up! After growing them out for a few months, they now look perfect again!
November 7th 2018
Denise S. | South Tampa Spa
my massage therapist was excellent. Thanks so much . I definitely will schedule with her again. My pedicure was great as well.😎
November 4th 2018
Kayla | South Tampa Spa
What a wonderful experience. From the time I walked in the door until I walked out - I felt welcomed and in good hands. This was my first professional waxing experience and it was flawless! I was always at ease and comfortable. Thank you for such a great first experience.

I will do it all over again, and again and again!!
November 4th 2018
Angela M. | South Tampa Spa
What a great experience. The receptionist was friendly and helpful, and made me feel welcomed. The Massage Therapist gave me a wonderfully relaxing massage and was very professional and friendly. My Esthetician was also very professional and friendly, and gave me an exceptional facial. I plan to return to Pia in South Tampa.
November 1st 2018
Kathryn | South Tampa Spa
How do I express my joy:
One warm neck wrap
One warm eye pillow
One nice blanket
One pillow to hug
One glass of sangria
AND a spa pro that I love to see!
Cheers and THANK YOU!
November 1st 2018
Lorena R. | South Tampa Spa
I had the most relaxing time at Pia Spa! The massage was just what I needed and she relaxed every part that was tense. I would 100% recommend her and the spa to my friends! My Nail Technician was also fantastic and I love my nails!
October 31st 2018
Priscila L. | South Tampa Spa
I've been going to Pia's for 8 years now and I just really can't say enough wonderful things about the staff. I'm always completely satisfied with the quality of the service. I highly recommend them!
October 31st 2018
Jamie M. | St. Pete Spa
Pia Esthetics is my go to spot! Before I found Pia's, I had bad experiences with waxing so I had always been cautious about who I would use. I know with the professionalism I experience at Pia's & how extensively the staff are trained I'd be in good hands with any one of the team members!
October 30th 2018
Katie | St. Pete Spa
For a first timer they made me feel comfortable and welcomed.! The facility was very clean and welcoming
October 29th 2018
Yolanda R. | South Tampa Spa
A consummate professional - great service as always - front desk staff very helpful as well
October 28th 2018
Ellen H. | South Tampa Spa
I am always welcomed and enjoy my spa experience. Timely always and pleasant.
October 26th 2018
Janet w. | South Tampa Spa
Pia is great, very sweet. She's done my eyebrow waxing and microblading. I love it!
October 24th 2018
Judith A. | South Tampa Spa